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Kitchen Couture Induction Cooker

Latest review: This is a solid induction cooker that has plenty of heat settings. The biggest issue is the fan is always on so if your using it and trying to watch TV or listen to music, it's difficult as the fan

Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150 / BHP250

Latest review: We have a Breville single hotplate at my work just for the teapot to sit on, there's definitely a safety issue with the temperature knob getting easily knocked up to high. I did lots of looking

Breville The Quick Cook LIC400BLK

Latest review: I was a bit concerned wether one of these hotplates would work as well as gas. I actually find it easier to use than gas and equally good results. My only teeny thing i though would be helpful is if

Kogan 2400W Twin Hot Plate Infrared Cooker Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Latest review: We needed a cheap portable cook top to use in some temporary accommodation we have while we are waiting for our house to be built. It doesn't have an oven or a cook top (or hot water for that matter

Spinifex Single Burner Butane AN2210S

Latest review: Purchased this unit for lightweight and portability, very easy to use and change butane cartridge, puts out great heat and is large enough for good size pan. Saves having to carry large lpg gas

Campmaster CM2218B

Latest review: We have just purchased this perfect sized Butane cooker, and it is a great new inovation from Gasmate. Having a large pan and see through glass lid which has a built-in steam vent..great meals can

Jetboil Minimo

Latest review: I purchased this for hiking, but found once I went on car camping trips I was using this little master all the time, this minimo works even when the temp dropped down -1°c whereas those camping

MSR PocketRocket

Latest review: For what it is - this is the best I have seen. Note = this is a lightweight camping stove - so you're not going to be able to use it with big heavy ironcast pans. It's designed to be small and


Latest review: Purchased at 2017 Mildura outdoor expo, only used it a few times so far, but is fast and very easy to control, only problem we had was we found our S/steel cookware that we have had for a long time

Campmaster Double Burner Butane Stove with Steel Plate

Latest review: Bought from Target $69.00. What a great BBQ. Got a table from Bunnings $37.00 to sit it on, Lifetime brand I think. Easy to clean light weight plate, best BBq I have had. Only good for 2 people I

New Wave Portable Induction Cooker

Latest review: Thankyou Newwave. All my time is saved with this wonderful unit. Have purchased it couple years ago. Would not be without it in my Catavan. Saves space, cooks extremely fast. Does not get pots and

New Wave NW-300 Portable Induction Cooker

Latest review: Replaced a excellent NUWAVE which I bought years ago but managed to break the glass. This one isn't a patch on the first, I have a sensing thermometer and the temp control on this one is just

Xiaomi DCL01CM

Latest review: Great product but 1. how about supplying a manual in English?? 2. Also found that the flimsy aftet-market "Chinese to Australian adaptor plug" supplied with it (bought through Gearbest) could not

Tiffany HP1750 / HP2750

Latest review: As the title states. Can not expect much for $60 so do not be surprised that it does not last much longer than the warranty period. If you are happy to replace every two years then this is a good

Kogan 1800W Portable Induction Cooker KAINDCOKERA

Latest review: I didn't realise that induction cookers make a loud buzzing noise, particularly the small portable models, so it is a common problem and not just confined to this unit. Tried it with a variety of

Wanderer 2 Burner LPG Stove With Grill 388507

Latest review: Purchased from BCF believing it to be the latest and greatest. The knob you turn for the piezo ignition became impossible to turn after only a few uses. The grill design has it with a "Hot spot" dead

Westinghouse WHIC01K

Latest review: Initially has alot of cooking power but gets weaker after only 10 minutes of cooking. There is a fan inside the unit but the ventilation holes are nowhere near the fan so the circuit board cools

5 Star Chef Portable Duo

Latest review: I've been through 3 of these in 2 years. The LHS element keeps blowing. Save up for a better brand. I've noticed the brand name slightly changes over time, perhaps to avoid warranty claims? It's

Kambrook KHP1B

Latest review: Does take longer to heat up than a normal hot plate. I can get water to boil and I can fry meat. Does not heat up well pots and pans larger than actual hot plate. Indicates with light when hot plate

Kambrook KHP2B

Latest review: The Kambrook single hotplate I purchased performed so poorly, I will be returning it. As described in all of the other reviews here, it did not heat up enough to boil water, or be an effective heat

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