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False advertising - pH not >8

I work in a research laboratory, and decided to check the pH using our pH meter (Hanna instruments Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop pH/mV meter) because water with a pH of 9 sounded ridiculous. I wasn't surprised when the reading came back at 7.9. False advertising. Don't waste your money.
Secondly, what is the point of alkaline water anyway? The second it hits your stomach acid that 'alkaline' water is no more... Just take some antacids if you have stomach issues.

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Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I strongly suggest you return your pH meter to the manufacturer, as it's really out of wack. We at Alka Power (an Australian family business ) have stringent quality procedures to make sure that in every bottling run we check and double check with bench top pH meters. These are constantly calibrated to make sure we don't get the miss leading feedback such as yours. Happy for you to share what batch date you tested and we will do a live video for you to prove that our unique alkaline water is the pH that states on the bottle. In the meantime, if you don't mind. I will share your post with our staff, as they will get a kick out of this post...

pH not as stated

I am a chemist who works at a pharmaceutical company, the science and the dietetics behind this product is good and I do think it tastes nicer than tap water as you don’t get that fluoride taste. However out of curiosity I opened the bottle this morning and put a potion into a small container and tested pH, I used a pH meter that is calibrated daily and got a pH of 7.9. This really disappointed me after reading the reviews, I am keen to try this again with a different bottle however when the label claims a ph of 9-10 I would expect consistency between bottles.

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Hello Maggie, We test our pH with every bottle run. This is logged as part of our Q&A. Please send through the batch number would be the first partb to correctly answer your question on pH value. email info@alkapower.com.au Look forward to hearing back from you.

Facts matter

I know a fair bit about water because we sale mineral waters in Europe (natural springs). Below are factual reasons why Alka Power is good (unlike others):

1- These guys do not hide that Alka Power has 158mg/L alkalinity (not to be confused with pH). That is a very decent buffering capacity to neutralise acids. This alone is in my view more important than pH itself.
If you see alkaline waters that do not show alkalinity information in mg/L do not bother to buy. Alka Power is honest and in practical terms you need 158mg/L of pure acid before Alka Power water pH starts changing. Good buffering capacity.

2 - Achieving 158mg/L alkalinity at pH level of 9.5 is harder than same at say 5.9pH (many natural mineral waters in Europe). People need to understand that even water with 5.9pH with alkalinity of 158mg/L is capable of neutralising acids in stomach. (That has 1.3pH or so). As such 9.5pH combined with 158mg/L alkalinity is really good.

3- Alka Power water is very low in sodium 1.3mg/L. Which is good for high blood pressure and diabetics. Buffering capacity is based on CaCo3 which is healthy.

So for those who love soda bicarbona! I suggest you switch quickly to CaCo3 bicarbonates.

4 - Low level of chloride and No Fluoride is positive.

Glass bottles would be perfect but 30% recyclable PET is an effort.

The only information that is not shared and I understand why (too advanced for ordinary consumers) is REDOX reading in mV. It states it is ionic but perhaps you need to go to their website
to see if REDOX Reading is negative (antioxidants).

This is first time I purchased Alka Power and I congratulate team for honesty and good product.

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Pete, Thank you for your honest review. We try really hard as an Australian owned family business to push our unique point of difference. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It's not all about the pH but the mineral content of alkaline waters such as ours.. Regards Steve

This is good Alkaline water

Bought a bottle from Woolworths, got home and tested it straight away. This water is a pH8.5. Taste is very smooth.

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Hi John, Thank you for your review. Can we ask how you tested the pH as our alkaline water is between 9 to 10.

Changed my Life

I will tell anyone who listens the drastic change alkaline water has made on my life. Since drinking Alka Power, my health has rapidly improved, I have felt such a huge change in my energy & my hydration has done a backflip. I used to drink 5 litres of tap water a day and was never hydrated, in the last year and a half of drinking alka power, I now drink 2 litres a day & feel more hydrated than ever. Thank you Alka Power Team!!

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Thank you for your review. It's our active ionic minerals that's our point of difference. Keep enjoying our beautiful alkaline spring water

Beat your gout.

I have terrible gout in both my feet, if I don't take a daily Allopurinol pill the gout flares up severely. I have now been five weeks without a single Allopurinol pill having substituted Alka Power ionised alkaline water for the pills. My high blood pressure has fallen and I seem to have a lot more energy. My only problem is that I am moving from a town with both Coles and Woollies toba town with neither - where to get my All a Power?

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Thank you for your positive review. Alak Power has helped a number of people who suffer from gout. Can i suggest you can order online from Woolworth's?

Love Me Some Ionic Alkaline Water

I love this. I eat crap and my body is always on the acidic side. I also have a lot of phlegm and drinking a lot of tapwater does nothing to dislodge it. One week on Alka Power's Ionic Alkaline Water from Wollies, I'm coughing late and night and early in the morning and chunks of yellowy phlegm pop out. That cannot be good for me. Mucus and rubbish and all the bad stuff I eat. Its $25 for 9 bottles which I order through work when they do the shopping. I keep them at my desk. For 5 days, I drink 1 bottle a day. I remember earlier reading somewhere about cancer and alkaline environments, that the two don't get on that well. Anything to keep my body in alkaline state is good and also check out the research the guys at AlkaPower go through. Its an Aussie company and they know their thing. As in they're not overseas manufacturing gluttons out to make a buck and leaving without paying taxes.
#DoYourselfAFavour #AlkaPower

Tastes like tap water

Have tried two bottles, bought from Woolies. Like others have said...it does taste like tap water IMO. If it doesn't to others, that is your opinion. I can also tell the different textures of water and this water has a very 'plastic' taste to me. Did I feel better after drinking it....no. Did I feel more 'hydrated' as opposed to drinking other types of water....no. If this stuff makes you feel better go for it, for me, it did not.

It would be good to meet up with you in person, as we have and always will stand by our unique alkaline water. Please feel free to contact me. sp@alkapower.com.auNo response to our offer??


Tastes like tap water. I'd like to test an alkaline strip in it- I would assume it would not come up as 9-10 pH.

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We test our alkaline water everytime we bottle and the pH always reads around 9.3 to 9.7. I suggest you get a proper pH tester as litmus strips are not designed to test high pH alkaline water. Alka Power certainly does not tase like tap water.

I love this product

I actually had already posted a product review but it wasn't submitted and I had even shown my receipt from About Life. Dissapointing. Anyway, I love it. I have tried both Curo and AlkaPower and AlkaPower is the only one I have tried that tastes clean and fresh. My skin feels different and I feel healthier!

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Thank you for your review. You would certainly taste and feel the difference as our natural active minerals absorb more efficiently than other alkaline waters. The high pH also helps, keep enjoying..

Definitely alkaline water

I'm able to tell the different textures of the water I drink. Noticeably Alka power is a much smoother drink than tap water. Tap water obviously contains all sorts of parasites, metals etc.
It isn't rocketing science to be able to tell but, different people have different views which lead them to be misinformed. If people want to test and compare water, make sure you're buying the proper gear for it and not the crap quality that shows you the wrong information. Alkaline water is meant to help your body in ways acidic cannot(duh). I've personally drunk Alka power for awhile now and I can definitely say I feel a lot livelier, more hydrated and more clearer mind.
I recommend this to anyone who wants great benefits from drinking Alka Power for your own health and wellbeing.

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Thank you for clarifying this method of testing. Litmus strips are only designed to test saliva or urine.

Different clean taste!

We (my daughter and I), tested our tap water, a bottle of spring water and Alka Power with these new drops that change the colour of the water to show their PH level. 50 ml of water and 2 drops of the PH reagent. The tap water and the spring water slowly changed to green, blue colour between a PH level of 7-7.5. As soon as the drops hit the Alka Power water it turned to a bright purple!! Right at the top of the ALKALINE PH level chart of 10. Amazing to see that what the bottle said was true ☺

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Thank you for testing and clarifying our pH level. A lot of people post incorrect readings of our water before contacting us for clarification.Thank you for sharing this.

Very impressed

I find tap water unpalatable & have become extremely weary of drinking mass produced bottled waters like Mount Franklin, fearing bottles may have spent time in heated conditions during transportation & warehousing. A friend at the gym recommended Alka Power to me & I found it smooth, clean & hydrating but also learning that it's not mass produced & in chemical free bottles was a big plus. I wouldn't waste my time with litmus testing as I know it's useless applied to water. For me the proof is in the pudding & I've recommended it to friends & family since discovering it late last year. I've also found it economical, as I buy 5x 1.5L bottles & get one free from About Life. I love it.

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Thank you for your post Amanda. Most people would be unaware that most imported bottled waters can be exposed to high temperatures as you shared. This is not ideal water in PET bottles. It's always best to buy a local brand. Also check the best before date as this will show you when the bottled was produced. Water has a two year shelf life. Thanks again for your post.

PH is definitely not alkaline

I have tested each of the 3 bottles I bought and the PH reading for each bottle is exactly the same as my tap water. Very disappointed. The same test for 1/8 teaspoon bicarb to 200ml tap water shows PH of 9, which is what I expected Alka Power to be. Waste of money.

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Hello Yvonne, make no mention "how" you tested our alkaline water.We get these reviews so many times from people. You must be using litmus paper strips as these do not give an accurate result. Either a digital pH meter or alkaline indicator drops will give the real result. Please email me and I will send you a video as well as our independent test results that show Alka Power to be a pH9-10. Another easy way to test is drink our water which is smooth and then tap water which will taste harder. Please email me on sp@alkapower.com.au In closing we test every bottling run and have samples put away just for these types of reviews you post. I would be happy for you to post the batch date of the bottles you claim the pH is low and send a photo with the pH value which would be as we claim on our bottles. Regards AP

Just a name on a bottle

I was so happy when I spotted the bottle on a shelf, disapointed !! $2.70 for a water I have in my filter jug. This water is not even close to alkaline water pH, I taste it not even pH 6.

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Hi Misia If you are testing with easypH strips or similar you will always get a wrong reading. You must use a digital pH meter or alkaline indicator drops. We test each time we bottle and I can assure you our pH is between 9 to 10. Happy to speak to you about this. Regards Alka Power Australia

Great product

I used to drink Alka Power and really enjoyed it but found it hard to get in my area. Great product and am very happy to have 'rediscovered it'- available in a couple of stores near me. I've always found it really hydrates me - I'm not a big fan of tap water and struggle to get the recommended litres down my neck. I cant speak to the PH balances - I don't carry litmus paper but I'm drinking it now and it tastes fine to me and I feel cleaner for drinking it. Id recommend it.

A Good Water Brand Isn't Afraid Of Being Asked Questions

A good water brand isn't afraid of being asked questions, but "ALKA POWER WATER" does not have a customer phone number and their address provided on the bottle is all illegitimate as seen on google maps, it is hard to determine where exactly this water comes from? Over testing with litmus paper, i have found that it is quite acidic with a PH of 6.1, the water hasn't even reached the global health standard for tap water (PH7.0). It is self proclaimed to be PH9-PH10, as a matter of fact, it is only PH6.1 and does not even meet the standards of normal Generic supermarket spring water! If it indeed makes people better at physical activities, it should be classified as sport/energy drink as sport/energy drinks are usually acidic! For your health, i suggest to you that you should buy some litmus paper and test your own Spring Water, then test it again against the "ALKA POWER WATER", this will give you some reliable results as which one is healthier for you! Water is the source of life, please take care of yourself and watch how healthy the water you are consuming is!

Hi Creepercast. We are very happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Alka Power. On our bottles we have our address and you can also go to our website that has some great information regarding our point of difference. Happy for you to email me regarding any questions you may have as a number of consumers have been satisfied when I explain to them the correct way to test alkaline water. Testing with litmus strips does not give a true reading of our pH value. This is clearly messaged on the packaging. Our office is in the Southern Highlands so please drop in and say hello when Your in the area. It would be great to put the name to the face. Just to let you know that most spring and filtered waters have a pH of around 5+or- So they are very acidic. Yours in health..SPFirstly, i got it professionally tested by my pool man when he came over. He had this electrode thingy, and it registered ph6. Still no where where near your advertised ph9-ph10. Secondly, you lied to me, it does not say anything about litmus paper on the packaging! Not clearly messaged on your packaging.A pool man is not the best way to test a pH above 8. We can assure you that our alkaline spring water has the correct pH of 9-10. That's for sure... One can read more in to your posts.

tasted like tap water

Bought a bottle of ionised Alkapower today at Wray organics...it tasted like tap water compared to the other mineralised natural alkaline waters they stock -Alkalife and Life Energy from Mother Earth ...
I tested the pH with litmus and it was 6.2...acidic which makes sense as it was bottled April 2015 ...I'm wondering so being 16 months in the bottle since original ionisation and bottling...I'm questioning whether it would have maintained its negative charge/higher pH...I plan to further test with a pH meter...and not sure if the plastic bottle is BPA free...wish they'd bottled in glass.

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Hi Alexi. Just wanted to reply to your post. Our bottles have a shelf life of two years. Litmus strips are only designed for saliva and urine testing. We test each bottling run and our pH is between 9-10 our bottles are BPA, BPF and BPS free with up to 50% recycled R-PET. Alka Power has a stable pH as well. Hope this clears your questions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions on sp@alkapower.com.au

Tastes like chemicals..

I usually buy Pureau's water but I decided to give Alka Power a try, who doesn't want more Alkaline products in their lives?! Great marketing with the PH claims.. BUT.. Going from Pureau who claims to be 100% free of Chlorine, Fluoride and other nasty additives, I DEFINITELY noticed the difference. Alka Power claims to be free of these chemicals but it literally tastes just like tap water. Pureau doesn't taste like any chemicals at all. Sounds like a scam to me. Someone should test for chemicals present in this water. Doesn't help that they use plastic bottles.

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Hello Allie. Just want to help with your post. We use the same type of process as Pureau as we use an RO system to take all the nasties out of the water including fluoride. Then we infuse with natural marine based minerals to get our pH. You would certainly taste the difference with Alka Power as its smooth crisp taste. We won't comment on a competitor as this is not our business to do so. We have no chemicals in our water and happy to share our independent tests that we conduct. Please email me and happy to share sp@alkapower.com.au

Life Changing!

I love training but was still feeling dehydrated when I drank other waters. Since I came across Alka Power my hydration levels have improved and I am recovering faster between training sessions. I love that it tastes like normal water even though it is a high ph alkaline water. I encourage anyone who loves exercising to drink this water and feel the difference!!!

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Hello Kristy, thank you for your honest review.. One can really notice the smooth crisp taste of our alkaline water.

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Questions & Answers

Where can we buy as woollies now only getting the pink bottle spring water not the blue lid ionic and Coles never sold it here
1 answer
Hello Janelle, The pink bottle is supporting NBCF the alkaline water is the same as our current clue bottles. Coles ranges Pete Evans alkaline pH10 alkaline water. Trust this clear this up for you.

Where does your water come from Alka Power? Is it Sydney tap and chemical infused? How do you get a high alkaline reading? Is it processed water?? What makes Alka Power water more stable than the rest of the waters on the market...CHEMICAL INFUSED?? Please explain.... As consumers we have the right to know more about where your water comes from and what is in your water.
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Thats funny you still did not answer my question...where is Alka Powers water sourced from?? If its not tap water where is the water sourced from?? Your website does not give away a lot of information about your water. And by the way who ever answered my question above you seem to be a very rude, very arrogant and a very lying person to say you did not delete my question or block me from your Instagram account when I simply asked you one small question "where is Alka Power water sourced from?" This also proves I can not and will not trust anything you try to tell me about Alka Power. If you are capable of lying about not blocking me over one small question you are capable of lying to all your consumers about what is in Alka Power water and where Alka Power water is sourced from. In the mean time I did consult my doctor and asked him about Alkaline water this is what he had to say 1. PURE ALKALINE WATER DOES NOT HARM YOU!! 2. PROCESSED ALKALINE WATER LIKE ALKA POWER WHICH IS PROCESSED ALKALINE DOES HARM YOU!! If you have nothing to hide or lie about Alkapower you should then state it on your website where Alka Power water is sourced from and what cocktail of chemicals are added and processed in your water instead of writing a warning note in your terms and Conditions "Consult your physician before taking prescription medication with alkaline water" ONLY BIG PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANIES WRITE THESE TYPES OF WARNINGS ON THEIR PACKAGING AND WEBSITES WHEN A COCKTAIL OF INGREDIENTS AND CHEMICALS ARE ADDED AND USED IN THEIR PRODUCTS. A COPY AND PASTE OF YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW FROM YOUR WEBSITE JUST IN CASE YOU SAY THIS IS NOT ON YOUR WEBSITE LIKE YOU SAID YOU DID NOT DELETE MY QUESTION OR BLOCK ME FROM YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!! TERMS & CONDITIONS This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before taking prescription medication with alkaline water.Call you? You don't even provide a phone number! I think tasting the water will give you more information than visiting your website! By the grammar and punctuation in your answer Alka Power, i have determined you are not a genuine English speaker! My dad had an acidic gout after drinking your water!No one knows, no phone number and correct address!

I recently bought a 600ml bottle of Alkapower in Maroochydore Qld (July 2016) It has an expiry of 01April 2017 I'm a little confused and could you help me to explain how this water may maintains its original ionic charge for 15 months in storage? .as I thought ionised water had to be drunk fresh many thanks Deb
1 answer
Hi Deb, unlike other alkaline waters Alka Power has a stable pH and active minerals. It keeps its pH for years. We tested a bottle that was over two years old and it still had its original pH value. Other alkaline water have on their labels the pH value at the time of bottling. Hope this answers your question.

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