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Woolworths Money Single Load Prepaid MasterCard

Woolworths Money Single Load Prepaid MasterCard

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Similar to the Mastercard version, this one works like a visa credit card. It is anonymous and good for online buys. Some websites wont accept due to wanting to scam you so wont accept prepaid credit cards.
Has a 2 year expiry - check date on card when buying. A fee applies to buy and load card. Not reloadable.
I used one but only made a minor purchase, so had about $50 left on card on the expiry date. I tried to use it to buy petrol - but BP outlet could not get it to work on his machine - it kept asking for pin?
Eventually I got to Woolworths just before the card expired on midnight of expiry date. Not having anything I needed to buy - I bought a Woolworths gift card - it can only be used within the Woolworths group of stores. There is no fee for the card, which the operator can load with any amount. He loaded my remaining visa card credit and I was able to pay for this with the expiring money card. This is done by swipe card, then cashier gets you to sign a receipt. All done.
A good alternative - though not anonymous - is to have a debit mastercard linked to a secondary bank account off your main bank account. Then if I want to make a online purchase of $10 or whatever, I just transfer the amount to the associated bank account from my main bank account online, and use the debit card online. As the funds are "available" the purchase goes through and as the account is now empty, you cannot be scammed by having more money withdrawn from the mastercard. IE don't leave any money in the bank account linked to the debit mastercard when you are not using the card. In this case it does not matter who knows your card details as no funds are available to withdraw. Simples. :)

worked for me

when purchasing online, the balance had to be exact, wasnt able to add funds from my own bank card to payment, so had to work out a shopping cart that came to exactly $100 inc postage... but it worked for me. anyone struggling? shop online at jb

Don't even think about buying these

Received $50 card as a birthday present. Tried to buy a top from an online website (according to the price I would've had $10 still on it after purchase), using the credit card details - declined. Set up a paypal to try it that way, had to verify it ($2 deduction) and wait for a month to receive the card statement as you can't view this online, but since I should've had enough money on the card still, I tried buying it through paypal - declined. I decided to check my balance on the card and alas, instead of having $50, there was only $36 on the card, thus I couldn't buy the top and missed the special edition :(. Such a scam, do NOT buy.

Totally disappointed!!!

I purchased the card $5.00 then loaded $60.00, as soon as I got home I tried to use it and after entering the card details... And not doing anything else... I realised the card had purchases made (?) and my balance was $5.35??? Typical of corporations in that what alternatives do you have other than being robbed again and again!!!

Very disappointing

Received 2 cards for a special birthday valued at $800. Didn't realise it had an expiry date and lost it all. It expired within 3 months. Most gift cards have a validity date of at least a year. Would never recommend this to anyone.

Card of inconvenience

My husband gave this card to me for my birthday to buy plants.
My favourite nursery and many other retailers would not accept it.
Nearly a year later and I'm still having trouble trying to access the funds.

Nothing but problems

Had two given to me as presents, couldn't use them they were declined. Have advised my friend not to give as presents anymore.

too expensive - not worth it

i agree with all the other comments.
it took me forever to realize that it will decline if you attempt to use a PIN.

Doesn't work

I got this card for Christmas and it has declined everywhere I've tried to use it which has been really embarrassing. I'm assuming it will only work at Woolworths which I live nowhere near so will have to track one down and spend it at Woolworths. Nicely played Woolworths... Nicely played... I assumed it would have worked at other stores but I was wrong

Doesn't work

Got this as a gift card, it failed to work at a number of stores. It worked once at Target, but otherwise the card was declined. If you want to give someone a gift, don't make it this hard, just give them a gift card for a store or plain old cash. I would recommend this to no one.

Do Not Purchase

I tried to use the gift card given to me and it was declined. I called customer service and was told there is a 10c fee for using the card. Therefore of the $100 loaded on the card as a gift I could only use $99.90. Considering you pay $4.95 for the privilege of the card no transaction fees should be charged. I recommend selecting a visa card where you actually gift the total amount to the person you intended not giving extra money to the bank. Very poor form from woolworths.

Stole Over $200 From Me

I was give this card by my mother to buy Christmas presents, many of the purchases didn't go through and I was still charged! They took the money out of my account and then proceeded to tell me that the website had the money after speaking to the website multiple times they had told me it should be frozen with the card provider. I'm never again buy Woolworth, hello Coles!

Only give to someone you really don't like!

We were given a $50 Woolworths prepaid money card (MasterCard) . Validated it. Tried to use it about 4 weeks later. It had expired. Local Woolies bloke said it should not have happened and arranged a replacement. We validated the replacement, used it, got rejected, was told to ring the 1300 number on the back of the card and get them to validate it. (1300 is not a free call). They validated it. Tried it again. Got rejected. "Service desk" said it was because the checkout person listed it at $50, not allowing for the card charge. Try again next time, and get them to put in a smaller amount, she thinks it might be $49.90. At this rate we will still be playing their silly games until the card expires, which is only 4 months after issue date. I rate it one star because you can not go any lower!

This Is Actually The Safest And Best Alternative To Your Credit Card!!

I've actually bought this card a few times and I've loved it! I'm kind of picky on where I use my actual MasterCard but when I need to make certain purchases online, this is the perfect card to use! It's very handy and for those that don't like the 'single load', well Woolworths actually made one where it's pretty much like your everyday credit/MasterCard.

Oh and btw, you see those websites that sometimes tell you, "free trial for a month" but you have to sign up your credit card? Well guess what!! I use this one when I finish all my remaining credits on it! Hehe when I do that, I don't need to go through the hassle of cancelling after a certain amount or such and I can use it on presto, Netflix and such. :)

It's actually much more handy than people picture it to be! I don't understand how people have trouble using it.

Crap. Worst Gift Card Ever

Was given a $55 prepaid card as a gift. Purchaser also paid $4.95 on top. Tried in store as part of larger purchase. Declined. Mortified. Decided to try again online to save further embarrassment. Checked balance first, which was fine. Attempted $53 purchase. Failed. Three times. Reduced purchase to $48. Success. Was charged my $48 plus another $1.70 in charges. INCONVENIENT, LIMITED IN USE (or lots of don't do's), EXPENSIVE. Stick to traditional store specific gift vouchers. At least then you get what you pay for. Disappointing product Woolworths and ANZ (who are bank behind it). Tell everyone not to buy this!

terrible card do not purchase!!

This card has all of these hidden charges that apply. if you are going to buy it you have to well exceed the amount that you put on you card due to the overseas charge, surcharges as well as not being able to spend the full amount on your card at once. absolutely poor card and do not buy.

Doesn't work - waste of money

Given one for xmas - Wont work in any of the stores despite purchases being well under the amount loaded onto the card. Disappointing to know that a loved one has spent extra money just to purchase the card itself and that we still get charged per use (if it would even work!). Highly suggest any other product!

What a JOKE. Biggest rip off.

Loaded it up with $270 after telling the guy that I'm going to need to use that much on the card in an online purchase only to find out it has $269.90 available balance even though the credit is $270.

What blind highway robbery. What a joke. What an INCONVENIENCE.....

I called up Customer Service and the lady was nice but that's because she's powerless. I am not going to read every single letter of ever fine print they should educate the tellers to charge you an additional 10cents!

Not a happy teenager

My teen age son got a prepaid credit card for Christmas 2014 and went to use it in July 2015 and was declined not enough funds. Came home to check on line why it didn't work and found out that the card had expired. We only had the card for 6 months. what a rip off that the card only lasted 6 months. I would have thought a credit card would last a lot longer than a gift card. Very very disappointed.

They lied and said that they don't charge 10 cents transaction

I can't believe the crap I've been through! Asked today for a $155 card for Ebay. Said it was my first time so I got as much info as I could. Turns out that they have a 10 cent transaction fee so I cannot even make my payment. Absolutely livid! How do they get away with this???

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Yes, for starters... just avoid buying it in the first place. It is rubbish and you will loose your money... take care.

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