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5 Star Chef Portable Duo

5 Star Chef Portable Duo

2.0 from 2 reviews

Just garbage

I've been through 3 of these in 2 years. The LHS element keeps blowing. Save up for a better brand. I've noticed the brand name slightly changes over time, perhaps to avoid warranty claims?

It's heat settings are bizarre, it can't be set to 100 degrees.
The only good part about the left element blowing is that the right side one still works after the circuit is reset.

5 star chef 2 cook zone induction cooktop

We bought 5 star portable duo cooktop online for around 120$. It is cheap cheap. It Cooks fast, but noisy. One cook zone broke down in two years. Try to find some answer from phone number given but disconnected. Has warranty but no service. Didn't try to repair it. Basically use until the other one is gone and through it away.
Doesn't last, one cook zone broken down in 2 years. No warranty service at all. All a bit of lucky dip.

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Portable Duo
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