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Living Water

We have been using Saka Water for years now. It’s amazing. We love it as a family. Thank you

Very Poor Quality

Hi to all who drink this water .i have been drinking this water for the last month and I have found out that each to I drink a cup of saka water it was sending me to toilet.all the time I had a drink of this water .?so I said to my self I am going to stop drinking saka water and go back to the water I normally drink .and I found out it was the saka water is the problem ..the water I went back to didn’t have this problem.....So I am going to report this ..also I going to get this water checked out ...to everybody out there who have the same problem make a review because this water can cause damage to your body ....THIS WATER IS NO GOOD..........

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Firstly we don't have any Gilbert who bought this water for the last month. But whoever you are, Thank You for the great testimonial of how good Saka Water is. You see Gilbert, when we are full of sh_t, good hydration will detox you and will clean out the sh_t out of you. People pay a lot of money for all sort of products, drugs and supplement to get them to the toilet and clean their sh_t up. So it's great to know that Saka Water is also beneficial for that as well. If you had any idea, you'd be giving Saka 5 Stars for that. You should get your self checked up in case you have something going on in your gut as well. Do you mind if we use your testimonial to promote how effective Saka Water is?

I love it!!!!

I love this water. I was buying Essentia but when I stumbled upon this Gem I immediately tried it out now it’s my Go to water. It’s reasonable priced as well!

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Thank You for sharing your love for Saka Water - Cheers to your health

A decent cup of tea

I have read some reviews both negative and positive, however, I purchased the water to make tea as the water from our tap is heavily chlorinated, and I am pleased to say that's it's great for tea.

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Thank you for sharing, can we suggest you also drink it, it is amazing - Cheers

Cured my lpr

I developed Lpr, basically acid reflux leaking into the throat. Apparently the main culprit of this disease is pepsin. The best way to deactivate this pepsin is to drink water with a high alkalinity. I have been drinking Saka for 2 months and my throat is now well on the road to recovery. Great to drink and very reasonable price.

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Thanks for sharing Mike, hopefully, more and more people realise this gift available for us to enjoy. Great to hear you are getting better - Cheers

The ingredients in the bottle indicate that there's fluoride in the water

I just wanted to highlight that the ingredients in the bottle clearly indicate that there's chloride in this water. I don't see anything mentioned about alkaline within the ingredients. To the best of my knowledge ingredients are tell tale indicators of what a product consists of. The labeling of the bottle is tactical regulate metabolism? neutralize acidity? anti oxidants? electrolytes? PH level of 8.22 alkaline? why isn't that corroborated in the ingredients? Just my humble observation I'm trying tobe critical of what I put into my body

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Obviously you need to understand what you are talking about first and we're happy to help you out in this area if you are genuinely interested but making up things that are not true simply does not give you or your knowledge any Justice at all. Firstly, water does not have ingredients. Secondly, Chloride is a healthy essential electrolyte mineral that works with the other electrolytes potassium and sodium to maintain the proper balance of body fluids, as well as their pH balance. Chloride is also an essential component of digestive juices, as it is needed with hydrogen to form stomach hydrochloric acid. Still, the amount of Chloride in Saka is a tiny 1.2 mg/l which is not even worth writing about, but I want to add that to your knowledge. Thirdly and more importantly, we don't have any of the claims you are making on the label eg: regulate metabolism, neutralize acidity, anti oxidants, electrolytes, pH level 8.22 alkaline. the labels clearly states the 8.22pH alkaline, the pH of a water is not an ingredient, the fact it does something like neutralise acidity is not an ingredient. Same with electrolytes, regulate metabolism and anti oxidants, these are not ingredients but benefits of the water. Since you got all this so wrong, we would love to show your geniunity by adjusting the rating to a 5 which what this water deserves especially if you actually tried Saka Water. Your comment makes me question this website and it's processes to verify a real customer for a fake one who is making things up about our label.

This water just tastes beautiful

Such a great tasting water, pure, clear and crisp. I have been drinking this water for quite a while and love it. Don't listen to the bad reviews that some people have been writing on this website. Some people are just so negative they don't have anything positive to say, so they will put a product down. Try for yourself the water and you be the judge, you won't be disappointed

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Thank You very much Luci for your honesty and truth - Cheers to your health :)

great taste

I have tried a lot of different mineral water but Saka is the real deal, tastes fantastic and feels great when you drink it. I won't be drinking any other from now on.

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Thank You very much for sharing Johnny, we appreciate your feedback and happy to hear you are enjoying Saka Water - Cheers :)

Best Tasting Alkaline Water Available in Australia

I care about my health and I was on a Mission to find The Best Tasting and Healthiest Alkaline Water available in Australia. It had to be free from Sodium Fluoride and other impure additives. I also wanted BPA free bottles. After trying a few well known water brands I stumbled upon Saka Water's website. I couldn't find a local place to buy the water so I decided to order a few bottles online. Upon my first taste the conclusion was simple. Saka Water is silky smooth, super hydrating and the Best Tasting water I've ever tried.

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

Divine, pure water

This is the best alkaline water we can get on the market here in Australia. I normally have trouble drinking water unless it has lemon juice in and is ice cold, but i can drink saka straight out of the bottle unrefridgerated without lemon and I love love love the crystal pure taste. I cannot thank this company enough for providing this special, alkaline water, it is my absolute favorite.

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)


Overpriced. Water seems ok. Deffinitely chemicals in the water by the looks of it. But not sure. Seems like they are good at marketing. But who knows.

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Thank You Rick for your review, however, your review makes no sense at all. You say, definitely chemicals in the water and then you say you're not sure?? It sounds like you are competitor or someone who has not researched Saka at all. Saka water is possibly the purest water on the planet, has never had any chemicals whatsoever put into it. One of the benefits of being an imported water is it is constantly scrutinised by customs regularly and if wasn't what it says it is you wouldn't be able to buy it. The state of the art bottling plant monitors and tests the water hundreds of times a week, it also has to go through rigid testing to quality as an exported water by the Government which requires further dependant testing. And to qualify to be labeled as Natural Mineral Water, it also has to go through further scrutiny and testing by The Fresenius Institute. Your average regular brands don't go through any of these, so if you really want the best of the best, this is it. As for pricing, Saka is the cheapest and best value for money water in Australia. Please remember this is not water from the tap like most of the brands you see on the shelves. this is the real thing. Saka is a Natural Mineral Water, although better in taste and alkalinity, it is in the range of Fiji and Evian, compare the prices of them to Saka Water. The price of Saka is even cheaper than a lot of the regular brands that are sourced from the tap. So if you want the Healthiest Best Tasting Water for the best price, there is no comparison to Saka Water. Cheers

All lies

I bought a 20 litres a saka water for $30.00 these bottles of water are a sold in turkey for 0.10cents a bottle but that wasn't my problem. The reason i bought this was because of all the reviews that are on this site which if you ask me are all lies this bottle is not bpa free and when you call the no good liers that sells this to you he will say it's chemically free and bpa, but when you read it for your self it contains all man made chemicals like chlorine and flouride and more they are scammers and the company of which produces the water is called ulker nothing speacial. A rip off don't buy this water and believe a word these scammers tell you. His very good with his words don't believe him one bit

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Mick, Our customers satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Meanwhile in regards to your comments, I am always open to feedback in the spirit of continous improvement and quality. However, in regards to your allegations/accusations about the product, I suggest we let the facts speak for themselves and I am happy to stand corrected if you can present analysis to the contrary. The water is constantly tested at the bottling plant then tested by their government to qualify as an export quality product and then independletly tested by the most respected bodies in the world, SGS and The Fresenius Institute in Germany. The product is also tested by Australian customs for the veracity of the ingredients and analysis or otherwise, it will not be permitted to be sold and in addition to all that, it tested by many health professionals who use and recommend Saka Water. I am available to answer any further questions or if you required a detailed technical write up, please reach out to me. For the benefit of others, you can't even buy the small 330ml bottle for 10 cents in Turkey let alone a 5Lt bottle. The Saka Water bottles ARE ... BPA Free BPS Free BPF Free Pthalaltes Free Plasticisers Free They are collapsible and 100% Recyclable including the cap and label. There is NO Chlorine in Saka Water whatsoever. There is 0.03mg/l of Naturally forming fluoride in Saka water, this is NOT the man made poison that is added to tap water. Australian labelling laws allows bottlers to have up to 0.6mg/l of any kind of fluoride and not be on the label. Ulker is one of the biggest food companies in the world. To all our loyal clients, I want to thank you for your on going support and trust you are enjoying the benefits of Saka Water. keep well Richard Ayoub Saka Water Australia

Why buy bottled water?

I have heard all the hype and know people who drink this and love it... but, why would you drink this water from a bottle when you can buy a mechanical ioniser for around $500 and have water with a high ORP and infused with h2. Mechanical ionisers use tourmaline rocks to enrich the water. Saka water may be awesome drunk straight from the source but if it has a negative ORP at all (I can't find any reference to its ORP) it will be lost in transportation and storage via h2 escaping through the plastic bottle. If you choose to drink bottled water then this one is definately the best. I'm just not a fan yet....

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Jason, Thank You for your review although I feel if you have tried Saka you would have given it 5 stars. You also mentioned that this is definitely the best. I would suggest you research water a little more to understand the very importance of real unprocessed Nature made water first to understand the fuss about Saka. ALL Ionisers, electrical or non electrical operate through tap water, as you know tap water has hundreds of questionable chemicals and contaminants. There are NO filter anywhere in the world that can remove all these these, ALL filters companies strive to make water half as good as Saka or similar. Yes there are benefits in waters with -orp, but this is miniature to the benefits of Nature made and perfected water like Saka Water. What is the use of having -orp when you are still putting 100s of chemicals in your body which will cause long term damage. Saka goes through a lot of rigerous testing during production at the bottling plant, then by their government to qualify as an export quality and then by the Fresenius Institute to quality as a Natural Mineral Water, the hardest testing starts with Australian Customs here and more so by hundreds of health experts and skeptics who have put Saka through all kinds of testing, in 10 years we have never, ever had one person who has not been blown away by Saka water, whether it's the Award Winning taste, the Absorption ability or what ever, Saka is the True Living Water that is a Gift for us to enjoy and carries all it's goodness all the way from the bottling plant until you pee it out. Nothing escapes, it's intention is to heal you and it holds that till then. Don't fall for the over hyped marketing of filter manufacturers. If Saka is not available, sure you need a filter that can be as effective as possible in purifying the water and making it as healthy as possible, no matter what they claim, there is NO filter on the planet that can duplicate Nature, even then these the water from these filters won't have the structure and energy of water that is created by Mother Nature, that is perfected to nurture and heal you. The Power that created you has the power to heal you. Thank You again Cheers Richard Ayoub Saka Water Australia

I can't live without it!

Best water I have ever tried.. been drinking it for about 2 yrs now, I can not get enough, can't live without it

May 30th 2017 Update: Best

Best water on the market, I can't get enough of it, makes you feel amazing.. there is no comparison to other bottled water

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

The Power of Alkaline Water

Saka Water is the best Alkaline Water we can get in the Australia market, it has helped me and my family embark on a healthier lifestyle and understanding that water makes out the most of our body & diet, such a fundamental part of human's life yet we do not think much about it. Bottled water, tap water etc can harm our health. Take action and make the difference starting today, contact Saka Water and get healthier - Be Alkaline and prevent diseases!
Natural, tasty, affordable

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

Perfection In A Bottle

Saka water is amazing, tastes great and is 100% natural & chemical free!! i would highly recommend it to anybody of any age and definitely recommend it more than bottled tap water or filtered water. It improves the look of your skin with its high alkaline goodness from natural springs and overall makes you feel great!!
Taste, no chemicals, hydration, not too expensive, perfect for gym!!

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

Amazingly good tasting water and healthy

If you think water is water then you haven't tasted Saka water. Once i was introduced to the taste I was immediately hooked and then Richard explained all the benefits of the water being a natural alkaline water straight from mother earth into the bottle... oh and of course the bottle is also environmentally friendly and not BPA... 5 stars from me!

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

Awesome as. Yabba Dabba Doo

Awesome tasting water, would strongly recommend to other people. Is so refreshing other water just does not come close enough. It's the first water I choose every time. I'll always remember my first time having some. Went down so well. Saka water has everything going for it, in all the right ways

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)


I am a firm believer in this water and it's exceptional healing properties. As someone with a sensitive stomach and lots of food allergies, I am particularly careful with my water intake. The difference I feel when regularly drinking Saka is amazing - more energy, less pain, and easier food digestion to name a few benefits I notice! The taste is delicious and I look for it wherever I go!
Healthy, delicious, inexpensive, addictive

Can I suggest an alkaline water called Alkapower. pH9-10 which is calcium infused. 100 times more alkaline than most products out there. I was a drinker of another brand and stumbled across alkapower by chance and have not looked back. Hope this helps.Crystal, Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :) Nathan Topping, Alkapower is not in the same league as Saka Water which is Nature made and perfected. Alkapower is processed and bottled from the tap, it will never taste as good as Saka and it will never hydrate or heal you like Saka Water can.

Love saka water! Best water there is

Saka water is the most refreshing and tasty water I have experienced. It is less acidic than other bottled waters and is healthier. I heard about saka water when they sponsored next top model on Facebook. I was fortunate to try saka water and experience the great taste. I'm thankful for saka water.
Healthy and refreshing and economical

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Thank You very much for your review, We really appreciate it - Cheers :)

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Questions & Answers

Hi I love Saka water and was buying it regularly from Tesco in Parkhead Glasgow but they have discontinued it. Is there anywhere else that stocks it near me?
No answers

Is Saka water available in Tasmania? if yes in which locations? Please, Eva
1 answer
Hi Eva, we don’t have a distributor in Tasmania at the moment. But you can order through our website and we’ll deliver to your front door :) We have a couple of customers who order Saka by the pallets, If you send us an email with your contact details, we may be able to put you in touch with one of them. Cheers

Why doesn't SAKA source their water from Australia?
1 answer
Thank You for your question, We compared over 1247 brands of water from Australia and around the world looking for the Healthiest Best Tasting Water on the Planet and that's how we discovered Saka Water. We would love to find water from Australia and we keep searching for anything half as good or close to Saka in terms purity, taste, mineral composition, bottle safety etc. Unfortunately there aren't any like Saka Water. Besides the fake brands made from the tap, most of the other brands here are extremely high in Sodium (not healthy), don't taste nice or bottled in unfriendly biodegradable bottles which are worse off for the environment. This is why our customers say, There's water and there's Saka Water. Cheers


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