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Youi Motorcycle Insurance

Youi Motorcycle Insurance

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Absolutely amazing

I started off after insurance on a trike that I had just purchase found it difficult to get some . Youi was able to insure that plus two other of my vehicles cheaper by over $300 less then the other two where insured by . Thankyou YOUI

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

So easy! Thankyou

Great customer service staff who helped for my very first insurance policy. Staff phoned back promptly and explained everything clearly. Staff member happy to go through a couple of different quotes before I could decide, very patient. Was so easy. Tried to give 5 stars however only allowed 3. ***** Thankyou!

Claim MadeNo

Unbeatable Customer Service

Motorcycle Insurance Policy was very competitive compared to all the other quotes Id had, but what finally swung it for me in favor of Youi, was the customer services person on the phone with whom I dealt. Jess is her name and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. What a credit to your company.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Had trouble finding an insurance company that was helpful

Was great value and easy to set up. Wendy on the phone was great help and will look at transferring my other policies

Insurance claim madeNo

Loyalty denied.

Just got another new policy. Totalling 7 but still have a penalty excess if I make a claim within 3 months. It very disappointing for obviously a good customer to be treated like a 1st time buyer again every time I buy a new car or policy.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Adrian, thanks for the heads up & I get where you’re coming from. If it is a new policy bought the 90 day excess does apply, even if you have other policies with us. It is definitely food for thought for us moving forward. Cheers for your feedback. Koppo


Quick,efficient,understanding & professional, honest and overall the best insurance company to deal with..highly recommended.quick no fuss claim 5stars for friendly overall service..

Insurance claim madeYes

Annual Roll-over of motorcycle insurance policy

I am in the process of selling a Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade which I have had comprehensibly insured with YOUI for the last full term. I confirm here that YOUI was the only insurance company I could find who would offer a 100% insurance package on a motorcycle at a reasonable rate. YOUI & I have just agreed a new policy that will roll-over on a monthly basis at a very attractive rate so that once the FireBlade is sold, the payments can stop and the cancellation / reimbursement process is avoided entirely, yet I remain fully covered. I am extremely satisfied with the result that YOUI's flexibility has given me. :)

Insurance claim madeNo

Totally stoked with youi motorcycle cover!

I took out full comprehensive bike insurance with youi (which most other companies don’t even touch) and it’s even cheaper than my car is. One day I broke down 2 times, and they sent a mechanic out first but he couldn’t fix on the spot as it was a weekend afternoon and no parts were available. So they then sent a tow truck to pick me and my bike up from the side of the road and took me back home. About 20 kms, and with no charges at all, as it’s 2 tows per year included in the insurance policy. I Couldn’t be more impressed.

Insurance claim madeNo

High excess...large renewal increases

I held insurance for 1 year $22 per month for my burgman 650.
I'm 50 never claimed in life.
$750 excess
Youi rewards of hungry Jack's $5 off discount vouchers are fake. I printed the voucher with my youi dollars...proceeded to hungry Jack's presented the voucher....then HJ proceeded to tell me that is the normal price I would pay even without that voucher. What a joke.

Just received automatic renewal notice....premium increased to $28 per month.
No claims nothing and a %30 increase...what the?

Youi staff are great but the cost and fake discounts was enough for me.
Renewed with suncorp for $19 per month $500 excess.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Thanks for posting CJB. I’m sorry that it’s not been a great experience for you. We get that increases are never wanted & whilst we absorb as much as we can, they are at times inevitable. Underwriting & excess will vary amongst insurers & we have a range of excesses so you can change it to something that suits you better. Our HJ’s offers are fair dinkum :o) It gives you $5 off a Meal Deal for Two. Any changes to the meal deal may change the price or void the offer. Each outlet may run their own promotions from time to time which may be better deal. I’m sorry if this hasn’t been useful for you CJB, still there are other offers there that may be better suited. I'm glad that your time with our staff has been great :o) I’m happy to help you any way I can, so I’ve popped you a PM with my contacts. Talk soon :o) ~ Cam

Bit clunky and slow at times, but came through

Had back/back claims due to 2 different thefts. Though they weren't speedy, they did do the right thing and paid fairly in the end, which says a lot. They did better detective work than the police as well.

Insurance claim madeYes

Insured my bike in 10 minutes over the phone without any issues, quick and professional

Was impressed by the easy and uncomplicated sign up for my Motorbike with your Representative. All over the phone, sorted out, easy to follow questions. No complicated Jargon.
Within 390 minutes I had a electronic copy of the policy in my in box.
Can't ask for any better. Thanks

Insurance claim madeNo

Bike insurance

Just insured the bike , quick easy & a good price . The assistant was clear & cheerful. Over the phone , all done in a matter of minutes. Youi makes it simple and straight forward. You personalise the policy to suit your needs & buget .

Insurance claim madeNo

still being punished 35 years later

Got convicted of a small time theft 35 years ago, dumb kid, have never been in trouble since. That dumb kid learned a tough lesson, he doesn't even exist any more.. I have an a+ credit rating and am a responsible adult. I am happy not to do business with such a vindictive company.

Insurance claim madeNo
I’m sorry to hear you’re left feeling this way Martin. Can I follow up on anything for you here? SarahNo thank you Sarah, your opposition happily insured my rating 1 for life self.

New Motorcycle policy

Policy was fairly pleasant to set up. Given that I am a person who dislikes using telephones for anything over 5 sentances. The policy was offered at a competitive price, and the questions asked were consise and relevent.

Insurance claim madeNo

Motorcycle insurance

Policy was provided at an excellent price with minimum fuss . The service was friendly and proficient , Max was very easy to deal with and explained all policy details well . Youi really do go the extra mile to help .

Insurance claim madeNo

Just Changed my Motorcycles

Just changed my Bikes to Youi after being with Swann. Not only will they insure the new horse to the stable (A classic Italian) they will also insure a new rider on the policy.

Insurance claim madeNo

A another bike insurance

The lady on the phone was awesome very helpful and nothing was a problem very happy had to refer back to our other policies because I wasn't sure about some things absolutely on problem. Would and have referred you to other riders

Insurance claim madeNo


……Very helpful staff………
Looking forward to riding my bike knowing I'm covered. Thanks to nick for singing me up today quick and easy job. Well done.

Insurance claim madeNo

Great value insurance

In July 2017 I finally bought the Harley Davidson I've been dreaming of for years.
Well I have to admit the price for comprehensive insurance came in over one hundred dollars cheaper than the same cover for my Triumph which is worth less than half the price and doesn't come with breakdown or recovery, with Shannon's.
Needless to say, the Shannon's policy on the Triumph won't be renewed later this year.
Also every year upon renewal I talk to a youi consultant and they manage to save me a worth while sum on some of my policy's.
In a time when most things go up every year, except our income, youi manage to deliver competitive rates.
I think they are just less greedy than most company's these days. !
"Well done Youi "

Insurance claim madeNo

Another policy with Youi

Recently I had a claim after someone who I didn't know sat on my much loved motorbike and dropped it causing a lot of damage and heartache. The Youi team were amazing and worked though with me making the claim an effortless experience. Since then, I have just purchased a new car and didn't not hesitate contacted Youi for once again, a great package and most importantly a fantastic price. I have home/ contents, cars and bike insured with Youi and would highly recommend them.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

I want to insure my ute and motorbike with one company. Do you offer a package?
4 answers
Hey Michael, we’d love to help you out there! You’d have separate policy numbers for each however if anything happens to both of them at the same time (like a fire or hail storm) then you’d only pay one excess so it’s super handy having them all together. If you like you can send your details to me in a private message & I’ll get one of the team to call you for a quote :)Hi Michael, haven’t heard from you just yet but our quotes team is here & pumped full of caffeine so just say the word & I’ll get one of them to give you a call. Thanks!Don't deal with this company they will burn you

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