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Antler Juno 2

Antler Juno 2

Cabin, Large and Medium
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Poor Quality

First use, found the name tag had been torn when collecting it at Melbourne airport.
On the return journey, shockingly found one of the dual wheels was broken off and missing, front part of the body dinted which cause one of zip handle latch was sprung open from the the lock.
I am totally disssapointed with the quality and durability of Antler Luggage considering it's brand new luggage.

Sturdy case that's also fun!

I wanted something that would be recognisable in the airport, not the usual boring things, and also needed it to be super sturdy as I was doing a big trip around Africa, so safety and durability were key.
Antler provided both of these to me in the Juno suitcase!

They are hard suitcases but with enough give that I could really squeeze in all those extra clothes! The suitcase did come home a little scuffed but the bottles of wine were unscathed so that was the main thing! The lock was also great and I wasn't worried about it at all.

I chose a less overt navy blue, but all the colours are really fun and I also went back to buy a medium sized one in a brighter colour for shorter/domestic trips.

Really recommend, but would suggest waiting until they're on sale, as the are every couple of months.

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