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Anaconda Spinifex Freedom Lounge

Anaconda Spinifex Freedom Lounge

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Anaconda Spinifex Chair - ended in disappointment

Received the Anaconda Spinifex Freedom Lounge Chair as a gift. About 18 months after purchase the material pulled away from the stitching and is now unusable. I know that it has a twelve months warranty but this is not a chair that I use often as it is a camp / bbq product .. probably been sat in only 15 time over the last 18 months. Contacted Anaconda at Belrose where it was purchased and explained all this and asked if they could help out with a repair or replacement. Their response ... "No, we don't offer repair. No its outside the warranty and so we will not offer a replacement, especially as it is their own brand and they have no supplier that they can push back on. The reason they have a twelve month warranty is because their own brand products often start to fall apart after 12 months" - well at least he was honest. Next time I will buy a product from someone who stands behind their product not hides behind their warranty

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