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AIA Australia Income Protection

AIA Australia Income Protection

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AIA Loses Another Customer

My credit card used to pay my premiums was compromised. Arriving back from holidays to find a letter from AIA that I could not believe. In short, they stated that they would decide if I could remain a member. My first thought was I will decide if I remain a member. Then I get another letter where they start to try to persuade me to come back to them. I told the poor customer service lady to stop sending me these computer generated letters as I found a policy elsewhere and they better start treating customers with respect and not just a number or they will continue to lose more customers.

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Hi Joe Cool, We’re really sorry to hear about your experience. We are always trying to improve our customer service and value the feedback you have provided. If you would like to chat to us about your experience further, we’re happy to arrange a call. We have just sent you a private message. Again thanks for taking the time to contact us. Warm Regards, The AIA Australia Team

Find someone else to go with

Despite lodging all required documents over a month in advance of the due date they still couldn't get their act together to ensure the first payment I was entitled to was paid on time. It took a further month of waiting and many calls that were never returned and emails that were never responded to. By the time they finally made the first payment they stuffed up the account number it was to be paid into and they had to cancel it and transfer the money again, even though they were provided with the correct account details.

I'm now having to go through the whole drawn out process again for the payments to continue 6 months down the track.

Value for Money
Customer Service
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Hi Speed Racer, We’re really sorry to hear you’ve had a frustrating claims experience with us and we’d like to get to the bottom of it so we can ensure a smoother, more efficient process in the future. We’ve private messaged you seeking more information so we can investigate. Thank you for the feedback. The AIA Australia Team

121 days and still counting...

Absolutely disgusted in the time it’s taking to approve my claim, they don’t seem to care at all and are stringing it out as long as they possibly can.

I applied 121 days ago and still have no idea when I’ll see a cent from them.

I would not recommend this company.

Insurance claim madeYes

If your entitled - then your in safe hands!

These days too many people just expect to be paid, it's about paying the right claim so that premiums for all are managed. Imagine paying every claim. You need to meet the requirements, you need to also have made full disclosure.
I'm sorry to say but the people below have it wrong! I get that times are difficult and yes you or a loved one may think due to your circumstances your entitled... take a step back and think "am I really" if you are you will be paid.
I know my claims are in safe hands with aia.
Unfortunately people share things when it doesn't go their way - aia along with others pay billions I claims each year - so cut the slack and let's be honest, give them a chance to explain why, do not think you have a policy therefore you're entitled. It's not like car insurance.... seek financial advice if your illiterate on the topic, use the funds advisors for free advice, get yourself informed before making such poor bias reviews.

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Inconsistent Income Protection Premium

Depending on which documents you ask for, AIA provides gives you conflicting sum insured for the same policy. I have had my "Notice of Payment Due" , "Certificate of Currency" and Policy Endorcement" ( I believe its issued by AIA Vitality) all stating different amounts. My broker asked for a Quote Summary and the payment due is different from the invoice I received. I rang AIA and they told me I have to pay more more even after I have been issued a Notice of Payment due for a lower amount.

Their system is unreliable, so I have little confidence whether the premium I am paying is accurate. My advice is leave AIA alone, no matter what your broker tells you. Its like a bad marriage, and the older you are, the harder it is to go to another insurer.

Best decision to make is don't even get strated with them.

Insurance claim madeNo


We are tangled up with the claims process with this dodgy Insurance company.
We made a claim some six weeks ago through REST Superannuation, not knowing they were passing premiums onto a dodgy insurance company based in Hong Kong. It's quite obvious by the ridiculous questions AIA are asking, this will be a long drawn out legal battle. I blame REST Superannuation for jumping into bed with an Insurance Company that has a very poor track record (you only have to look at the other comments posted here).
After contacting the Ombudsman, they are well known to that government department.
What surprises me is that if we are all reading this, then why aren't REST Superannuation reading this and making changes!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

AIA's Lack of compassion

AIA are the worst insurance company ever!! They are cold and callous, and lack all sensitivity when dealing with sick human beings. You have to fight them every step of the way and this only contributes to worsening your medical condition. With much fighting and standing firm I had to wait eight months to receive my first IP payment. [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] are cold hearted snakes in the grass.

Insurance claim madeYes

Income Protection

My husband had a motorbike accident they stuffed him around it took 2 and a half years to start getting income protection after he was forced to go with workcover that we had to pay back. Then they tried to say that he was only eligible til age 55 after much checking they are supposed to pay til age 65. Now they want to stop his income protection?? They don't care about people at all as for 75% of predicability wage biis getting 50%. Disgraceful digusting but were not giving up. These people that AIA are dealing with need help not a kick in the guts.

Insurance claim madeYes

AIA are contempt

My Brother died recently after a long battle with one insurance company I got my brothers super paid out as there was a coroners report with the death not suspicious.
Now there was a death policy with AIA making it near impossible for me to claim.
My brother died intestate they are wanting probate or will may pay us out.
After speaking to a lot of people this is sort of stuff what this company does to people to prevent a claim.
The fact my brother is dead I feel this company is Uncompassionate.
This company is unhelpful Do not use them!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

AIA late payments

After reading a review tonight regarding late payments and the initial experience this concerns me greatly. My partner is very ill and the claim process was slow to begin with so after a few escalations the claim was accepted at close to the 60 day mark. Initial payments were made on time, and all proof of medical leave, no payments from my partner's employer and doctor's reports were all submitted by mid June before the deadline of 3 July. Monies should have been in the account by 9th of month but received excuses and advised to change direct debit dates. This is not good enough, it is bad enough to rely on income insurance at a reduced rate of your income when you are gravely ill without being told to arrangement you credit and loan commitments around their payment process being late. Noticed the last few emails were a little less polite, they need to remember they get a good premium from their customers and when you are ill it is stressful enough. Do not add to your customer's health issues by added more stress. if you cannot cope with the workload hire more staff.

Insurance claim madeYes

Payments went up by $400 p/y. Disgusted. Have been ripped off

Rip offs. Increased policy by $400p/y. in one year. They knew I am on disability pension and could not afford increase. Am talking to the media about this asap. Had my policy cancelled after they stole all my money.

Insurance claim madeNo

They just don't care

Payments are always so late and they always have an excuse why.
I had a fantastic CS person in the beginning, she would call and ask how I was, is there anything I can do for you? Her name was Olivia then she was replaced by a young male by the name of Hamish.
Since then it has gone down hill, it gets to 21 days since payment has been due and it has not presented in my account. I phone them only to be told that my CS is on annual leave. He has not allocated his work load to represent his annual leave.
Frustrating when you rely on the income to pay bills.

Insurance claim madeYes

Trying to get Income protection due to illness

I am disgusted about the way I have been treated trying to get Income protection Put my claim on 20/12/17 and still waiting!!!! They have gone back since 2011 seeking medical records to see if I could work 30hrs a week during that time. I have only worked 25hrs a week since 2011. They keep coming up with more and more required information I thought this was going to be easy but no.. I want to know who can over-ride medical practitioners reports & information they only have a panel and make there own decisions I think. Why do we join a fund and are covered for protection!!! What a Joke...

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute waste of money

Worst company I've ever dealt with. Poorly trained, ignorant and insensitive staff, impossible claims process designed to ensure that they never pay out. After 6 months of jumping through all of their hoops, they finally accepted my claim.... 2 months later, no money and no further contact from them. Finally received a text accepting the claim and advising they will contact me within 10 working days... No further communication from them. They have caused me untold stress and anxiety which seems to be exactly what they set out to do. Save your money, use a different company. Got to wonder what the ACCC does with their time, they should have this company in their sights.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very poor

So wait the 60days, while you ponder over both your diagnosis and finances.
Unclear claim form which is almost guaranteed not to pass on to next stage.
Not that you’ll be told you’ll need to follow up endlessly with endless amounts of irrelevant questions and claims from inhuman staff.
No urgency to solve issues just more questions or reports they order to find any reason not to pay out. Finally when you think you have a case mgr and things will speed up again more delays and backtracking. Even once it was agreed they’d pay out even that needed follow up calls. Like being ill isn’t bad enough this experience just adds stress to an already testing time
ACCC should be all over this company.
Ombudsman really just a fence Sitter probably paid off by aia.
Whole process Beyond a joke.

Insurance claim madeYes

Income protection

No help at all when you really needed it most we just pay our income protection for nothing just only good in taking your money when the time come that you are injured n cant work no help at all....

Insurance claim madeYes

Dodgy sneaky scammers

Want to warn everyone about triple checking your application once AIA rep takes it back to the office as in your home he will fill out a hand written application then without telling you and very wittingly he will alter your ticked boxes for example if you tick yes when he puts hand written copy on to computer he will tick no box and when they return for you to proof read it they keep the pressure up so it all done in a hurry and you can over look this and then when you go to claim one day they will find you ticked the wrong box and that gives AIA dogs an excuse to null and void your ins payout as they would happily and rather refund all you premiums rather than pay you out for yrs on an ins claim. Their reps who just happen to south african or solmalian will for ever insist and assure you they will do all the work you wont have to do a thing and yeah while they do all the work there falsely changing your application form and if you ask for the original first hand written copy the rep filled out his excuse will be i threw it in the bin when i transposed it to computer copy therefore you will have no tracabilty of the original app to prove which boxes were ticked they will alter your app and throw out any original hand written app so you can find the proof, I'd have to say AIA management train there reps this way so it a way out of paying should they need to find one there all conspiritors and it set in the structure so before ya know it ya got no claim as they null and void it due to breach of application and they will make sure you cant get ya hands on the original cause its transposed to computer and that copy is thrown out very cunning. Very well planned very well organised funny how they could not find the original application and funny how they happily paid me back me premiums over 3.5 yrs rejecting my claim as they could of had to pay me out for up to 5 yrs at a massive more cost to them for my med costs and time off work think about that and read this very carefully. Do not use AIA INSURANCE as you'll never get it when you need to claim AIA make me sick you preach our confidence and policy is your up most importance. What a joke whats important to you theiving scum bags is null and voiding a claim when a sick or ill person needs what they falsely paid for. What a joke.

Insurance claim madeYes

Hard to have a deal with

It was very long and painful waiting process, was made too many phone calls before they started pay. Every time you are talking to different person and explain over and over what is your concern. It is very hard to survive in waiting period.

Insurance claim madeNo


I paid $450 months for income protection. When I needed to make a claim because I was very ill it was a terrible experience, I found that the insurance broker who had hassled me to sign up for months had incorrectly advised me on what to write (who also and filled in paperwork for me because i didn't have time). Never Trust An Insurance Broker, it's all about commissions for them. My accountant told me that she has never seen anyone be successful with an income protection claim, it is a waste of money, mean while apart from being very ill I lost everything. Terrible experience, AIA are backed by COMM BANK, no wonder there is a royal commission, i took it to the Ombudsman and got no where, I was permitted to reinstate my income protection insurance if i paid the back fees, Are they kidding. The Ombudsman is useless.

Insurance claim madeYes


Lies, delays, more lies and more delays. Pay these premiums all this time and when i need the services they wont provide. absolute joke! Talk about dragging people under when they are already down. Love how someone can determine what you are capable of through paper and not having even met you. Over a year of running around on their demand to provide this that and the other when unable to even get out of bed some days. All for nothing.

Insurance claim madeYes

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I have used my annual leave now I am very sick , the said that it is part of my income.

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