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Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

3.0 from 30 reviews

Great product

We have been using the Angelcare nappy disposal bin for the last month. It works perfectly, no smell escapes the bin at all. We have used one refill so far and brought the bulk pack of refills to keep the price down. Our ensuite bathroom does not smell of soiled nappies at all. Thank you.

Purchased in March 2019.

Terrible- waste of money!

Complete waste of money, the bin itself doesn't work well as odour escapes and the refills are very expensive. The refills only last a week and a half for newborns so would be much shorter for older babies.
This product was designed to get as much money as possible not on customer satisfaction.

Purchased in January 2019.

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Hi Juliet, I am very sorry this has been your experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our bins and refills. We do test after test to ensure that the smell isn't a factor while in use with the Angelcare refill. Each refill will hold 38 nappies, I can assure you that is was build for a convenient solution for parents. Please call our customer service team on 03 9581 8000 and we will try our very best to assist you.

Great disposal system

The Disposal system is great, there is no mess when using it and there are no yucky smells when opening up the disposal system. However refills can get really expensive. I wish that the refill cartridge was more cost effective, having a baby in the family is already expensive enough!!

Bad design- trap door doesn't work

Bought the deluxe version as I liked the idea of hands free and also liked that the nappies weren't individually bagged so more environmentally friendly. At first this product worked great- kept in the smell and we loved the hands free. after about 2 months the trap door stopped opening when you pushed the pedal, so we had to push the nappies into the bin which was gross, and as the trap door didn't seal properly the bin smelled. We exhchanged for a new one but it had the same problem, again after a few months. The theory is good but it's just badly designed so doesn't work.

Rubbish, expensive.

What a waste of money, the bin it's self doesn't work well and the refills are very expensive. The refills do not last very long. Very disappointed!
Who ever designed this was clearly money focussed sad it has to be at the expense of babies.
Very angry I ever bought any liners to use this.

Doesn't work

I bought this as it appeared environmentally friendly compared to other nappy disposal systems (nappies weren't individually bagged). Good idea, but the mechanism doesn't work. You have to push the nappy all the way into the plastic bag. And the refills are expensive. Just buy a normal pedal bin and empty it daily.

Worst purchase. Threw out day 4

Where do I start! From set up to actual use, this unit fails on all fronts. You have to get your hand right in there to push nappy in, then when taking out the bag you need to get your hand and face right in there... I threw it out when it came time to change the actual disc of bags (so expensive btw)... You need brut strength to open the lid, which I don't have. So i picked it up and put it out for the rubbish man.... Don't buy it. Should be recalled.

Bad design. Not recommended

Have used for 6 months, replaced once due to faulty mechanism. Unfortunately exact same fault on replacement - all the inner workings collapse inwards and need resfitting. Awkward and complicated and inefficient. Pity as such a good concept with terrible design. DO NOT RECCOMEND. I'm afraid Would not buy again.

Not well thought out at all

Positives: Keeps smells in and baby out and looks streamlined and neat

Negatives: needs 2 hands to use: no foot pedal so must open lid then push nappy in with significant force, leading to risk of poo on hands. Still need another bin for tissues/wipes as otherwise waste space and also need to push them down. Seems to fill up quite quickly and changing bag seems gross and cumbersome because of the way the bin has to be flipped open. One cassette lasts under 2 weeks for a one year old, and we were using the bin only for poo nappies.

Would not recommend.

Does exactly what it says

Pretty happy with this. No smell at all and we live in the tropics so that is important. Simple disposal of used nappies/bags. Cassettes aren't cheap but works out about $10/month if ordered online via UK/ebay. I can live with that cost for the convenience. You do have to push the nappy through the door/flap thingy but not the traumatic experience others have made it out to be given most nappies can be wrapped up and closed anyway. I haven't got any poo etc on my hand once yet. Oh, and Dean from Sydney who posted below... There is no foot pedal mate. That might be why you're having trouble using it.

Don't buy

Great idea pity it doesn't work. The pedal/napoy drop disposal part works one in 20 times the rest of the time i have to out my hand in to push the napoy through so defeats the purpose and stinks.
Very dissapointed especially given the price of refills.
Will be buying another brand

Waste of money

Idea is good but to bad it doesn't work. First one I purchased was faulty before I even got to use it. It was swapped over fora new one by the shop and the same thing is broken. The inner dispenser won't open and close how it is meant to and you end up having to stick your hand into the bin to push it through.

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

I bought this second hand. Someone got it as a baby shower gift and never used it so it was brand new. I thought it would be great but it was terrible. The refills are super expensive. It also does not hide the smell. The bin stinks. It's foul. I would never recommend this to anyone. I don't understand why they make these in plastic. The plastic seems to absorb the smell and make it worse. All bins should be metal as far as i'm concerned. It also had nothing to do with the length of time in the bin because it was emptied once a day.

Doesn't hide any odours at all. I felt it actually made everything smell even worse.

Hygenic and smell free bliss

After persevering with nappy bags and a standard flip top bin we caved in and bought an AngelCare nappy bin and have never looked back. The actual bin itself is not very expensive at all - it is the refill cartridges where they make the real $$$ so we just bought the bin from our local BabyBunting then purchase the refills for a much cheaper price off ebay from the UK. Can easily justify spending $ on the refill cartridges as it makes getting rid of nappies hygenic and mess free.
Hygiene and cleanliness
Expense of refill cartridges

Read this before buying!!!

Great idea. Too bad it doesn't work. When you drop nappies inside, the mechanism doesn't stay open long enough for the nappy to drop through. It takes repeated presses of the foot pedal to drop the nappy through. It's not worth the price. I am going to get my money back and buy another brand.
Looks great
Doesn't work!

Can use normal garbage bags too

We like this product overall. We got a second hand one cheap off eBay in good condition. The refills are horribly expensive so we use large garbage bags and that works fine. Need to remember to pull the ends up, twist and knot it THEN open the lid up though. If we remove the lid and open that stinky bag it really does pong the room out. Tie first then open, works fine. Am sure it smelt less when we used the refills but fine for us. You could also put pooey nappies in regular rubbish that's emptied more often and only wee onesin here if it bothered you. We've had the system 17m and it's going strong :-)
Simple to use, can use normal bin liners, narrow and tall so fits into room easily and don't have to bend over too far
Very expensive liner refills

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Thank you for letting us know how to do the refills.

Not a necessary purchase, but nice to have

We bought this as we have a 2 storey house and we didn't want to worry about running dirty nappies downstairs to the bin all the time. It has been great for that reason, s we only emptied it once a week and there was no smell. But as the baby has gotten older and we change him downstairs most of the time I have now started using it for every nappy change and I empty the bin every 2-3 days. It contains all the smell and is very easy to use. It also keeps all the nappies into one bag so contains the smell in our main household bin too. The cartridges are expensive and should be bought in bulk online. Otherwise take tips from other users here and use your own bags. Not a necessary purchase, but it is convenient.
Convenient and keeps smells at bay
Cartridges are expensive

Great idea but refills don't last long enough

Very easy to use, locks away nappy smells very effectively. But cassette refills are expensive and don't last long enough. Made it a very costly thing to have. So instead we still use it but put each nappy in a nappy bag rather than using the refills. But using it this way means it doesn't contain the smells quite as good.
Convenient, tidy, sanitary and smell free
Refills are too small and expensive.

Excellent. Haven't had any problems.

We would be so lost without the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System. Our friends recommended it to us, and now we recommend it to everyone. My mother-in-law has even brought a few as baby shower gifts for people. Yes, it does take some getting used to - finding how to open the lid to change the cartridge, etc, but once you know how, it is so simple and easy to use.
Everything - no smell, easy to change cartridges, easy to empty, no mess.
Refill cartridges are expensive, but if you can afford it - buy in bulk direct from Angelcare

I just love the angelcare nappy bin it works so well and I use my own bags. I keep a old cartridge to pin my own bin liner down by sliding the bin liner through the old cartridge and wrapping the top opening around the cartridge to hold it in place. It only takes a few seconds How did you manage to open the lid to replace the cartridge? I am struggling to do that. too stiff, i dont want to break it

You can use any bin liner!

After using the Tommy tipee sagenic nappy disposal system for a few months I got frustrated paying $70 a month on bin liner cartridges so I went out on a hunt for a better deal I came across the angelcare system and having a look at it I noticed I could use my own bin liner and at the price of $39.95 I thought it was a bargain a purchased it straight away I got home so excited to see of I could use my own liner so I slid my bin liner through the cartridge and wrapped the opening around the cartridge to keep it in place then placed it inside the system it works a treat and it doesn't affect the functionality of the system at all. I use large scented bin liners. I don't have any issue with smell
using any bin liners makes it affordable. no smell quick amd.easy to use

Hi there. So which bin liner did you end up using at home? Any size in particular? purchased from any particular store? A brand name and size would be good please. V. grateful.i use multix large size with handelsthank you thank you thank you

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Questions & Answers

We have an Angelcare Deluxe nappy bin that is malfunctioning such that the internal mechanism (that prevents odour escape) isn’t working. I think it’s been discontinued, but is there anywhere it could be replaced or repaired?
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Can you help!!? Was emptying bins whilst cleaning a new clients house & not knowing how tommee tippee bin operates stupidly pulled the whole bin liner out !!!! Ooooops , how can i put all that liner back in catridge????? Does this mean ive got to buy a whole new catridge?help!!
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I need a nappy bin mainly because we have a swing lid bin in the bathroom for nappies but my baby has taken a liking to the lid and we can't keep him out of it. We need a bin that keeps him away from nappies is it good for this?
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Hi joy.potter.524, The Angelcare AC910 Deluxe Nappy Disposal system has a hands free lid, and a separate internal closure system, so even if he manages to open the bin lid, we won;t be able to access the nappies inside.

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