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AAMI Landlord Insurance

AAMI Landlord Insurance

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AAMI Landlord policy is a junk insurance policy.

Coming from a long time AAMI multi policy customer, do not buy a landlord policy from them. It is a junk insurance rort and should be removed from their product list. Spend a few more dollars and buy from a specialised tenant protection insurer rather than throwing your money at AAMI for an unclaimable policy (exclusions are endless and unreasonable) Don't waste your money with the illusion of being protected by this junk insurance.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Misrepresent their policy as for Landlords, but it doesn't cover tenant damage.

Ridiculous policy - A landlord policy that doesn't include damage by the tenants isn't a Landlord policy, it's a building policy and should be represented as such. These thieves hide this fact in the bottom of their policy, even though in the building section it states what is covered as part of the building. I now have a property with no flooring and holes all over that isn't covered at all. We will be pulling our other policies from AAMI due to this, as who knows whether any other claims if needed would be paid out. Does this fall under false advertising, if a landlord policy on the building doesn't protect the building from the tenants?

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

The worst insurance company ever

The tenant was 6 weeks behind their rent which is more than their bond, swimming pool needed repair, tons of garbage inside and outside the house, door lock broken, wall holes need to be fixed...totally I lost $6k+ and the bond was just $3k. And guess how much I claimed back from AAMI? $0! The reason? "It's all in the PDS". Shame on you AAMI. Those pretty girls in your Ad. have nothing to do with your company, I can only imagine how ugly your business could be by collecting money every day but dumping your customers when they needed help. Never touch this brand again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlords Insurance RUBBISH

I had my property covered for Landlords insurance and after a terrible experience with my tenants i thought i would be looked after by this company as i have other policies with them. I put in a claim only to find that unless it is natural disaster damage or malicious damage being the house is unlivable there is no claim and so all my money went to paying the premium with nothing covered. I have now put in a complaint to the ombudsmen and awaiting a decision.

Insurance claim madeYes

Cheap in price, cheap in service

Cheap price for landlord insurance that delivered cheap result for claim.
Easy to lodge claim but difficult to get resolved. Didn't/Wouldn't explain process just wanted to talk about what may or may not be covered. Very delayed to get answer on repairs so started without them then have to haggle later after rent cover period expired.

Insurance claim madeYes

It's unlucky with AAMI

NEVER purchase the landlord insurance from AAMI.
My tenants damaged the carpet maliciously when they knew they would be evicted by police officer. AAMI find excuse and refused my claim.
Also AAMI only cover 2 weeks rent default if you have month to month lease contract with tenant, then they will charge 4 weeks rent for excess. How ridiculous!!
Wait over a month to their unreasonable and unfair final decision. That means I loss one month rent again!
I have lodged a complaint through FOS and provide all evidences.

Insurance claim madeYes

No longer a long term policy holder

We had AAMI Landlord Insurance for 9 years; never made a claim. I received our policy renewal recently and suffered bill shock at the cost; a big increase from the previous years' cost, with no claim made as I said (so why the dramatic increase???).
When I rang AAMI to find out why, immediately the phone person said that she could 'straightaway' reduce the premium because I was a loyal customer. Why should a 'loyal customer' therefore have to ask for a reduction? If I hadn't asked, I wouldn't automatically receive the reduction for being 'loyal'.
Then, when I continued with the conversation the operator basically said that if I moved to another insurer, I was risking the quality of the product. Also, the operator said that it was my suburbs' fault; obviously a high number of landlords making claims in the suburb, so it had bumped the premium.
Generally, I found the operator quite pushy throughout the call; frequently trying to undermine my confidence in other insurance companies so I would stay with AAMI. The product should sell itself, not be sold on the performance of a comparable company.
And then I read the product reviews of people who had made a claim and I am glad I switched out of AAMI.

Insurance claim madeNo

Landlord Insurance

We had landlord insurance for our rental property but unfortunately we had to make a claim. Despite being diligent and checking on policy AAMI said sorry your not covered you should have check the fine print well I rang and spoke to them to see if my interpretation of the fine print was correct and they said yes you are covered. Now the big push is on to close the claim. They take your money and don't pay out absolutely worthless policy I am taking our business elsewhere. Taking my shares out of the company too!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Unlucky aami. Waste of money

Been with aami for a few years, have landlords ins and contents. Recently had burst water pipe which flooded house and 3 weeks later, aami giving nothing but the run around. Just been a headache and nightmare talking to them. They always change there story. We will be moving all our policies elsewhere inc cars and caravan.. aami only wants your money, they are not interested in providing any service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Unpleasant Experience

We have great and patient tenants, who alerted us that a water pipe in the wall between the two bathrooms had burst. AAMI were alerted and directed us to call in a plumber for exploratory work who found and fixed pipe on a Sunday in mid October 2017. We paid the excess fee $1000 and AAMI sent contractors to assess the damage to the two bathrooms and agreed to repair and replace...A 2 week job? Yeah? If you ever hear the name of their trusty contractor A1, then run a thousand miles away! We are still having issues, painted doors with broad brush strokes and runs, new shower base leaking and making popping noises, water issues, new shower door out of alignment, new carpet needs attention, shower tap not flush to wall, replacement vanity poorly fitted and unprofessional finish, paint slapped on pine timber off cut and wedged between gap of vanity and bath, large opening because of higher footprint profile left, chipped tile hastily painted over. AAMI are probably the cheapest quote on Landlord Insurance...And that is because they engage the cheapest contractors...A1, who in turn contract out to even cheaper tradies, who never turn up on time, are always in a hurry, cannot work in unison etc. The project manager assigned to us communicated rarely. Did not oversee the wrong vanities and tap wear sent, my tenants had to be there to receive and correct, its been an unpleasant experience from the get go. AAMI's answer? Send A1's project manager along with her numero uno and a Suncorp rep to address issues... and remind me that they won't take responsibility for dodgy fitting of vanity unit because I selected it! And that out of good will may offer a cash settlement. I have 3 cars and 2 properties with possibly 2 properties more to insure with AAMI. Would advise looking at Youii and Budget Direct, will cost more but doubtless I'll have to experience this nonsense again!

Insurance claim madeYes

Cost nearly half of others

First time with aami. never been one to just pay insurance when due after few minutes found aami was nearly half the cost of company i used last year and as they expected automate payment i cancelled. Npw have car covered aswell.

Insurance claim madeNo

Absolute rubbish

They will avoid everything in the book not to pay, took a 10k damage bill on my chin today, cancelled all my business on the dot, will never touch AAMI again!
Landlord insurance that covers fire or floods is the feedback i got from AAMI donkeys, Complete rubbish this mob!
Move on guys now.

Insurance claim madeYes

Hello? Mr Ombudsman..... hello? AAMI selling fake insurance......

Been insured for 10 years with Landlord protection policy, which states cover against loss due to damage (not specific) and untenantable, default payments etc etc. Tenant left after leaving premises in ruins despite professional Property Manager in place. Bond covered "some" cleaning but curtains, carpet and benches and bathroom vanity trashed by dog and human waste. AAMI furnished with written report and photos plus. Phoned a week later to state claim denied as they don't cover bad living habits. I said the house is unliveable therefore untenantable and rent should be covered whilst repairs are made at my expense......? NO!
What was I insured for for 10 years??
Lucky? yeah lucky it wasn't a total loss before I learned about Ms Amy.

Insurance claim madeYes

The Worst

Worst company and customer service, they are very happy to take your money over how many years but when making a house and landlord protection claim that was managed by a Real Estate they don't want to know about it or help. The Real Estate were shocked to hear all of what Aami refused to cover!!! Take your business elsewhere!!

Insurance claim madeYes

No major issues

I had tennants leave after they had used up all the bond money in rent default and upon inspection found the house like pigs had been living there! They had broken the dishwasher, heater, trashed walls and doors, carpet etc. AAMI sent an assessor and while they did not pay cleaning costs and renew all carpet they did pay for a huge portion of the damage, in fact they contributed around $30000. I was happy with the service and they paid accounts and invoices sent promptly. No issues with them at all.

On the 2nd claim on another property again no cleaning costs paid and a few other things rejected but they did pay loss of rent and locks to be changed etc. From memory they paid around $4500 out of probably 8k in costs but I don't think they rejected anything the other companies wouldn't of.

Insurance claim madeYes

AAMI Landlord insurance-do not use AAMI Insurance

If I could give a NO STAR rating I would but unfortunately I am unable to so reluctantly I have to give a ONE STAR.
I had Landlord insurance with AAMI, I put a claim in and AAMI Insurance will not pay for the damages. I was told in one phone call when lodging my claim it would be covered then to received another phone call saying items are not covered (broken window, damaged flyscreens, damaged carpet, tenant who did not pay their rent for 7 weeks and did a runner). I have been treated disgracefully. AAMI Insurance are not worth dealing with and I would not recommend their insurance to anyone. Very, very poor treatment by AAMI Insurance and I have been totally ripped off by AAMI Insurance. They really don't care about you as a customer. I will be taking my matter to the ombudsman.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible insurer! Buyer beware!

Worst insurer ever! Their ad says "lucky you're with AAMI" whereas in reality I am unlucky to have used them and wasted money on them for so many years.
Made a landlord insurance claim for rangehood and cooktop plates. They told me it's part of the building and not contents since thy te connected to the building and are not portable contents. The product I have is landlord contents insurance only.
However conveniently there is a single PDS for landlord contents & building insurance which states contents and building items are included in your product.
Best part is in landlord contents they cover air conditioners, spas and floor carpets. I suppose spa and aircon are portable in their definition so must be my mistake in assuming same for rangehood and cooktop.
Icing on the cake was on call their customer care rep suggested me to move to Teri Sheer for Bette landlord insurance.

YOU SUCK AAMI !! STOP STEALING CUSTOMERS MONEY FOR YOUR PROFITS! Can't believe such a company exists in a first world country like ours!

Insurance claim madeYes

Very very sneaky TOTAL SCAM

Misleading product with catchy and re assuring product names that does not cover anything. Paid landlord insurance for a year and found that the landlord insurance covers nothing the up sell is on the tenant protection add on, need to get tenant protection too.. well isn't that appropriate. The actual landlord insurance covers you for nothing, Money for JAM deceiving and a total rip off. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Thanks for Nothing


Insurance claim madeNo

AAMI Landlord Insurance is a waste of money

Landlord insurance with a Brisbane property. the tenant did a runner with damage to walls , carpet and rental arrears.This is the reason we have landlord insurance.
We waited for an assessor for six weeks. Today they phoned to say the claim is rejected, but after discussions have agreed to send an assessor.
The six weeks waiting for the assessor doubled our potential losses.
Your better off without insurance, and certainly don't use AAMI.
I have several properties insured with AAMI, I shall cancel the lot .If I had been uninsured, the repairs would have been completed in one week, and the property leased.

Insurance claim madeYes

Shocking- inhumane service

I am a tenant recently affected by a major storm. My entire home was flooded with storm water rendering it unsanitary and uninhabitable after 1 week we still cannot move back into the property as AAMI still has not approved removal of the carpets. We have no alternate form of accomodation and are desperate.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Can we get any compensation when our tenants move out of our unit to fix serious water problems in the bathroom? They will need to go elsewhere for about 1 to 2 weeks.
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Not a hope in hell.

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