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Alex Liddy Aquis

Alex Liddy Aquis

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  • 8 reviews

never buy it again


as others wrote, the tableware looses its shine once in the dishwasher. Because the bowls loose their shine, they stick together annd I hardly can seperate them. The cups show a crack inside where the handle is connected. Worst Chinaware I ever bought.

Purchased in July 2017 at House.

Chris f

Chris fSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Absolute waste of money


Purchased a box set of "modern white" from Robins Kitchen. Clearly indicates microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. This is not correct! 2 of the 4 plates have now broken. 1 snapped clear in half on being taken out of the microwave with hot food on it. The other one cracked with hot food on it.
Extremely disappointed and would not recommend this brand at all.

Purchased in February 2019 at Robins Kitchen for $129.00.

Bad just plain bad


After a few month of using all the dishes have lost their shine. That brand can not be dishwasher proof. It says bone china but there is nothing fine about that china. I will never buy that brand again.

Purchased at Farmers New Zealand.


DebbieHobart, TAS

Alex Liddy Aquis. So disappointed


The dinner set says fine china and dishwasher safe. I use good quality dishwasher tablets but the China has lost its shine and has in parts gone rough. I have had this dinner set for about 6 months and would have thought that may happen after years of use.

Purchased in April 2019 at House hobart.

Melbourne Halls

Melbourne HallsGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Look great ... if you like cracks in the what the maker calls 'finest quality bone china'


We needed bowls specifically for pasta and House sold us six such bowls in the Alex Liddy 'Aquis' range. They looked great. We treat our crockery with care, but already we have had to throw out three of our six-piece set due to cracking. We were placing them in our Miele oven at 60C for warming before use -- perhaps this is the problem, although we have never had any problem over the years when we have heated Wedgwood china this way.

Purchased in November 2018.



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Chip on my Alex Liddy side plate


I bought the 16 piece Aquis set, I love the shape and style, but have noticed on some of the plates and bowls some sandy like lumps. Also I have owned them for only 10 months and one of the plates as a sharp chip in it already. They are suppose to be strong against chips and breakage its the only reason why I spent so much money on them. Just send a warranty replacement request to see if they will replace the single side plate.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


JackieNorfolk Island

Aquis not what I thought


i have bought Alex Liddy dinner sets in multiples as I have tourist cottages x 5 plus we use them in our own home. The most recent was the Aquis and im disappointed in that it says dishwasher safe but in fact the dinner plates have lost their sheen. I only use dishwasher tablets. i realise its nearly two years old, but the previous sets have lasted a lot longer than that. We get breakages which is par for the course but I always endeavour to replace with a similar product.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Paula S

Paula SBrisbane

Alex Liddy Aquis cutlery set.


The cutlery when removed from the dishwasher have rust stains & spots. Have to clean by hand with stainless steel - in particular the knives. Very disappointed as it looks great when clean.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Disappointed in my purchase


I purchased what I thought was the perfect cutlery set rust resistance, not true it rust marks spotting and stains, so I tried washing by hand and drying same results, my daughter has a maxwell williams set not a mark on it .
Forgot to mention purchased at half price from $350 to $175 , so I thought must be good

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Alex Liddy Aquis dinner set


I bought 2 complete dinner sets to use for everyday, as new they are just beautiful, however, before long, they were covered with a dull coating, they stain easily and the actual glaze has broken down and the texture of the inside of the bowl is rough. I love the shape and feel of the dinner set but have been VERY DISAPPOINTED. I have tried to return it to the shop where I purchased it, but they no longer stock Alex Liddy products. Grrrrr

Date PurchasedNov 2016



  • 3 reviews

Alex Liddy is crap


I bought the steak knife set and the general dining set set with in the last 18 months . They are great to look at , nicely balanced , very classy. Have lost 2 knives from each set to rust. Go ahead and shop on "HOUSE" and home depot.... try your luck

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Alex Liddy Baguette Cutlery range


Some of my cutlery is rusty and corroded when I remove from dishwasher, the knives are the worse. Does anyone else have this problem. As this was a gift from my children I held on to if for sentimental reasons but even if I hand dry the cutlery, it still seems to rust in my drawer. I cant find any remedies on line.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Disappointed with what's happened to my beautiful Alex Liddy plates and bowls


I thought I was the only person having trouble with my Alex Liddy dinner sets until I found this Review site. They were beautiful to begin with and I loved using them.
They have a dull bloom on them and often don't come clean. Having read the other reviews I'm beginning to think that they shouldn't go in a dishwasher even though they are labelled dishwasher safe.
I bought them for everyday use.

I will not buy any more Alex Liddy products. I can't take the risk.

Date PurchasedDec 2010

Gift turned evil


The new product was lovely. In less than six months the glaze has deteriorated so much that the dishes are difficult to clean. Often they need to be washed again after the dishwasher cycle. Stains very easily.


SueWyndham, Victoria

  • 21 reviews
  • Verified purchase

The Coupe range is a pleasure to use and space efficient to keep for parties

Date PurchasedMar 2015

The glaze is awful!


This set looked immaculate in-store. However, just a few washes later the glaze looks as described by the other members here. It has a terrible, squeaky sound and feels horrible to touch. The oil slick look makes the plates look like you wouldn't want to eat off them.

Never again Alex Liddy.

Never again


Purchased two dinner sets plus entree plates and all have lost their shine and surface, when I complained to shop I purchased them at it took two months to get the answer that because we had used knives and forks on them they weren't covered by warrantee. Not worth the hassle to follow up, just never again will I purchase an Alex Liddy anything.


jackoCentral Coast of NSW

Alex Liddy finest quality bone china


Purchased two dinner sets and took them back to the seller to find that they needed to be cleaned/polished with a non abrasive cleaner to remove the crazing and stains. Didn't think that fine bone china needed to be cleaned/polished with a cream cleaner. Not satisfied with the product.



  • 2 reviews

Crazed and Oil slick look on porcelain


Alex Liddy was purchased by me thinking it was a finer type of every day porcelain.
It is disgusting.
When washed either by hand or in the dishwasher it comes out with what looks like an oil slick and the plates feel 'squeekie'
The inside of the handles of the cups are all grey.
The dinner plates are crazed.
Very disappointed - hate the set and it is embarrassing to use in front of guests.
Never again will I buy Alex Liddy.

Questions & Answers

Margaret B.

Margaret B.asked

Obviously not worth the time and effort complaining. My Alex Liddy tableware pretty useless too as I am frequently finding cracks in bowls and plates. They are not at all microwave safe either. Bowl can be blitheringly hot and food still fridge cold. Mos Chinese rubbish, I expect.

1 answer

Yes i wish i bought the Maxwell and Williams set. The quality of Alex and Liddy is appalling considering how expensive it was for the set.

Gail Hellings

Gail Hellingsasked

Why isn't Alex Liddy listening to those who've had trouble with their products?
Have they been made accountable for their crockery which starts out looking beautiful when new but is hideous, disappointing rubbish when put in the dishwasher over time?
Can't they see they need to either fix something or STOP SELLING IT?

1 answer

I have written directly to their customer services and have had no response to date. Disappointing as I have bought their crockery in multiples for many years.



Hi I purchased 2 sets of a 16 piece Aquis dinner set. It would have been over 2 years ago now but they only ever come out for special occasions. My problem appears to be exactly like all the others I have read but only applies to 6 of the 8 side plates. A bloom and dullness making them appear unclean.
I contacted the department store were I purchased them from but they said they had never had a complaint and would not replace them!!! I am very disappointed in there reaction and product.
What is my course of support now?

2 answers

I’ve written direct to the company so far no response


I tried that too. What a business. They lost my correspondence and then had problems with their site! 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.
They wanted a photo. Of course a photo never looks as bad as it really is but responded with a reply that it was NOT covered under warranty. I'm very disappointed. Very very bad customer service.

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