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Sunbeam SecretChef HP8555

Ariston PK640RGHAUS

Latest review: If I could I would give this six stars. It is perfect. Easy clean, the separate grates make it easy to clean a spill, plus being hinged you don't have to remove totally. Stainless is easy to

Tefal Everyday IH201860

Latest review: To begin, I'm not quite sure why I bothered writing this piece. This is for the Tefal Everyday IH, which I purchased from Myer as a DISCONTINUED (and ex-display) model at below cost price (still

Ambiano (Aldi) Portable Induction CookTop

Latest review: I have to be careful here because I think we could be reviewing at least two different products. One review says there are eight settings, ours has twenty. That's ten power settings and ten

Kitchen Couture Induction Cooker

Latest review: I bought one a few months ago not intending to bother to return it if there was a problem so I have no idea where the receipt is. Now I wish I knew. There is and always has been a toxic plastic smell

Bosch PKE645C14A / PKE645C17A

Latest review: I bought this appliance over 6 months ago and not a single issue. It heats up very quickly and I like the safety feature of the lights staying on until it's completely cool. A bit fiddly to clean

Highland HP6SS N/L

Latest review: Constant problems, clicking, failure to light, gas remains on when it should off and shorting in the igniter that has blown the entire kitchen circuit. But worse is the fact that there are simply no

Miele KM 6113

Latest review: I have been very satisfied with my Miele induction cooktop ever since I had it installed. I used to have a Miele gas cooktop, but when renovating my house, decided to go off gas for the

Smeg SAI95

Latest review: This 90cm replaced an older 60cm induction cooktop. Induction is great, but the Smeg is fantastic! The larger size allows for plenty of space between pots, and the controls are super responsive. My

Blanco BIC63 / BIC64

Latest review: Right hand large hot plate stopped working a few months ago. After approx 5 visits and $700 in charges from the appliance technician it is still not working- no-one will admit anything is wrong. As

Bellini Oven and Cooktop Pack BP470EC

Latest review: Built like rubbish, had oven glass explode, the elements have broken and the dials have warped. Sometimes after cooking for a while the dials are too hot to touch without a tea towel. Called customer

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker HD4937/72

Latest review: Bought this when I’m temporarily living in a small flat. The pre-set cooking functions are fine, but you need to watch it carefully. It can be dangerous. I use the manual function mostly. It is like u

Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150 / BHP250

Latest review: We have a Breville single hotplate at my work just for the teapot to sit on, there's definitely a safety issue with the temperature knob getting easily knocked up to high. I did lots of looking

Smeg SA611XA-1

Latest review: Please note this review has been "Archived'' - why, product review ? Whilst researching the various brands of stovetops I found this site. I was planning on buying one as soon as I saved the money

Ariston PK755 DGH

Latest review: At the time of purchase in 2015, we were talked into the new technology of 'superior heating'. We told the sales person that we had LPG and were promised it would be great. I was not happy with

Goldline GL4

Latest review: I picked this cooktop because of the way that the burners were spaced meant that I could have multiple pots on at once without a problem. This is the only good thing about the cooktop. This product


Latest review: Glass exploded during normal use. Lucky noone got injured during the event. I got Offered a glass replacement but declined after reading the reviews that other people left regarding the glass

Baumatic BSGH95

Latest review: Cooks fast, easy to clean and looks perfect in my kitchen with the oven, controls are metal, not plastic and I love the trivets are designed to hold a pot properly and not fall off. The 5 burner

Breville The Quick Cook LIC400BLK

Latest review: I was a bit concerned wether one of these hotplates would work as well as gas. I actually find it easier to use than gas and equally good results. My only teeny thing i though would be helpful is if

Bosch PPH6A6B20A

Latest review: I had to go gas as I would of preferred Induction but not enough power in apartment, Chose this from Good Guys frankston looking for a sleek look and not big cast iron trivets. This has great new

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