Blanco Gas Cooktops

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Latest review: Glass exploded during normal use. Lucky noone got injured during the event. I got Offered a glass replacement but declined after reading the reviews that other people left regarding the glass

Blanco BCGF75X / BCGF75XFF

Latest review: fitted this unit into our new kitchen about 3 weeks ago and have never looked back. works easily and well and cleans well too. have no gripes about this cooktop yet so lets keep it that way. easy

Blanco CG604WXFFC

Latest review: I have never bought a Blanco appliance until now. I had read reviews from many sites and the Blanco gas cooktop always rated well. I have to agree. It is easy to use, easy to clean, simple lines and

Blanco CG705WXFFC

Latest review: We recently moved and had to replace the old electric cooktop with a gas one. This one was ideal as it’s dimensions were perfect to fit a 60cm cutout, which it did perfectly. I very happy with the

Blanco BCG95X / BCG95W

Latest review: Purchased as part of a cooking pack for a new kitchen to replace my faulty appliances. Impressed with the wok burner cooking speed and happy with the 'griddle' burner. It looks brand new even after

Blanco CG905WXC / CG905WXFFC

Latest review: When things go wrong, you really find out what sort of customer service and after sales people your company has. We had an accident with our nearly out of warranty gas cook top. A dramatic over boil

Blanco BCGC74B / BCGC74W / BCGC74X

Latest review: When we built our new kitchen in 2010 we incorporated black granite bench tops with the then newly available concealed splash back LED strip lighting, and I thought it would be great to have a black

Blanco BCG640NX / BCG640NW

Latest review: The permanent knobs are a real pain, you can't clean properly around them. I have to type more to fill in the minimum work count. Works OK Pain to

Blanco CGG705WFFC

Latest review: We bought Blanco 70cm glass 5 burner including wok flame failure cooktop from Retravision Bathurst four months back when we constructed our house. From day 1 we have problem to light the burners. It

Blanco BCGR75W2

Latest review: Waste of money. Showy but does not do the job unless you want to slowly boil everything. A good crockpot. PS all the service numbers in the instruction book are disconnected so there is no one you

Blanco BCG641WX / BCG641WXC / BCG641WW / BCG641WB