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Alcafé Classic Gold

Alcafé Classic Gold

3.8 from 10 reviews

Best taste for insta coffee

The Colombian one provides a unique flavour and aroma without a bitter taste, it’s the best after trying Moccona, Nescafé and others. Highly recommended for those who love coffee with a nice taste

Purchased in February 2019.

Absolutely Perfect - Alcafe Colombian & East African Coffee

Trust Aldi to come to the rescue of Aussies that have been poisoned by Nescafe and Moccona's changed recipes.
The new Colombian blend is the best and I give it 5 stars. The East African blend I give 4 stars.
This coffee is bound to start selling out quick once consumers find out about it and at about $3.50 for a 100g jar, you'll think Christmas, New Year and your birthday arrived all at once.

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Revised rating: Colombian 5 stars. East African 2 stars only.

The Best Tasting Instant Coffee Ever!

I am so glad that my support for Fair Trade products lead me to try Aldi's 'Alcafe Instant Coffee'.
And it came up a winner at all levels such as dissolve ability, aroma and smooth taste with no bitter aftertaste!

Tastes better than the new "enriched aroma" Classic Medium Roast Moccona Coffee

I have been Moccona coffee lover up until recently when they decided to change their recipe. I have now replaced it with Alcafe Classic Gold from Aldi at nearly half the price of Moccona. I don't think it tastes as good as the old Moccona recipe but it is far superior to Mocconas latest recipe which I find is totally undrinkable. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good such an inexpensive coffee by Aldi could taste so good.


I rather like the somewhat 'robust' taste of Aldi coffee, but about twelve months ago I found that full strength coffee was a big factor in the severe heart palpitations that I had begun to experience. Changing to the Decaf version almost entirely eliminated this problem. Over this time period, I have had on three separate occasions (out of maybe fifty jars), jars that were labelled as Decaf, but gave me an instant unmistakable adverse reaction. Has anybody else had this experience?

Terrible coffee

The reason the coffee was bitter is because Aldi coffee was first made with Arabica coffee beans.
Now it is made with the cheaper robust coffee beans. Unfortunately I bought a few jars before I realized that the bitter taste was my tablets. I bought Arabica coffee from Coles and it like chalk and cheese the difference.

The Best Instant

I have no interest in indtant coffee. Economising forced me to this. Its almost better than my plunger.

Nice mild and cheap coffee

Pretty good, I've switched from ground coffee as its too variable and takes much longer to prepare. This surprised me by being quite pleasant and mild and I even make an acceptable cappuccino with it.

Bitter smell and taste

I bought a jar of this to use for camping, I'm not a coffee snob but I found this one (the non decaf version) to have a nasty after taste, that lingered. It's like the dregs were swept up from the floor and processed into coffee-looking granules. I won't be buying this one again way too severe. For around the same price you can get a better instant blend from one of the more reputable supermarkets or maybe go for Aldi's non-instant coffee. .

Great Smooth Coffee

Some might find it weak but the sweet aroma with chocolate hint is superb for an instant coffee. It has no bitter after taste either. Dissolves quickly even in lukewarm water/milk. For under $4 per 100gm it represents great value and beats Nescafe's as well as Aldi's other regular brand. Need to use a bit more than a teaspoon to get the full kick. Highly recommended!

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I am trying to find out how much caffeine is in aldi aldecafe compared to full caffeiated coffee but going no where fast. Any ideas?
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what are the acrylamide levels in Aldi Alcafe classic gold?
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what are the acrylamide levels in Aldi freeze dried dark coffee
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