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Helinox Chair One

Helinox Chair One

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Excellent company

I love Helinox. Being an avid overnight hiker, I own both a ground chair and a pair of Helinox walking sticks. Given their lightweight status, alongside their ease in terms of packing down to something which is absolutely tiny, they're absolutely great. After an arduous hike with full gear, there's nothing better than having a chair at the end of it, rather than a log or floor.

The thing which spurred me to come onto this site to review is the recent customer service I got from them. My ground chair fitting broke when I was encouraging a friend to sit on it and try it out. I didn't have a receipt, as my first chair was a gift. I contacted Helinox, and told them who gave me the chair and the general time. They responded the next day to say they'd found the information, and that I should send the chair to them (postage already paid), for repair. The chair was repaired in record time, no questions asked. It's so rare to find such a fantastic company, who really believe in customer service and make life easy when something does go wrong. I'd sing Helinox praises over and over. Get one!

Purchased in November 2015.

Helinox Sunset Chair

Having finally bought this chair, the sunset model and have to admit it is far more comfortable than I expected. This along with the lightweight and small carry bag , makes it ideal for storage when away

Helinox Camp Chair

I do quite a bit of voluntary work for BlazeAid. BlazeAid helps farmers following natural disasters i.e fire, flood, hurricanes. Primarily their role is to help farmers rebuild fences to contain livestock. BlazeAid actually goes beyond that and helps to rebuild communities. I also do a lot of camping.

Building fences can be quite arduous and tiring. Whilst working we usually stop for morning tea and lunch. Sometimes the farmers are able to provide facilities for these breaks, other times they can't and these breaks are had out in the paddocks. At 63 years of age, I find nothing worse than having to sit on a log, rock or even the ground, especially when your tired and need a good rest. As I usually go out to the jobs in other than my own vehicle, they amount of gear I can take with me is minimal. I do have chairs I use specifically for camping, these are big, bulky and just not suitable for this type of work. I do usually take a kit bag with me, which contains some safety gear tools and a few other odds and ends. This led me to a search for a very compact chair. I might add also that I'm a big guy, over 120kgs.

Numerous researching on the net, in particular the US and Amazon, lead me to a company called Helinox and in particular the "Chair One". I then learned Helinox had an Australian Website and I began to investigate their products further.

Helinox Products are hi-tech state of the art camping products. They do not come cheap and it's a judgement you will have to make. I read details of all their products and I did learn that although I was looking for a small camp chair, the Camp Chair, slightly bigger than the Chair One, was much easier to get out off. Being a big guy, this was of interest to me, and those of you largish people would understand. Nervously I ordered the Camp Chair.

A few days after ordering, the Camp Chair arrived. I was surprised at the actual size and weight of the chair. The folded up chair in its bag measured 50 x 11 13 cm and weighed only 1288 grams. I might add the chair is rated at, yes, 145kgs. The chair does have to be assembled every time you use it and this was of concern to me, how long would it take and would it be worthwhile? Turns out these were unfounded concerns as the chair was very easy to assemble, and could be assembled in a matter of seconds with a bit of practice. The good news to me also, was that electing to buy the slightly larger chair it still fitted in my kit bag and the bag could be done up.

After using the chair for several weeks at BlazeAid camps recently, I found this chair to be excellent, exceeding my expectations. I would recommend this chair to anyone.
Pros: Super lightweight chair, amazing strength, capable of seating persons up to 145 kgs. Relatively easy to get out of depending on the terrain it is located on.
Cons: Price, Unfound believe that the chair is difficult to assemble.

This review has been written by me and old guy, one could only imaging how good this chair would be for young people, who spend a lot of time out in the bush camping and bushwalking, being such a light weight chair. It would also be excellent for any outdoor entertainment and music festivals.

I am now about the purchase, the Helinox Camp Table, which a can write a review at a later date.

Great Chair

I bought this chair to take on a 3 day hike to the walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania. I bought the low one so we could use it in our tent and it is extremely comfortable and very light at less than 600 gms. Easily one of the best camping accessories I own.
Light, comfortable and easy to carry

Wonderful event/camping chair

Although these portable folding chairs are targeted towards camping, because they are set low to the ground we are using them for outdoor events and concerts.
As my partner and i experience a lot of back pain my biggest concern was comfort. We have found we can sit in these chairs for hours without any back pain.
Weighing in at just 836 grams it is lightweight and folds up into a really small size. It is our first experience with a folding chair and we can assemble and disassemble it in literally a couple of minutes.
Weight capacity is 145 kg.
I purchased 2 chairs online from helinox.com.au/ which offers free Australia Post express shipping. It needs to be free shipping because at $97 this chair is not a cheap option in comparison to other event or camping chairs on the market. It arrived from the Eastern States in a couple of days.
In terms of comfort and portability we think it is worth every cent we paid.
No back pain

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Helinox Chair One
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