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ANZ Landlord Insurance

ANZ Landlord Insurance

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Disorganized, unresponsive, no accountability

We had terrible experience with ANZ insurance. Claiming process is incredibly difficult. We've lodge a claim for rent default half a year ago and to this date, there is no progress on it.
We then cancelled all our insurance policy. And guess what, they didn't pro rate the fee. The fee we received as refund is a lot less than expected. Our request for explanation yielded nothing.
Their call centre is useless. No one knows what they're doing. Every week we call for an update and every time no one knows what's happening with our claims. No one wants to be accountable and take ownership.

Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

ANZ have changed their excess from $250 to 2 weeks rent. Check your policy

Takes 5 weeks for them to respond to a claim, only to be denied a payment when one is due.
Wrongly assesses claims.
Changes it's policy so that it isn't worth having- if you are earning $1500 in rent- they deduct $3000 effectively as the excess (2 weeks rent)- thats an increase in charges by more than 10 times what was in my contract when I signed up originally.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim DateMarch 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

ANZ refused to renew our policy simply because we made too many claims!

After with them for more than 10 years, ANZ emailed to say they would not renew our policy because we made too many claims. Ridiculous!

Insurance claim madeYes

ANZ (QBE) Home Insurance - think twice

The old adage around insurance companies that ‘they are quick to take your money but not so when it comes time for a claim’ holds true here. Our story is lengthy but to try and summarise I’ll stick to the pertinent points. We woke up one morning this week and noticed the power had gone out. After turning everything back on we turned on the Gas Ducted heating, but to no avail (another small appliance also suffered the same fate). Given how cold it is in Melbourne at the moment we quickly got a technician in who advised our heating unit had to be replaced. To validate this, we got in another technician for a second opinion (we paid call out fees for both). The second technician validated the issue and hence we started the claims process. We submitted our technician report to ANZ / QBE claims department and asked for an expedited review given the drop in temperatures that were imminent and that the fact that we had no heating. So, the claims department wanted to send their own technician to inspect and review the situation. They were kind enough to expedite the process as it would normally take 24-48 hours to get someone out. We had the ANZ / QBE technician out for assessment first thing the next morning which was greatly appreciated. After chasing up the results/next steps that night when I got home from work, the call centre advised his report validated everything we had been told and his recommendation was to proceed with the claim, and the report also mentioned that the quote we received and were claiming for was both fair and reasonable and that they could not do it any cheaper. So, it was over to the claims officer to advise. I didn’t get a call first thing in the morning, it ended up being Friday afternoon before I received the call. The claims officer despite all the reports and details being in our favour advised that she would be requiring a letter from our utilities company. I was not happy at this point to receive this request so late in the piece, it should have been one of the first things they requested instead sending out technicians and having multiple calls with them which are all time-consuming activities. I am flat out at work so got the wife to call the utilities company and request the letter. To that end she was advised that they do not provide such letters and would not be providing one for us in this situation. No exceptions. So there ends our claim, with a provision we simply cannot meet and a family that has been left freezing for a whole week. So, would I recommend ANZ / QBE as insurers? Absolutely not!!!! I urge those of you with policies with this unfortunate mob to review the fine print and potentially even seek advice from people/professionals in the industry (insurance brokers). We will be changing our insurer with no hesitation and hope that this review makes others think twice before choosing ANZ / QBE as their insurer.

Insurance claim madeYes

I’ll always insure with ANZ

ANZ insurance were
Efficient and organised, I reversed in my garage door!!!! Rang them that day and got the ball rolling. Received a cheque in the mail to pay garage door business, all good!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Avoid ANZ / QBE like the plague!

They will use the fine print to get out of everything! Their standard cover includes only useless things like tsunami (property nowhere near the coast!). Then for realistic claims "oh that was accidental damage, you're not covered for that". "Oh we determined those burn marks were caused by charring, not flame, you're not covered for that". Totally dishonest and a waste of your money.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst experience ever

All emails were "urgent matter"... Once they got all documents, it is not urgent matter any more. After two months still waiting for resolution. Seems to me we will meet in QCAT

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst Insurer I have ever dealt with, ANZ should be ashamed of the product they pass onto customers.

Claimed for some flooring to be replaced six months ago, small job could do it myself in one day, ( Bambooflooring due water damage ).
First quote Was so excessive they wanted to replace half the house. Second quote also way above my simple claim, Third quote accepted and was advised that the job had been completed in fact the job hadn’t even been started. Skip ahead 4 months, job still not done and QBE is ringing me asking if the job had been done yet? Without going on, QBE are pathetic, no communication, poor service. Rang Insurance Ombudsman and advised ANZ and QBE and they giggled, says it all really. Just rang ANZ and cancelled policy after 7 years as I could not get through to QBE... shop elsewhere as they offer the worst insurance product I have ever in good faith paid for.

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlord insurance with ANZ/QBE - Avoid.

I had Landlord insurance with ANZ/QBE for many years, and when I had a bad tenant who effectively vandalised the house resulting in approximately $40,000 of damage, in addition to receiving no rent for several months ($10000), while going through the legal process of evicting the tenant. My first ever claim with ANZ/QBE has been extremely disappointing. While you may think you are getting an empathic hearing from the call centre and the assessor who arrives to evaluate the claim, the reality is completely different. In my case, I went through the house with the assessor and the property agent, photographs were taken by the assessor and the agent of the damage, and the assessor was agreeing with our comments that nearly all the damage would be regarded as malicious damage, eg. not one door left intact, walls smashed in, all light fittings destroyed, every window smashed, all flyscreens thrown away, a six month old glass cooktop and oven smashed, floor tiles smashed, carpets ruined by having three large dogs in the house. The end result from my claim - $11000 less $250 excess for malicious damage, all the other damage was regarded as fair wear and tear. I also received $4500 for loss of rent. Even though I argued against the assessment, I eventually accepted the claim as the house interior was being exposed to the elements and further delays would cost me more in repairs. I had been with ANZ/QBE for over 20+ years and my last annual premium was $1620, Loyalty obviously means zero, and unfortunately you never know what your Landlord Insurance will cover until you actually make a claim. BEWARE.

Insurance claim madeYes

Fantastic insurance and everything is covered

I got landlord insurance through ANZ at the start of the year and it has been amazing. Whenever I have a question they are always happy to help me. Would recommend ANZ to everyone.

Insurance claim madeNo

The worst Landlords insurer is ANZ, and QBE which is the assessor

Claim denied when my tenants damaged my carpets, broke the side gates, shower heads and ANZ rejected claim. The QBE assessor stated it was not malicious damage. My house was 5 years of age at the time. I am now lodging complaint with Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
Do your self a favour and at least lodge case with FOS. Hate ANZ for the way they have behaved, and poor service received to date. Just pathetic. i will be changing providers for landlords insurance. Essentially I've paid for 6 years for nil service, and cover. My tenants were evicted, and prevented access to my home, hence discovered damaged carpets. Replaced at my cost.

Insurance claim madeYes

Anz Landlord insurance claim

Do yourself a favour and stay CLEAR from this insurance company. It's been 4 monthes and still getting thrown backwards and forwards between disgusting service from the contractors in Australia looking after the claim and the overseas office of the Anz insurance company . Absolutely mentally tiring hearing one thing from one then another from the other that has no clue what's going on.

Insurance claim madeYes

Bad bad bad

Don't use.
Be warned.
They will use anything to get out of paying you.
Every claim is refused to start with you will have to deal with overseas people to try and claim.

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlord insurance

Just had a tenant die in our unit.
Bloodgened our carpet & was not found for 6 days very bad odour in unit Notified ANZ/QBE insurance sent assesor out he recommended replacing carpet & curtain & taken photos to prove damage.
Notified will not be covered.
Eight years with no claim.
Disgusted stay away with this insurance company & re looking at changing banks. I even sent email to complain to ANZ email said someone will
contact me in 48 hrs. That was 7 days ago.

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlord Insurance Claim Cairns Property

Don't use ANZ/QBE Insurance, they are incompetent & useless. I finally received a letter of refusal this week after 3 months & no rent since 4 September. Their letter says they will cover "resultant damage". I've been trying to find out how I claim this "resultant damage" since last week without any luck. These people only care about their own business, everyone else can go broke for all they care. Obviously providing bad customer service is the best way for ANZ/QBE to make money, they only pay up in major events when the media puts the pressure on them. I pay over $4,500 per annum on this property alone & would not make a claim for laundry water damage if I didn't think it was an "insurable event". Would you believe they have had three inspections with my property manager & completed a number of reports over the 3 month period, all for a claim that's worth about $15,000 at most.

Insurance claim madeYes

Dont go through them , its a waste of time and money

They love to put you on hold for hours when making a claim . Then take as long as possible to get the job done . i ended up doing it my self and cancel my insurance . it was at that moment they sent me a cheque for a local contractor who they got a repair est done . I Could not use that cheque so i sent it back to them . They sent me Another one after i gave them the recept for the sheets of fence . In the end The whole Drama i had with them wasent worth it , im just thankful that my house did'nt burn down while going through them !

Insurance claim madeYes

BAD services

Worst customer service, and serviceability. Useless when you are making a claim. One claim took them 50days to process, it will be a lot longer if I didn't chase them. At the end, I still need to pay for all the damages.

Insurance claim madeYes

ANZ Landlord Insurance

Been 6 weeks since I lodged a claim for storm damage to a shed, 4 phone calls, 3 online requests, claim lost 2 times, still no response, still no action but have receive a renewal which has gone up $20 per month. Very poor customer service.

Insurance claim madeYes

ANZ Landlords Insurance Claim Process is Terrible

Assessor came on 15/09/2011. It is now 19/10/2011 and the claim is still not settled. ANZ are underwritten by QBE and the assessor is in Melbourne (we are in Perth). He does not answer his phone or emails. When you contact ANZ to complain, they tell you to email escalations@qbe.com.au. The insurance is with ANZ so why won't THEY chase up QBE. We still don't know how much the excess will be or what the total amount of the claim is. Useless Useless Useless. If you currently have ANZ landlords insurance I would be re-thinking it. We are taking our 5 ANZ policies elsewhere.
Nothing, the claim has been a nightmare from the first moment we contacted them.
Everything, communication and followup is non-existent.

24hour 7day emergency Assistance ? Not!

My tenant phoned me on a Friday evening @ 7pm. Hot water system not working. Been playing up for a few weeks anyway she said (but never reported it to me before!). I phoned the ANZ landlord insurance 24hr 7day emergency helpline. I eventually got to speak with a lady who immediately told me that if the unit was old or water damaged, then my policy wouldn't cover it. What?! I hadn't even given her my policy number at this stage! As my call was about an "emergency" I asked her if she could give me phone numbers to contact a plumber to have a look at the unit. Nope. They don't have that sort of support system. She only logs my complaint and I would be contacted by someone from QBE on Monday. Meanwhile my tenant had no hot water (and its Winter in Perth!).

No assistance whatsoever.

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