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Hisense HR6BF121

Latest review: I have only just received this fridge so cannot comment on its function. I can say however that I am disappointed in its design - there is no arrangement of the shelves that will permit standing

Hisense HR6BF157

Latest review: Nice fridge with plenty of room. Super quiet. Nice colour. The freezer door is a bit hard to open and close but a bit of oil on it fixed that issue. Build quality is good as you'd expect with the

Vintec V40SG2E / V40SG2ESS

Latest review: We decided to buy an expensive "quality" wine fridge, to avoid potential problems. What a bad decision! Ours has stopped working altogether, due to the gas leaking out. We have been told that it is

Westinghouse WRM1300WC

Latest review: It is with great disappointment that, as the owner of my second Westinghouse 130L bar fridge (no freezer), I have to report that I am now in the market for a replacement fridge. The bar fridge gets

Vintec 30 Bottle Wine Cabinet V30SGE

Latest review: It is utterly ridiculous that right after 2 years, the wine fridge stopped working, not cooling. I rang Vintec and was told someone will come out to have a look. Then it is reckoned as "gas leak "

Vintec ALV40BVC / V40BVC

Latest review: We purchased both the bar fridge and the wine fridge paid $800 each for them and expected good quality ( they look good) The bar fridge always ran to try and get down to temp 24 hours a day and

DeLonghi DEWC54S

Latest review: The display panel failed outside of warranty, so I ordered a new display panel and PCB. Installation of these was relatively easy (though it did involve door removal and dismantling of fridge fascia,

Husky Retro

Latest review: I absolutely love my new retro fridge. It looks amazing and the finish is beautiful. It’s performance is perfect, cools very fast and maintains its temperature. Great price and I love that there is n

Kelvinater KRM1200BE

Latest review: I bought this bar fridge as a back up fridge, when we were moving house, it's a quiet running and very clean looking unit with plenty of room for food and drinks, with a small ice chest area holding

Kogan 8 Bottle Thermoelectric KATHM8WNCHL

Latest review: Actually this is the second time I bought this fridge, the first one I bought was given to my head chef to use at the front of the restaurant and it looks great on display and keeps the open wines

Liebherr WKB4612

Latest review: I'm an enthusiastic amateur cheese maker, so it might seem odd that I bought the Liebherr WKB4612 "Barrique" wine fridge. Having owned the fridge for roughly three weeks, I'd like to talk about my

Esatto EUF92W

Latest review: Does it maintain a good temperature? Yes Is it quiet or loud? It is quiet with a rare occasion of being quietly loud How easy is it to clean? Very easy to clean and very tidy Love this fridge for

Heller BFH70

Latest review: Does exactly what it is suppose to do, BUT I just wish this size comes with a proper freezer, having the back open, I had to turn it upto 4 to freeze 2 slices of bread! Would recommend more if it had

Beko TSE 1283

Latest review: It is only a bar fridge but works just fine. Temp seems ok - noise OK - Cleaning OK. Delivery service from Bing Lee was (paid for extra) but was very good and worth

Hisense HR6BF47

Latest review: This bar fridge is a wee ripper. Its tiny only 47 litres but it does a super job of keeping the stubbies cool. I only run it over the summer - no point in a Victorian winter. One point that people

Artusi ABC1B

Latest review: I love to entertain and this outdoor beverage centre is perfect. I especially love the Party and Turbo mode. Cools my partners beers super quick. It came with a sticker on the front declaring

Stirling (Aldi) Bar Fridge 129L

Latest review: It is easy to clean, compact and has a 3 year warranty and internal light with a handy can holder. The only downfall is that it has to defrosted occasionally


Latest review: So my second fridge used primarily for my beer finally packs it in after serving me well for around 12 plus years. I was googling for a cheap alternative and noticed The Good Guys had a promo running

Avita DF1-15

Latest review: I brought this fridge to put in a 1 bedroom self-contained flat that is occassionally used by family who come to visit - and it does the job that I want it to do. It is not overly big, but holds

Esatto EBF91S

Latest review: Not a bad little bar fridge ! Love the seperate freezer ! Temperature is a bit iffy ? Seems warmer than it should be !? Little bit noisy , but fairly standard for a bar fridge ? Nice finish on the

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