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Jarrah Vienna

Jarrah Vienna

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Contains palm oil


I used to enjoy jarrah Vienna coffee, but won't buy it again seeing it contains palm oil. Surely that is completely unnecessary.

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Jarrah Coffee French Vanilla Latte


Have used for a month now and is delicious, however my throat is beginning to burn each time I drink this and I am also feeling nauseous. This is everytime I drink the product. What is in this product that causes it? I won't be buying again as it scares me.



I have drunk this coffee for maybe 25 years. It tastes awful now. Burnt coffee taste. What have you done?



To whom it may concern,
Im rather upset. The last two times i have purchased your jarrah coffee, which retail at around six dollars, they have been half empty! Its bad enough to happen once but twice, when paying full price for a product is made me quite upset. I usually love these coffees, but I dont feel lile purchasing them again after this occurring twice now. I thought I should let you know.



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Where is the cinnamon flavour?


I'm not really much of a caffeine drinker, maybe once or twice a year I will have a cup of coffee. I purchased this because of the supposed cinnamon flavour. To smell it in the container it is noticeable, however I cannot taste even a hint of cinnamon. I have to add cinnamon just for the flavouring. Glad I didn't pay full price.



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Best coffee!


This is the nicest coffee you can have at home, so creamy and much cheaper then buying takeaway. I put it in a disposable coffee cup with lid and take it with me, everyone thinks it’s takeaway

This new Vienna latte is not the same please bring back the original.


I have been a fan of Jarrah now for 20+ years and im disappointed that you have changed the Vienna . I know you say its the same but for people who have loved it as long as i have can taste the differences. Please go back to original it has much more flavour.

Can you please bring back the Vienna sensation I bought the latte it is horrible why did you take it


Can you please bring back the Vienna sensation I tried the latte it is not the same

Why ????


Why has it been removed from the supermarket shelves
It's the only coffee I drink
Pat at greystains

Mel L

Mel LAdelaide

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Bring back the old Jarrah vienna velvet coffee.


This new stuff they have now with Latte on the bottom of it is a load of crap. Has changed the whole taste of the coffee. I used to love the smooth yummy taste for my first coffee of the day. Now I am going to have to change. Did they not learn from Arnotts changes to their biscuits. I just hope they learn from this change.

Why change something that was perfect


I loved Jarrah Vienna coffee and always had at least one jar in the cupboard and one in the car. Beautiful, refreshing, drink. I drank other flavours but Vienna was my favourite. Now that it had been modified I don't have any jars. Will have to find a replacement.

Was good, now rubbish.


Well its back to Foodland and International Roast coffee. I liked, and drank a lot (at least 4 cups a day) of the Vienna and the salted caramel. I coped when they made the waisted plastic container, even though it was harder to get at the last 25%, but the new tastes of Vienna and Salted Caramel, the new packaging and the price rise from $4.40 to $6 at Coles has convinced me. As another reviewer noted, why not stick to a good thing.

What is in the new version??? It has brought on a worrying cough and feeling in my throat/lungs like




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I want Vienna Velvet back!!


Ever heard when on a good thing stick to it!
Yes it is full of crap but I permitted myself one in the morning. I went to buy one yesterday and had one cup this morning as it said on the top Vienna Velvet. It is disgusting!! Pretty upset. Listen to your customers. I will NOT buy any unless I hear the old version coming back. One question? Do you actually taste your products before unleashing it to customers. Arnotts biscuits listened. Let me know if you want me back

Very disappointing!


I'm reading the reviews here and its clear the number of disappointed customers - I'm one more! I have been enjoying Vienna for years but the new product is no where near what it used to be. The jar has changed and the taste is not the same. The vanilla taste has disappeared, its not as creamy and the cinnamon is overpowering. I wont be buying it again. I second my sentiments with an earlier review - why change a product that was so good?

The Old Vienna velvet Jarrah Coffee has a Great smoothTaste.


Jarrah have changed the jar and its contents and called it Vienna Cinnamon Latte,which has a sticker on top of jar saying same great taste of Vienna Velvet. not true it is not smooth as before and we will not be buying this product again.. Question: why change something when you have a great product. Typical Marketing people to stuff up a good product.G J .Bring back the old Vienna Velvet..

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They have changed the product ,Vienna Cinnamon Latte ; slightly and it tastes a bit like the old one not as good but a fair replacement.
thank you.

use all of them sparingly


all of the jarrah concoctions are full of chemicals.
some taste OK, but its not worth the amount of chemicals and emulsifiers they put in.
i pity the ppl that have been sucking down these chemicals for years.
not to mention the stupid shaped containers



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not happy


Hi I have been buying your jarrah coffees for years. On your new label French vanilla latte I thought oh great you have brought out a vanilla flavour again, ( I used to love your Vanilla Thriller flavour ) which for some reason you stopped making. It was fair to say I was disappointed. You can not taste any vanilla at all. How can you advertise vanilla latte when there is no vanilla flavour? Please bring out your vanilla thriller again or add more vanilla flavour to the latte. I would like some feedback please.

Not so sweet please.


Love the Jarrah Vienna with less sweetner the one on sale now is sickly but cant buy the one with less sweetner about to give up. Use a banana split long handle tea spoon.



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My all time fave!!!


Love vienna so much, its totally my go to for coffee- absofreakinglutely lovely smoothie mixed with frozen banana and skim milk

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Does your Jarrah Vienna Cinnamon Latte contain Palm Oil? Can you buy it in bulk?
Does your Jarrah Chocolate Drink contain Palm Oil and can that too be bought in bulk?

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Margaret S.

Margaret S.asked

Is there much caffeine in this product?

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How much caffeine is in the amount needed for 1 cup?

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Absolutely no idea. You could probably work it out from the provided data. I don't care about caffeine, my initial post was about the taste and cost. There has been no improvement from Jarrah, and they keep swapping flavours in and out. How come Salted Caramel seems to have disappeared?

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