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ANZ Travel Card

ANZ Travel Card

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Do NOT get this card.....Zero stars

I had been using this card for a while until my card expired. From then on I had nothing but aggravation and total customer care incompetence trying to get a new one and transfer the balance across. Nobody knew what to do. Travel card never called me back when they promised or kept me on hold for ages. In the end they told me I had to empty the card balance back into my account costing me a lot of money in exchange fees. It turns out I didn’t have to but they had already done it. Totally unprofessional and incompetent.

CurrencyAUD and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Worked every time

I was very hesitant about using this card, after reading the reviews it scared me. However the only time it let me down was when I entered an incorrect pin. I went out of my way to test the card. I would find the smallest retailer in a market and make a purchase to see if the card worked, and it did every time.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

3 days for funds to appear on card

The documentation says it can take UP to 2 days using BPAY to transfer money to the card. Each time it took 3 days which caused us grief. When it is deducted from your account IMMEDIATELY why then does it take 3 days to get to the travel card?

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

I will give 0 if it was possible

I will give 0 if possible. I made one for my daughter who went overseas for a school trip. The card didn't work and ANZ wouldn't talk to me because I am not the card owner. My daughter is 16 years old not even an adult yet. She couldn't use the fund till she came back. This card has given us nothing but a headache. I can't believe they are allowed to do this.

Terrible experience

My son went to US from school , worked for few days then it declined even though he had more than 70% money, As a parent I called anz to find out is the issue is technical or any password, but they said because of Privacy issue they can't tell anything.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Do not use!

If you want to purchase a card so you can pay for things whilst you are on holidays anywhere in Australia or Overseas I would recommend using a Westpac Global Card since it is more secure and you don't need to worry about being scammed also there is no fees whatsoever.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Very frustrating

Two week holiday in New Zealand.
No difficulty with acceptance of card or finding atms for withdrawals.
Huge problem topping up the card. It took 3 working days for the online account to show an injection of funds. 3 working days for that money to be accessible. Friends with travel cards with other banks could access their money immediately after online top-up. I don’t understand the delay when I simply transferred money between ANZ accounts.

Terrible funds transfer

When my funds got low in Europe it took 3 days for my card to be topped up, meaning I could not eat, drink or pay for accommodation. But that’s fine cause those clearly aren’t necessities. Calling ANZ assistance was also useless as the calls took so long my sim ran out of money, which I then could not top up because my card would not work. Great! No money and no data, thanks ANZ! If it weren’t for my friends, ANZ would have granted me the great character building exercise of being homeless in Scandinavia in the middle of winter. Not quite what I signed up for but I guess they do like to go above and beyond.

Do not put yourself through the stress

App is rubbish and locks you out very quickly and then when you call number listed in card the service is awful. Waited 30 minutes on hold. No online support-at all. Phone support ZERO. Use any other card but this.

Slow fund transfer

Shocking show transfer of funds and ANZ staff were 0 help was stuck in Europe without being able to transfer money across and there was nothing they did to rectify the situation.

Don't use

This was shocking to use right from the start. ANZ staff were useless and couldn't even activate it properly. They told me they had loaded on the funds but hadn't so I was stuck in Europe without being able to access my money. Do not get - it is not user friendly and was a huge pain

Good foreign exchange rates

The card was accepted in Europe. It was easy for me to manage my card and balances whilst overseas. Customer service at my local bank was excellent in applying for a travel and credit card. ANZ also offer good foreign exchange rates.

It worked!

Travelled to Japan for two weeks and had absolutely no issue withdrawing cash or using credit function. I had money left on it when I returned to Australia and have been using it on a daily basis for grocery shopping. I was concerned when I read other reviews but it worked everytime.

Worst card ever

Travelled to USA and Canada. Within a few days card would not work, transactions declining continuously. Phoned reverse charge number and then had to pay $220 to hotel for call, so much for reverse charge ANZ! Backup card continued to decline, could not use it for transactions or get any cash out. A terrible experience. Had to use my ANZ visa card as instructed by ANZ due to cards not working. Informed all charges would be reversed when arrive home. Well now ANZ won't reverse $1400 in fees and charges (away for 3 months). Also found fraudulent transactions on travel card that were never made. Now also informed that these will not be reversed as apparently I used my pin with a card that would not work. Customer service does not exist, dreadful trying to make contact when overseas, contact made via their international e-mail (kept a copy) and told they never received it. Appalling that you have money in a travel card to use and you can't access your own money. Travel card web site is almost impossible to get onto also to check balance etc. PLEASE don't put yourself through this, ANZ are terrible to deal with. After being a customer for years decision now is to withdraw all our account etc with ANZ and Ombudsman currently looking at situation.

Wish I had read all the bad reviews before I got one!

The card was nothing but trouble whilst travelling in Europe. It would not work correctly and I had to keep calling Customer Service about it. They had no idea why and were absolutely hopeless. We ended up using cash instead as we couldn't rely on the card at all. Don't purchase one - I wish we hadn't & we're out of pocket now because of all the problems we had.

So easy to use

Got the travel card from my local branch of ANZ for travel to the UK. It was really easy to set up and load. The website was easy to log in and keep track of transactions and balances and you can set your own pin. So easy to use in the UK for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. Loved the idea of the back up card for just in case. On return to Oz it was easy to do a wallet to wallet transfer from pounds sterling to Aussie dollars and continue to use until card empty. Ready to reload for the next trip wherever that may be. Can’t comment on customer service as there were no issues to resolve but I would certainly recommend it.

Dont rely on it to work!

Only works in some banks.. Constantly gets refused in south America. Comes up as stolen on the sellers machine, have to convince them not to call the police and escort me to the nearest bank. Called anz and was told "its not a problem from our side as far as we can see, there is nothing we can do".

Slow transfer of funds to the card

Obtained the card to travel to the Uk. Transfer of funds is disgustingly slow transferred 2 lots of money to the card one 4 days ago the other 2 days ago. Neither has appeared on the travel card. I have reverted back to a normal visa. Wife has a Westpac Card transfer on Westpac is immediate.

Worked in India. Didn't work in Vietnam. Support was 100% useless / nonexistent.

Totally unable to access any of my money in Vietnam from any bank. The advertised ANZ bank in HCMC doesn't exist any more. I called Australian support from Vietnam to sort it out and also sent multiple email messages to the ANZ secure mail because there is no support online available for travelcards. First ones were totally ignored. Phone call cut out because I had very little credit (that comes from not being able to access my travelcard money...). Didn't email me back.
Eventual email support replied but ignored my problem - just accepted my travel plans.
Emailed them again and they said they can't help. They gave me a BROKEN URL to contact. WTH!

Whatever you do, DO NOT GET THIS CARD!

Easy to use

Recently went on a 10day trip around Singapore and used this style of travel card for the first time.
Obtaining it from ANZ was quite simple, it even includes a back up card.
It was so easy and convenient with plenty of ATMs that accept it if cash is needed and ATM fees are not much different to back here in Australia. We used it as a general eftpos card and just selected SGD upon payment and no fees were incurred and it was never declined.
We had previously loaded it with Singapore dollars and with the login details was quite easy to keep track of transactions.
One thing to note is that money can take up to 4 days to transfer to the account so be aware of your balance so you are not left without funds.
Will definitely use it again on our next travels.

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