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Apple Macbook 12-inch

Apple Macbook 12-inch

2017, 2015 Early and 2016 Early
3.5 from 8 reviews

Good product but buy a Macbook Air or Pro instead

The macbook is super portable but I honestly can't imagine anyone would be bothered by the small size difference between this and the Air. Others have mentioned the weight difference but it's only 300g lighter than the Air, maybe this is important to you but for most consumers I don't think it will matter much.

The macbook will give the dreaded spinning wheel more often than other Apple laptops and I think you will end up upgrading your macbook much earlier than a macbook pro and a little earlier than an Air. So in the long run I'm not convinced the Macbook will be the best value.

Purchased in April 2016.

Just bad

It's generally ok with browsing the web, loading documents and slight multitasking (As any computer should be able to do in 2018) But oh boy, if you throw a simple CPU intensive task like a web browser game then prepare for burnt thighs. Keyboard is alright, I generally make more accidentally presses on this compared to any other keyboard because of the small travel between keys. Mine makes a knocking noise also when shaken side to side which is odd for a company like Apple.

-Weak Performance (3D, 2D and other software)
-Average keyboard (Annoying small travel)
- Great Display
-Knocking noise....?

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Little frustrating but I love it

I have 3 Macs and I converted to Mac 3 years ago. My latest Mac is the Apple Macbook 12-inch. Light and thin I wanted this just to take with me when I travel. But it now comes with just one port. A USB-C Port. You get a power point charger but it plugs into this one and only port on the side of the Mac. What if you want to plug in an another device? USB, HDMI, etc. You have to carry around a large adapter. One extra USB port would have made this perfect. I think Mac people are a special breed, we overlook anything issue just to have a Mac product. I knew this would be a problem, but I still bought the Apple Macbook 12-inch.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

I love this beautiful and light computer!

Amazing. Went from the air to MacBook. Worried the screen might be to small but it's fine. The weight makes so much difference. It is excellent. and the keypad and mouse pad are excellent. The USBC sucks though!
I can't put a usb or project or anything - bought an adapter online for $10 just waiting for it to arrive. Make sure you get a case to protect it from scratches to. I got the space grey colour and its actually really nice! BEST COMPUTER EVER!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

I would rate 2 stars out of 5

Well, like any apple product you get the backing of their good company and reputation, you also get to live in the world of the mac.
Some things I don't like about this model are that on no other apple product, can you press down on the keyboard and have the thing "dip" in like a plastic laptop would. Also happens with the top speaker grille.
The notebook also can "flex' like a plastic laptop if you hold one part of the laptop on the left, and right and push the left down and pull the right side up with your hand. This makes the $2,000 plus computer feel poorly built. No other mac does this.

The computer also gets very warm and speed/power throttles right down.
USB c charger has no light on it, no way to tell when it is charged at all especially when its turned off. You just have to guess for $2,000 spent on a laptop, I don't like guessing if it's fully charged.
Charging is also slow.

However laptop looks very nice, is backed by a good company, and performance is pretty fine too. If you have the money to blow on a low spec laptop, that could be so much more, but want to have the newest, stylish apple product like me, go for it.

For the normal user I would skip this computer. Macbook air 13 inch would be a lot better for you. Also cheaper too.

Awesome road warrior laptop if you understand what you are buying.


I purchased the 1.3 GHz Core-M MacBook late last year and can I tell you, it is a thing of engineering excellence. I bought it as a supercharged replacement for my iPad Air 1st gen and what a good decision that was.

Good points:
1. The design is incredible - I have never owned such a beautiful laptop computer.
2. The lack of ports does not bother me in the slightest.
3. It is sufficiently powerful enough to do all of those things we all do every day - perfect for my uni studies on the train.
4. Completely fan-less and lightweight (less then a kilo)
5. Retina screen looks amazing.
6. OS X El Capitan is a more polished looking OS compared to Windows 10.
7. iOS continuity and hand-off features are awesome when paired with an iPhone.
8. The keyboard design is remarkably shallow but still feels good once you get used to it.

Things to consider:
1. It is not a multitasking workstation beast. It is designed a highly mobile Web, Word, OneNote and email experience . I can run VMware Fusion on it for one Windows 7 virtual machine only and that is pushing the limits. I have my i7 iMac to do heavy lifting at home so I am not bothered.
2. It is not a gaming machine. Don't even bother. Apparently it can run Civilization V reasonably well - which would be the only game I would play anyway.
3. If the lack of ports worries you, don't buy it. Or buy a USB Type-C adapter. USB Type-C is an open standard - don't bother paying a $129 premium for an Apple branded product. I find the lack of ports a non-issue in the mobile cloud world. Pair it to an iPhone hot-spot for Internet on the go!
4. You are paying a premium for the design - particularly if you buy a brand new one.
5. 8 hour batter life is not really on par with 12 hours+ for iPad or MacBook Air.

So, do your homework before buying one. It is a perfect second, high mobility machine. I much prefer this over my old iPad particularly if you enjoy this OS X experience. This is a full blown computer that weighs as much as a 12 inch tablet with case. Consider your use cases and whether you are prepared to trade horsepower for mobility, retina screen and a classy design. To be honest, if the MacBook Air 13 inch had a Retina screen I possibly would have thought twice. Still a 5 star product.

The Skylake update to this product will be good. More battery life and better graphics performance. Perhaps wait for that update before buying :-)

It's Nice And All But Why Pay More For Less.

Ok, so the Macbook 12 inch was all about the thinnest, lightest macbook ever and it does this - it has the design, style and panache of an Apple flagship product. The screen is beautiful, the keyboard, quirky but nice, the trackpad is excellent. If you are looking for a truly portable macbook that is a joy to use - this is it. Almost.

My previous laptop was the 13 inch macbook air and you know what? If Apple had just taken the macbook air and upgraded the screen to full hd resolution that would have been the perfect Apple macbook. The compromises that they had to make to make the macbook 12 inch *so* thin are starting to grate.

I rarely use the usb port but when I do I prefer not having to unplug the power cord and occasionally I want to plug into an external screen - I fail to see why the adaptor costs $129.

So yeah I have to agree with the rest of the tech press when they point out that this macbook could do with at least a separate power port and usb port or may be two usb-c ports.

When Apple upgrade the macbook air - I am going to get one of them.

The best ultralight notebook ever, and it's gorgeous! To see it is to want it...

My last review was on the Macbook Air, which was a lovely machine. However half a glass of pinot grigio on the keyboard did not agree with it and it stopped working. A trip to Apple and a quote of $3500 to replace the wine-soaked components persuaded me to buy a new Macbook - I was leaving for an overseas trip the next week and I needed to take a laptop.

So I bought a gold Macbook Air. It took a while to get used to the (quite noisy) keyboard which has very flat keys, but (like all Macs) it was easy to set up and I took it with me. It is very, very thin and very, very light. When I took it out to show some friends a short movie there were gasps at its diminutive size and beautiful lines. It is certainly easy on the eye...

The display is astonishing, the battery life 8-9 hours (a working day) or longer and it runs all the software you can poke a stick at - including (with Parallels and MS Windows 10) any Windows programs you might need. I use the Mac version of Office (Apple's Pages and Numbers don't cut it any more for serious work after they ripped features out to make it compatible across Mac, iOS and web versions) which works well on El Capitan after a few updates from both Apple ad Microsoft to fix various problems at launch.

There is only one port, which some people find annoying, but I bought a couple of Apple adapters which I keep in my case for the rare occasion when I need to hook up to a projector (HDMI) or attach a USB device. In practice its not an issue for me and deleting the ports allowed Apple to make the Macbook incredibly thin and light.

The keyboard is backlit which makes it easier to type in poor light and the sound is excellent. The trackpad is big, with lots of great multi-touch gestures (scrolling up and down with two fingers is something you can't live without once you have used it).

Unless you put Windows on it you won't need antivirus, which saves both $$ and the performance drain which comes with most antivirus products.

Once again, Apple shows the IT industry how it should be done. It is no surprise that the Macbook is selling like hotcakes.

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