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Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Freeze Dried

Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Freeze Dried

4.8 from 24 reviews

Moccona doesn’t come close!

Even old moccona doesn’t have a scratch on this Coles coffee. Although no longer labelled “gold” this coffee actually smells and tastes like coffee.
Organic, fair trade and only $4 a jar. What more could anyone want?
I bet Coles is enjoying the boost in sales!

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles for $4.00.

An end to the gnashing of teeth

Reiterating what others have already said: this is a genuinely excellent replacement for the old Moccona No 5 (and, needless to say, light years ahead of the disastrous new version of that product). Just like the old Moccona No 5, the Coles Fairtrade Organic blend achieves just the right balance between a full flavour and a smooth, non-acrid taste. There is no need to expend energy trying to convince Douwe Egberts to change Moccona No 5 back to what it was. At risk of sounding hyperbolic, Moccona is dead to me. This has the taste of the old Moccona No 5 and has a cheaper everyday price.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles for $4.00.

Best instant.

Apparently organic and has plenty of taste. For $4 it’s a winner. I mix it with Natures Cuppa Rich Roast and it’s even better.

Terrific replacement for the hideous new version of Moccona Classic Medium Roast no. 5

Very happy to have been put on to this Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Freeze Dried coffee. It tastes like the original Moccona no.5 that I drank for years but it's less expensive, organic and also fairtrade. Win, win, win, win. Yay!

The best coffee ive ever tasted

I bought this yesterday, sceptical about how it would taste and im shocked, this is the best coffee ive ever tasted, not bitter and smoother than moccona.

Great coffee, has replaced Maccona No.5 as my fave coffee

After Maccona ruined their No.5 coffee by apparently making it better (so bitter and horrible after taste), I had to find a replacement to kick-start my day (as well as keep me going throughout the day, I am a 10 coffee a day person). Looking at online recommendations I found Coles Organic Fairtrade Gold Free Dried coffee. After trying it, I can confirm it does taste very similar to the original Maccona No.5. No bitterness whatsoever. I love this coffee and at only $4 for a 100gm jar, it is so cheap. Will never return to Maccona, even if they do change the flavour back to the original.

Life Saver!

This is the closest thing to the original moccona that now tastes terrible. This coles brand coffee is so good I can now make this my new coffee I can use 3 times a day. Tastes smooth and like a proper coffee. Does not taste like the other bad instant coffees. Tastes better than some cafe coffees no exaggeration. Thank you.

Thank you Coles!

I had Moconna for 20 years. I never liked Nescafe. I am very fussy in coffees. I had this coffee for quite sometime now. Thanks Coles. Don't ever change!

Better than the New Moccona Blend

Tried this as an alternative to Moccona as didn’t like the New Blend and it’s GREAT !! Smooth taste and affordable price. Well worth a try.

Big fan of this beautiful and superior blend!!

I had changed to drinking this coffee due to it's affordability only to find that it's flavour and aroma are superior to the more expensive brands of moccona and nescafe. After a long, satisfying time of consuming Coles Fairtrade Organic Coffee, I purchased both Moccona and Nescafe as what I thought would be a treat only to be 'bitterly' disappointed by their new offensive flavours. I now drink only this lovely Coles Fairtrade Gold coffee it is the best tasting instant EVER!

Coles fair trade organic coffee is so enjoyable

After Moccona destroyed the Classic 5 Coffee taste, have been using Coles Fair Trade Organic Coffee for weeks now and it's fantastic. No need to try any other brands as this tastes so good.

Substitute for moccona!

After seeing the good reviews about Coles coffee, I thought I should try it. Pretty good! Taste fairly similar to old moccona so recommend to anyone looking for a replacement. It's cheap and fair trade also. We both enjoy it. It's here to stay in our house

It’s alright. Not as good as the old Maccona but 1000 times better than the new Maccona

Some people were suggesting to try this coffee as a replacement for the absolutely horrid new recipe of the Maccona Classic #5, and it was surprisingly good. Like i said not as good as the old Maccona but it’s alright and it’ll do for now. Id recommend trying it at least.

Best instant coffee in Australia

I have searching for a decent instant coffee since the demise of Nescafé Blend 43. Something has happened to Moccona coffee also; it tastes like it has Vegemite in it. I love Vegemite but not IN my coffee! I even imported some Douwe Egberts; the makers of Moccona, from England for way too much and I was not impressed. Desperate, I scoured reviews and heard about Coles Organic Fair Trade Gold Freeze Dried instant Coffee, phew what a mouthful, and I bought a jar yesterday. I am delighted with the flavour of this coffee. It is a delicious medium roast coffee I like it a little stronger so I use almost two teaspoons for a mug and it doesn’t taste bitter at all. I am thrilled to finally find this little gem and at $4 per 100gms it is a very reasonable price too.

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PS. It still doesn’t smell like instant coffee used to.

Great replacement and awesome price

Since Moccona's disgraceful decision to change their recipe we have been searching for a replacement. Out of desperation and something we would never usually do we purchased and tried the Coles Brand Organic Freeze Dried. Can tell you we weren't expecting much as always assume cheap means crap but were absolutely delighted when we tried it. It tastes very good, almost as good as the original Moccona and at such a great price. Please Coles if you are listening do not change it as it is very good.

Best instant coffee

Just bought this Coles brand organic coffee today for $4 after much research. It is the best instant coffee I've had. I usually drink Moccona Classic but the formulation has been changed recently. This is even better than the original Moccona.

Great tasting

I wouldn't normally ever buy a supermarket brand coffee,but based on the reviews i thought i'd try some.So glad i did.I drink my coffee black so i hate it when it tastes bitter and like dirt,not so with this one.This will always be in my cupboard from now on

Definitely recommended

This is an impressive ethically sourced tasty organic coffee at a great price.

Surprisingly good

This is pretty good and I can't tell the difference between this and the moccona Classic. At the end of the day it is still instant coffee so don't expect great cafe quality coffee, but it is a decent cup and quite cheap at $4/100g.

Not the best but good

Good quality coffee has never been this accessible and Coles has brought this with their Organic Gold Freeze Dried. They are great every morning as they are really of good quality and I find them really good but it's not the best in my standards. I love its full and rich flavour and the aroma is so heavenly especially in the morning that it really lifts my mood.

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Questions & Answers

how much caffeine is contained in this coffee?
1 answer
Not sure. One big spoon I can notice, two you’d get a buzz.

What is the intensity of this coffee?
1 answer
In my opinion it’s the same intensity or strength as the old Moccona “5”, I consider it a mild intensity coffee.

Have they changed the package, it's no longer called 'gold'??
1 answer
You are so right. I bought a few times and just noticed after you reminded me. Not Gold. That's right.

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