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Waxaway Ready to Use Wax Strips

Waxaway Ready to Use Wax Strips

2.9 from 22 reviews

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  • 2 reviews

Never Again!


This is by far the absolute worst product for hair removal I have ever used. The wax stayed on my leg the plastic came off! Even hot water doesn't remove it. I had to scrape off with my nails. Never again would I use this or recommend to anyone. This should be banned from stores,

Purchased in July 2019 for $10.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes



  • 10 reviews



These strips are not at all effective for removing hair from anywhere. They do not stick to grab the hair for removal, hence completely useless. I will be returning to my trusted Veet warm wax.

Carla L

Carla LMelbourne ,Victoria.

Amazing product!


I decided to try this product for the first time. I have used the hot wax before. I was very impressed with how well it worked easy and non messy. If you want something quick and easy to use,this the product! Will definetely buy it again!!!! P.s I liked the after oil wipe.



  • 4 reviews

Left with cuts and scars


I used the facial hair remover one... which removes hair so quickly on just one time and also removes the skin as well... I left with cuts and scars... tried 3 times and got the worst cuts every time

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Easy to use! Works perfectly


I used the Waxaway body strips and they were so easy to use. A quick look at the instructions and then I warmed them up between my hands. They peeled apart easily and then in no time I was done. I used each strip 2 or 3 times before having to switch but my legs were quite hairy at the time. The little bit of wax residue left wiped up with the aftercare wipe without a problem. I would recommend trying these strips.



  • 2 reviews



Never again. Absolutely doesn't work. I followed the instructions very carefully. it's hurt my skin. not a single hair removed. Wax residue left behind. One dried out after care wipe. Seriously stay away



I bought these to use for waxing my bikini line for an upcoming school swimming event and was terribly disappointed. I paid close detail to the preparation and directions and followed exactly. The result was awful, the wax strips not only left heaps of sticky residue on my skin, but also did not take any hairs! I tried using one of the strips on my leg to see if the results differed but was only disappointed when the same thing happened. I will never waste my money on these strips again, very upset.

Never again!


I will NEVER buy this product again. It's too sticky, leaves heaps of wax on the skin & sadly even the hair. And just 1 afterwaxingoilsachet others have 4! Don't buy this product.



  • 6 reviews

Just awful


I found these strips terrible to use! The wax often came away from the backing and stayed on my leg! Nightmare! It would take several goes to get all the wax off and then my skin was sore as a result. Would never buy again!

Will never buy again!!!


After trying many different waxing products on my twelve year old daughter wax away was the last and I'll definitely not be using it again!
It caused pimples on her legs the size of 5 cent coin they were filled pus
We waited a day to see if they'd settle when they got worse I took her to the doctor.
Thanks to your product they are seriously infected and she in on oral antibiotics and a cream she has to apply directly to spots.

Thanks wax away will never be using this or any other of your products again!

Didn't live up to my expectations


This was always left wax on my skin after I used it and it would stay on there for about a week and be really itchy and it only comes with one wipe to get rid of the left over wax, which clearly wasn't enough and it didn't get all the hairs off when I used it. Not impressed with this product.





I found the strips sometimes ripped and didn't get all the hairs so pain for nothing. And left a lot of sticky residue which was hard to get off even with the oil wipes. Not as good as Veet which I've never had any problems with.



This is perfect! However leaves too much residue


This is good and easy to use, it takes off so much hair in just one go and afterwards your skin is feeling smooth. And you could use one strip many times, also takes off hair as small as 1 mm. I like how convenience it is, rather than needing to do hot wax etc. The only concern and problem i keep having is that it leaves too much residue and it doesn't come off with neither water or the wax removal oil. Other then it leaving your legs sometimes sticky, it is good and would recommend to all.
Easy to use and removes a great deal of hair on one single strip and that strip can be used numerous of times.
leaves residue and if you don't rub the wax strip before opening the wax won't evenly spread onto both sheets.


Joey39WA, 6210

  • 8 reviews

Won't use anything else..



  • 169 reviews



These are great for in between waxes or If your not keen on heating up wax. Not as good as Veet, but it does the job! A great cheaper alternative. If they changed it from the plastic to something else it would make it alot easier to use. Readily available from Priceline, Chemists and some supermarkets, and department stores such as Big W & Target.
Easy to use.
The slippery plastic can be annoying instead of the other fabric usually used on other brands



  • 33 reviews



Very convenient waxing, work well for underarms and legs. Inexpensive to purchase, can get 2-3 uses from one strip depending on how thick the hair is.
Easy to use, great to travel with, no mess or fuss. Best of any ready wax strips I have tried.
Don't remove as many of the finer hairs as, eg, a professional wax or using hard wax.



  • 187 reviews



Pretty good product. Nice and convenient especially when travelling so you dont have to heat up. The price is pretty good - much cheaper than getting waxing done professionally. This would be an awesome product if they improced their after wax strips.
Nice and convenient and relatively easy to use. The frangrance isn't too bad. Not a bad price compared to other wax strips on the market.
I don't really like the clean up strips. I find other brands have better ones. In this case I just used a cotton ball with some of my baby oil. It worked a treat.



  • 2 reviews



i have used nair for the last few years and found this strips were alot cleaner and easier to use.
The strips are already to use which is very handy when you have a busy lifestyle


west3030vic, 3030

  • 117 reviews



I prefer to use the hot waxes more, in my opinion they seem to work better. The stipes are relatively cheap and because they are ready to use they are easy to take a long with you to do touch up whilst holidaying. I like how you can cut the strips to the desired lenght.
I like how it is ready to use, you don't have to heat it or make many preparations.
It has a tendency to leave behind a bit of wax residue which is difficult to take off. Water does not take it off so you should make sure you alos have a product that will remove it.


LittleBirdyVictoria, 3204

  • 303 reviews



Waxaway strips are really easy to use. You don't have to heat them up or anything, just pull them apart and go. They come in all sizes which is great. The only thing is that the after waxing satchet is practically paper with oil, I would reccommends using another brand's after-was towels.
They're really easy to use, all the other wax strips i've used you have to warm them up by rubbing them in between your hands, but for Waxaway I don't. They remove hair easily, smell nice and even look nice! I like the packaging a lot.
The after wax satchet is just like paper that has been drenched in oil, there are other companies with much nicer presented satchets.

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