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APSS (Australia Post Superannuation Scheme)

APSS (Australia Post Superannuation Scheme)

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Lodged My Super Claim 3 weeks ago.I was sent Letter to say it was All Processed into my Bank Account.No Money Received into my Account now I have to wait for them to Investigate where it went.Everday they say they are working on it so Stressful and no Recourse.

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Hi Susie Can you please email your query to sr@apss.com.au and I will make sure your payment is tracked down urgently. Thanks Catherine

Great super since inception

Joined Apss in 1990 and retired in 2011 and transferred into pension scheme had good returns in both, Any enquirery was deat with in a timely manner and I have found staff helpful and knowledgeable and always did what they said they would do.

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Hey Anthony, Thanks for taking that time to share your experience with us, it's great to hear. We hope you're having a wondering time with your retirement ^_^ ~Sami

A Staff with Excellent Customer Service.

After numerous phone calls and talking to 4 different APSS staff trying to get them to fax a copy of a document to my tax agent which I needed to lodge my tax return because the one they sent me by post was lost in the mail, there was only one person who went out of his way to help me, and his name is Soma. Thank you so much Soma for all your help... you really made my day because I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to lodge my Income Tax Return before I go away, but now I am so relieved that my tax agent has advised me that he has just submitted my Tax Return. If it wasn’t for you I would have given APSS a rating of 1 star. Your customer service is excellent....a person with your attitude would go along way in his/her career.

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Hi Beth, I'm so glad to hear Soma was able to get this sorted out for you and you can now enjoy your time away - thank you for sharing! Roxy

Disgraceful service

Dealing with my deceased mothers affairs I lodged all required documentaion via express post on the 22nd of Feb with APSS and after numerous follow ups on my end, we are yet to have this straight fwd matter finaliased

Hi BelMcG, No one should have to go through such undue stress at what would be an incredibly difficult time for you, and I apologise that this occurred. I appreciate you reaching out here and sharing your thoughts and strongly urge you to contact the APSS team on 1300 360 373 as only they have access to the systems needed to resolve this. RoxyNot likely...I have made contact via this number countless times...I am honestly at my wits end. Nobody should be treated like this ..it is not acceptable and it is honestly the most appalling customer service I have received in my life.

So unhelpful

Have called 3 times to inquiry about the status of a claim, no one is ever in the claims centre and I am yet to receive a call back.

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Hi Big T, How frustrating! Have you been able to get through yet? Can you please confirm the number you're calling and the time so I can check its all correct? Roxy

No response to request

I need a copy of my balance for Centrelink so I can draw the aged pension . A simple strait forward request you would think . I'm still waiting . When I ring I am told you should have it by now . Well guess what ? I haven't . Emails never answered . Deplorable customer service .

Hi John, I'm sorry this hasn't arrived to you yet. I'd encourage contacting APSS call centre on 1300 360 373 again so they can look into it - I'm afraid I don't have access to their systems here. RoxySince my last post thanks to the girls at A.P. everything has been sorted . A big thanks to Roxy and Catherine for their help . 5 stars .

Terrible and useless customer service; limited investment option

When you request information on the phone, they have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
I was trying to withdraw funds from my account since I am over 65.
They tried to argue with me that I cannot because I am still working.
Finally they agreed and send me the form (since they are not available online). They sent me the wrong form and I tried to ring and went through the same thing- have to tell them again I can withdraw my fund because I am over 65!
Let's hope I get the correct form this time.

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Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. If you need further assistance, the best thing is to call the APSS call centre on 1300 360 373. Roxy

change asap

I unfortunately had dealings with them. I wish I didn't. They will spend more on fighting you to set an example so others don't claim. I was retired hurt at work and got zero. My tpd money kept by them. Peanuts for such large organisation a lot for a family with little kids. Nasty experience to live through.

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Hi Tony, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. If you'd like to discuss the matter further, the best thing to do is to call the APSS call centre on 1300 360 373 to find out what your options are. Roxy


Have been in this fund since inception and could see the benefits from staying in the Commonwealth Super Scheme. I've been retired now for 3 years and found the Pension perfermance excellent just like it was during the accumulation phase. More than happy with my decision to stay with them.
I did my homework when the information sessions came out and found that it was a tough decision as both schemes were excellent but I've never regretted my decision to change to the APSS. I also sought independent advice who confirmed that both schemes were good but the APSS had one extra benefit that swayed my decision.
My wife has a good scheme too through the state government but APSS often out performs them over a long period of time.
It has low fees and access to some private markets that other funds dont have although recently I noticed they are moving more away from this.
The returns during the GFC were better than most retail funds and during the last 5 years before I retired, it constantly reviewed better than many other funds under Super reviews.
If you are thinking of leaving APSS, do your homework as the APSS is one of the few defined benefit schemes left which is better than any accumulated schemes.
Low fees and returns and investments

Conned by australia post

I too was conned to opt out of the old Commonwealth super scheme and go into the apss scheme.
I still have all the paper work and visually recorded the sessions provided by post for the new super scheme.
It is my intention to take legal action if by the retirement age my apss is less than the old scheme I was in as I was informed by the session salesman that the new apss scheme is a far more attractive retirement scheme .
that was more than 25 yrs ago but so glad to have kept the evidence.

Not Happy

Was a member of the Commonwealth Superanuation Scheme and was conned out of it in 1990.
The so called information sessions conducted by Post were in fact , giving financial advice to employees to switch to the APSS..
No positive information regarding the CSS,
Cash return is not so good.

APSS Performance.

It has performed very well since I became a self funded retiree six years ago. Sure, it lost money due to the GFC, but in comparison to other funds it has performed very well. It reacts to the market slower than most, thus giving time to adjust one's portfolio. Overall I consider the APSS to be one of the better funds available. If you choose the non negative alternative, you must expect the returns to be lower when others are higher, to compensate for the non negative results when most are losing money. Overall it probably balances out over the long term. If you "jump ship", you may do so at your own peril. Be very careful ! Most of my friends are at least 30% worse of than me, as they were in other super funds over the past 8 years. Some have lost 75% of their money over the last 12 years, as they went to "financial advisers" (a very loose term), instead of just leaving their money where it was. I was told by several of these so called "advisers" to put all my super where it would have have performed very badly. Concluding, I am very happy with the APSS.
Reliable, vertually no fees.
Can not front their office. Mail only, to make adjustments or alter monies.

Questions & Answers

Can u please roll over my account with amp I have a account with APSS 64780966LNMPTS 0771335
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I've turned 60, can i withhdraw some money although i'm still working full time?
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Hey Erica, It'll be best to contact the team directly about this to find out what is possible. -Email: sr@apss.com.au. - Phone: 1300 360 373 between 9am and 5.30pm EST weekdays. If calling from overseas, please dial +61 2 8571 6780. ~Sami

I have recently been to a financial adviser who has suggested moving from APSS to Australian super, due the the large difference in fees and costs. ( they claim almost $7K ). Is there a site that will give me the APSS allocated pension returns over the past 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and also show if the returns are before or after any costs / fees, and what those costs / fees ?? Thanks Geoff
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Hey Geoff, Thank you for taking the time to ask your question. I recommend contacting APSS directly for further assistance with this. Email: sr@apss.com.au. Phone: 1300 360 373 (9am and 5.30pm EST weekdays) Mail: APSS Locked Bag A5005, Sydney South NSW 1235.Geoff I am about to move my APSS super to Australian Super as my own research suggests it is one of the best. APSS is now closed to new members so I suspect its performance will deteriorate. The APSS web site has, l think, a Product Disclosure Statement for pension accounts which gives the yearly return on investment. You do not need to know anything about the allocated amount as you decide how much to take per annum. It is the net amount of interest your money makes which is the important factor.

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