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Zosi 1920TVL

Zosi 1920TVL

2.0 from 5 reviews

Do not buy

Absolute rubish do not buy mine keeps stopping every 15 days and reboots poor customer service with no solution, hard drive keeps stopping, since purchase zosi does mot offer solutions or support
Do not buy keep away

Purchased in February 2017 for $399.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Absolute garbage

Virtually worthless. Constantly going offline, hard drive crashes daily, a waste of time and money. I wish I had bought something reliable.

Remote viewing on app not working properly

Just installed ZOSI 4CH POE camera a week, since the first day after installation, the viewing from my iPhone or Samsung never works properly, pictures keeps on freezing or shows off line. when system works, everything is good, clear pictures as well. but the big problem was system off line couple times a day, tried few days, never works fine continuously for 10 hours. the only way to fix is go home to switch on and off the NVR. This is useless when you are not at home.

Just does not work as it should.

Purchased a 4 camera ZOSI system that promised remote reviewing from my iPhone or iPad. This aspect of the security system just does not work. Whilst the cameras were ok to install and the main box easy enough to hook up, the ZOSI app for viewing the system when away from home is all but useless. It constantly says cameras are off line. The only way to fix is to restart and reset the box(not easy when you are not home) and delete the cameras from the app and rentals cameras to the app. This is a daily necessity and online research shows me that I am not alone. Try another brand as this is not the one. The box recording also drops in an out with regards to the cameras being on and offline. sometimes every 10 seconds.

Good home security camera system for home.

If you're looking to purchase home camera security system and constraint on budget like me, I suggest you to do research on the systems available in market. I purchased ZOSI 4CH FULL 1080P Video Security Camera System, 4 White Weatherproof 1920TVL 2.0MP Cameras,4 Channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR with 1TB for my home under $400. They've online store both on ebay and aliexpress.com. I did research on the pricing and got the best deal. I paid another $500 for installation.

The system is very easy to install,connect and operate. Easy for any person to do so. They also have online video's on installation & troubleshooting. The picture quality is really good. The night vision is average but does it job effectively. The mobile app is also good for continuous live streaming though could have been better. I am sure with time they would come up with new app.

I had couple of minor issues (not related to product) and took help of their online support on WhatsApp. They response was good. Luckily I saw youtube videos and resolved them immediately. Its been over 2 weeks now and the system is operating without any glitch.

So if you looking for a good system under $1000/- I would suggest you to go for it.

Questions & Answers

I've found these systems to be terrible. Does your motion detection work? Is the system stable? Can you reliably log in and view the camera remotely? Does the connection last for more than a minute? Is the IR any use? Is the image quality of snapshots any use? Do snapshots get sent of actual motion detection or are they just random images?
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1. Yes the motion detection is working fine though I agree the detection angle is low. 2. I am not having any issues till date and works perfectly fine 3. Yes I do log in quite often to check remotely when traveling including when away from Australia 4. IR is working fine for me 5. I haven't taken any snapshot yet

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