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Westpac Debit MasterCard

Westpac Debit MasterCard

3.5 from 11 reviews

The worst card ever

I wouldn't recommend getting this card otherwise you will get tempted to spend money Online from your Westpac Choice Account so I would recommend getting a HandyCard so you can't shop online.


If you are prone to spending too much then this is the card for you,. As you can only spend what you have there is no risk in over spending. I personally prefer a credit card as sometimes need more money a couple of days before pay day and I always pay it off. Would be good if there was some kind of reward program linked to it.
This is really handy if you have heaps of cash available and you wantt o have the security of using a credit card to purchase over the phone or internet.
Couldn't really think of anything.


Have been caught by fraud more than 8 times. The last 5 have been on my previous cancelled card. Being overseas it is an absolute pain to get the problems fixed. The card services usually keep me on the telephone for more than 30 minutes - when I am calling from South America. They promise to call me back, but never do - and then the process starts all over again. It is a shambles management.
Only using my own money
Lack of service when fraud occurs - especially when overseas.


This has been a very worthwhile product for me to acquire. It has made my shopping and bill paying much easier and the service from my local Westpac branch is excellent.
It is great to have the convenience of a credit card, without the interest rate and the protection of only using what is available in my account. There have been instances where I have needed to pay for something that is over the limit of my bank card and that is where having the Debit Card shines. I am able to use this card, regardless of the amount providing I have the funds available.
There is nothing that I dislike. I am happy with it completely.

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It's a rip-off. The bank has figured out another way to make money. It's highway robbery, and apparently it's completely legal.

It's totally confusing the way you have to keep using your "credit" account for ATM's or EFTPOS transactions. Also, if you don't keep a careful accounting of your current balance, you will be hit for $40 every time your balance dips below zero. Since purchases are not deducted from your account as they happen, this can happen frequently. It's just another way for the bank to rake in millions from unsuspecting customers.


This Master Debit card is just an optional choice for customers who want to use their own fund to purchase online. It is great and you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. You can apply for 1 online or by visiting a branch,shouldn't take more than 10 minutes and this card is just the same as your normal debit card but it's got a MasterCard logo on it
The Master Debit card gives you exactly the same feature as what the ANZ Visa Debit card has to offer but you get this at Westpac at no extra cost compared to the $6 monthly you have to pay to keep the ANZ Visa card open
Nothing really


* I onced used it for an overseas transaction for $250USD, Westpac called me to ask if this transaction was mine. After that, I used the card on numerous times to buy stuff from the States and it was authorised each time.
* Reliable
* Can use your own money out of Bank account


Worked fine for online transactions until recently. Since about one month, I had 100% of my online transactions (Europe, US) refused, although it's working fine for transactions in Australia. After enquiry with Westpac, they told me that I was not alone in this situation and apparently merchants can now if it is a debit or a credit card and that they tend to refuse debit card (I was not really told what was the reason for that). To resume, do not expect it will work for every transactions.
No fees
Often not accepted


you need to go to altittude card to get rewards with westpac. The standard card gives a reasonable service for an average fee. The fee can be waived for the first year on some offers and the transfer balance rate will be lower or maybe even zero. the type of card you need depends on a few things how much you spend do you pay it off every month and do you want points or cheaper fees. After you have figured out what meets your needs then have a look at all the cards and find the one that meets them. enjoy and good luck
it is a card fair fees average rate
no reward programs


There are reviews on here saying that they are not accepted oversea's. this is untrue, i have used mine all around the world and never ever had an issue. make sure you always call the bank so they know your oversea's, otherwise they will decline it cause they think it is fraud, So happy with my card, no extra fee's to have it, unlike other banks.
One word, GREAT. I use my Debit card for everything


I love my debit card, i have the availability of a credit card but im only using my own money. I shop on the internet alot as i live in a small town and this card gives the ability to do that and also use my own money thats already there. Once youve bought something the money is taken so there is no way that it can be over drawn, if you dont have the money there you cant buy it. It feels a little strange taking money from your 'credit' account but at least you know you wont have to pay it back with interest later on.
Love everything about it. Uses your OWN money as a credit card. No fees attached to this card.
No reward program maybe?

Questions & Answers

Has anyone withdrawn money from the westpac debit card overseas? I need to withdraw 500 euros. How much Australian dollars will that ultimately cost? Is it better to pay by my credit card instead.
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how do i access my account only have acc and card details no phone can i register online?
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just call your bank


Debit MasterCard
Release dateJun 2007
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