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Latest review: I met with Tara Walder and was genuinely pleased with the discussion on my super and insight what I may need to retire on. She was able to explain to me in a way that I could understand. I learnt


Latest review: Terrible customer service, extended times of inaction and general incompetence. They lied on the phone to cover up mistakes. Get out as soon as you can, a self managed super fund is a little more

APSS (Australia Post Superannuation Scheme)

Latest review: The defined benefit component of your super is not yours until you leave Australia Post, they will lend it to you at an alarmingly high interest rate until you leave Australia

First State Super

Latest review: Please people be aware that when you really need your insurance you will be in for a long wait, I am 14 months in and still no decision. Documents sent to wrong insurers, requests not actioned with


Latest review: Daily failures of this fund's website over the past few months when attempting to access my account is of great concern. I will likely leave this fund and go

GESB Super

Latest review: Terrible customer service which works in favour of making money for the GESB directors and not the client. It took over 10 days to receive a form that this organisation require to be filled out and

Super SA

Latest review: Information of a personal or private nature, or information as to the entitlements or benefits of any person, may be given to any of the following groups without your consent or knowledge. Super SA