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Caribee Crossover Chair

Caribee Crossover Chair

4.2 from 5 reviews

Not for Bunnies

Through all the camping shops, Kmart, Target, Big W, I think I sat in about 40+ chairs. I wanted a chair that supported my back. Most chairs fail in lower back support (they give you a Slouch to sit in). Some chairs shouldn't even be allowed to be sold (a milk crate would be more comfortable). Every one that sits in this chair wants one..

I paid $49 at Big W - forget about all the so called top end camping chairs selling for $120++ to all the Bunnies, this chair is the best I found. I am an avid Camper and value this product for its compact fold up design. Some chairs take up way to much space to be considered practical for travel.

What I cannot believe is Big W don't sell these any more.. Unbelievable Big W.

Pros - Good Lower back support, folds up small and doesn't take up room.
Cons - made of steel (heavy-ish), would be 5 Stars if made of aluminium, Drink holder is average.

Very comfortable

I have not had this chair long, but it is certainly one of the most comfortable chairs I have used. I was a bit disappointed with the weight, but it isn't a deal breaker, I have another that is a flat fold type, that is quite a bit more heavy. The shoulder sling on the bag means carrying it around isn't too much of a chore.
The amount of moving parts is a bit concerning, thus the 4 star rating, but I have a couple of Caribee backpacks and they have lasted very well, so I hope this will last as long as they have. It certainly looks well built.

No nonsense design, comfort and quality

I've had one one these chairs for almost a year. My only regret is that I didn't buy one each for the whole family as at $49 it was, and is, excellent value for money. I haven't seen this model, or brand, at the same store since probably the start of 2014. The best price I've seen (August 2014) is on eBay for $72 and that does not include postage.

IMHO many camping chairs are designed to fail with the legs going through a rubberised 'grommet' sewn into the seat of the chair. This rubber is destined to fail early as it cracks from lateral stresses - even when moderately weighted folks sit on these chairs.

The Caribee Crossover does not have this design aspect as the seat material is separate to the legs. The pivoting and metal of the legs appears to be, and from my experience is, adequately strong and well made. The drawback is that some may find the chair a bit heavy (5.1Kg) to lug any reasonable distance in the understated but rather nice carry bag (which has a material strap for a handle) that comes with it. The chair overall is comfortable with seat material which is of good quality that includes moderate padding. I don't sink down in this model like many other camping chairs. The Caribee Crossover also has a good all round size which provides very good back support. The feature of a bottle/can holder, made from the seat material, I thought was a bonus for the price I paid. I have not had any issue with the feet of the chair - as others here have experienced. I am 6'.0", not particularly wide and between 85 and 90 Kg; so weight distribution on the chair may be the difference between the feet failing or not.

The only real problem I have had is starting the chair to slide for collapsing - this is probably easily fixed with a bit of silicon spray where the plastic meets the metal.
This chair was easily worth more than $50 when I bought it but I see one online store is charging as much as $125!!
If you can pick this chair up for between $70 and $85 I think you will still have gained value for money - but for $49 this was an absolute bargain which is why I have rated it so highly. Greatly recommended.
Solid; well designed and made, good size, very comfortable with more than adequate body and back support
Weightier than elcheapo chairs - so long distance portability may be restricted.

Caribee crossover problem

I have had two of these chairs for about 2.1/2 years, and they have been great.
The only problem has been the rubber(?) tips on the front feet - they have all cracked and are now useless.
The fix is to get rid of the rivet that starts the cracking, bevel-cut the bottom end of the steel leg so that it sits evenly on the bottom of the tip, and smear a thin layer of silicone around the inside of the tip near the top edge before you slide it onto the leg.
Do this before you use the chair as the spare parts are NOT available 10/08/2014 !!
It probably wouldn't hurt to do the same with the rear feet, as they will go too sooner or later.
If you are prepared to do the fix, then I would strongly recommend this chair.
Comfortable. Compact folding design. Strong steel frame (rated 150kg). Solid arms. Spare parts unavailable !!!
Bad foot design - they will crack and fall off if you don't fix it. This one fault makes the chair inferior.

wear and tear

We bought 2 from Big W and were extremely happy with the chairs, the only drawback was that my chair the stitching started to pull and looked like it was ready to break. I didn't worry too much about, but then one of the plastic feet cracked and fell off, all this time my wife's chair is still perfect as the day we bought it.
Very comfortable without becoming uncomfortable after extended seating
Quality of mine left a lot to be desired

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I would like to buy more feet for the caribee crossover chairs. Where can I get them. They must be available to cover warranty problems. (My chairs are past warranty)
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