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my aqua max 200 has always been a great appliance but lately it has been making a banging noise . when I took the front panel off I noticed the gas had been igniting at the top of the burner just below the gas control valve. could this be a faulty valve or is it the burner?
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Sorry, I don’t know. I’m overseas at the moment and can’t look at my heater to understand where the flame you mention is happening. Could it just be the pilot light (a small flame always burning used to ignite the main burner) you are looking at. Most banging noises in plumbing come from “water hammer” pressure in pipes and are caused when the taps are turned on and off quickly. Washing machines turning on and off during the cycle are a common cause. It can be annoying but hard to track down.

I have a aqua max not sure model but is only used when I visit the house every holiday but I haven’t been here for six months I turn the main gas supply off before I leave six months ago I had an issue but it was the regulator in my main gas unit. Now I have arrived home the gas people have checked my main unit and there is no issues but I never saw the distributor as I was unfortunately not home at the time. I have tried lighting it but it’s seems not to do anything or make any noise I have had my mate look at it he can’t light it either help
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I’m no expert but I do know from experience that if the gas supply tap is not switched off and the tap going into the heater is not switched off then if you follow the lighting instructions printed inside the detachable cover on the heater precisely then it should light. You have to hold down the button for as long as it says and flick the other piezoelectric ignition thing several times. Once you hear the whoosh of it lighting continue to hold that button down as long as it says.Have done it many time it’s a205 I think I tried it again this morning but I’m visiting family so can’t work with it i brought up a YouTube about it and told me to wait five mins for gas to go out then turn to ignition then hold down and press the ignition for 40 secs then hold that button down for 30 seconds then turn the job to the flame symbolnot a problem I have ever had the only thing about them is generally leave well & good alone the only other thing I have never tuned it off at all other than once a year or so even on holidays etc cos I could only ever go away for more than a cupple a weeks long an short never had any probs but I have got it in me brain turn off an give it a good clean out internally at least once year an it says righto daddy ile go a ok ???

Our Aquamax 205 was gushing from the pressure relief valve. Replaced that now there's hot water in the tank but the pilot light won't stay lit and we get a max 20 seconds of hot water inside before it runs cold. Any help out there please?
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get hold of a vacuem cleaner that can be used outside unfit the cover down the bottem & if u got a torch that can see in there with see if u can give it a plurry good spring clean internaly then try lighting her up again u may be lucky long an short that burning box dous seem 2 collect a lotta dust and other bis of junk long an short its sumthin I have got me head arund 4 20 years or more

Hi I have an aquamax 200 it's an older unit it's started to drip water at the bottom and the pilot light will not relight is there anything I can do or is the hot water system done for thanks
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Before you write it off check for water leaking from any pipework above the tank including the relief valve. It may be possible that the water is tracking down from a leak above. I believe the tank is stainless steel as i have the same unit which is now some 19 years old (working very well) and they do not fracture so easily.(If the tank is fractured, replacement is the only option) If any pipe work above is leaking you should be able to fix this with some thread tape & correct tools yourself, providing you have the skills.... A Disclaimer, I am not a licensed plumber of any trade, but i am a mechanical tradesmen fitter of over 35 years.

Hi, trying to find Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions for Aquamax 200. Wasted over 2 hours - nothing((( Does anyone have a web link to manual? Thanks in advance.
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I have an aquamax 205, appears to be leaking on the bottom and me thinks its warmish water. Any suggestions?
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yea where do u think it is leakin last year I did the outet setup replacement was no big deal replacing it that's where mine was leakin a bit long an short if its leakin inside could be sumthin more serious so u better git onta a plumber & get him 2 have a look aye

Some days we only have Luke warm water...where can I check water temperature and readjust it.???? Would appreciate any information available From. ‘Desperate’
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If the water is always lukewarm you could adjust one of the controls inside the front panel of the heater that lifts off. On the Inside of this lift off panel there will be full and clear printed instructions. There is a round plastic knob in the middle behind the lift off panel. If it is set on a low number turn it up. You may hear the heater burner light up when you turn the knob up. If it is already on 5 (high) then you may have to adjust the other valve in the top left of the control area. This may be stiff. It changes the flow rate and temperature. Replace the panel and wait an hour or so for the water to heat to the new temperature. The instructions on the back of the door are very clear and turning the black plastic knob up should do the trick. HOWEVER: If the water temperature is sometimes hot and sometimes cold for no obvious reason you would have to get a professional to check it out.yea not sumthin I hav ever experienced but I do have a reguler habit of giving it a cleanout by turning on the drain tap setup on the right hand side just read the instructions under it long an short if your tank is full of dirty water she wont cop the heating as well the other thing that may clean her out a bit is realy fill the bath up regularly cos long an short u possibly don't use mutch with the shower anyhow as stated b/4 give it a blowout if u can it may improve things a bit

My water heater turn light off due to heavy wind when i lit the light then everytime i turn the knob to flame the light turned off.what should i do ?
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I'm sorry but I have never encountered that problem. It seems strange that the burner goes out in high wind as it is well protected and the pilot light should stay alight as long as you hold the button down for the required time after lighting. I've found that the instructions inside the removable cover on the front of the heater must be followed exactly. Perhaps you are not giving it enough time before you release the button.

I have an older model 200, the mixer spindle has started leaking badly. Are replacements available or are they serviceable, ie: remove replace O rings etc?
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yea long an short mine did the same whereas I bought a new 1 but 4 the life of me cant remember where + the only way 2 get it off was with the hacksaw and hadda reflare the ends of the copper tube if u understand but long an sort its all good now cant remember wether it had o rings or not but long an short not bein a real plumber type if I can fix it any handy man type should b able 2

Steam has been coming out from day one since the unit was fitted a few years ago when the unit is heating. Is this normal?
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Yes. We normally see steam rising from the vent at the front of the heater on cool days while the heater is heating water. The colder the weather the more you will see.

I have a Aqamax hot water system and the hot water in the kitchen and bathroom has slowed and wondering if it could be sediment build up in the tank and how do I drain it thank you
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generally a drain with the little squirter setup on the side of it should clean the bottom of the tank out if u read the instructions lable it tells u its sumthin that should be done every 2 - 3 months its sumthing I have had in me brain 4 25 or more years long an short it must do wot its sposta do cos Iv,e never had the dirty water problem I dunno wot model u have but Ive had 2 different models & they have both had that drain setup if u cant find it do u have a operaters booklet it should tell u sumthin anyhow best a british

My AquaMax 205 was installed in June 2013. The last two weeks the pilot light goes off on its own. I get this restarted following the instructions. Any idea why it is doing that? Definitely not a wind problem. How can I get a permanent resolution. Thanks Simon
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Simon, I am not a qualified plumber but have had a similar issue in the past with my unit and i resolved it this way. As i understand it the when you light the pilot flame you hold the button in until the flame heats the thermostat wire which then allows the gas to continue to the pilot flame. At that point you can release the button. If and i say if the flame is not big enough or directly on the thermostat wire it may cool down and then the gas will shut off. My advice would be to see if there is any dirt in the pilot flame nozzle. i.e. ensure the pilot flame is not partially blocked, and with a small flame on the wire it will not generate enough heat to keep the thermostat open to allow the gas through and then the gas will close. You can try blowing compressed air on the nozzle or tapping it gently I used a tooth pick to gently see if there was any blockage. If there is you should notice a larger flame after cleaning. If you then notice a larger flame i dare say the issue will be resolved. Failing this I would get the thermostat gas valve checked by a licensed gas fitter. Hope this helps. Hope this helps.No I'm sorry I have no idea. I wonder if your gas supply had been temporarily disrupted and extinguished the pilot light. Ask your neighbours with gas pilot light heaters if they have had similar problems. The previous answer seems more likely though. I suggest you contact the manufacturerPlumber just changed my gas control valve - $500 and it needed his skill. He said it's usually the thermostat coupling (cheap and easy), or sometimes an exposed install is vulnerable to wind. I also wonder if a tweak of the pilot flame size (stainless bolt RHS) may help.

I have Aquamax GN200 over 15 years old, when the unit is reheating black high odour smoke is admitting from the flue, no water is evident around the unit. ANy ideas?
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I am not a plumber but my educated guess would be that the burner that is heating the unit is not a full blue flame. ( Could be a faulty burner.,) I believe that if the flame is not entirely blue (full flame) you can get some black smoke emitting from the unit. Can you see the burner ? Is it a blue or orange flame. PLEASE DO THIS SAFELY OR NOT AT ALL IF YOU ARE UNSURE.!! You can check this out by asking this question to a QUALIFIED gas plumber. He should not charge for an opinion. Hope this helps.

My aquamax hot water unit has hot water but I seem to be getting only 30 degree water coming from the taps inside.What could be the problem?
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yea they r adjusted 4 that setup if your washouse tap is anywhere near the the actual hot water system u will probably notice that 1 is hotter than all the others they r set up that way 2 stop little people burning themselves under the hot tap if u spoke 2 some handyman type or a plumber there may b some way of adjusting that temperature not ever been a problem that I have had so long an short cant realy give u an answerMy Aquamax 200 is more than 20 years old and does not have the reduced temperature that modern hot water systems are forced to have for safety reasons. Inside the front door of the heater are two controls. On the left is one that sets the temperature the heater will maintain, the other (plastic) control is more for restarting the heater and has several symbols. There are instructions inside the lift off front door that should explain it all. A lot of people including me have had trouble restarting the heater after a gas interruption but all you need to do if the gas goes out is to follow those instructions EXACTLY. You can check if the heater is working by turning up the dial and listening for the burner to come on, or by looking through the small round plastic window down the bottom for the pilot light. If anyone has been fiddling with the dials that could be your problem. Good lucklong an short they r the best brand since sliced bread ??? long an short I feel the best thing is the fact that the internal tank is true stainless & will probably still b here when they put u in a box having bought a brand new home in 86 the hot water service carked after round 5-6 years goodnight dick long an short I installed an aquamax then & long an short when the house was sold 2012 it was still there & workin perfectly so blo me down the next house I bought there is 1 sittin in there as well never touched it yet & as near as I can figure its around 20 years young but god will tell aye

I have just moved in a new house. And ha e a aquamax 200, I have turned off gas valve and turned it on again. Now I found that the water heater is not operating and get no hot water. How can I get hot water ? Thanks Steve
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Sounds like you need to relight the pilot light. It can be a bit of a pain but if you follow the instructions on the inside of the lift off door at the front of the heater you should get ignition and then it will heat up. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Don't do what I did for ages and Kind of follow the instructions, you have to hold down one button while flicking the piezo ignition thing for AT LEAST as long as it says. You may have to do it several times but if you do it correctly it will work. The pilot light is hard to see down at the bottom through a little spy hole but when it lights the burner should light and you will hear that satisfying "whoosh". The settings don't generally need changing from memory but check the printed instructions behind the lift off door. They are a good heater but fiddle to light if the gas supply has been interrupted. Some impatient plumbers use a Long match but it isn't necessary or easy to do. Good luck.Thanks Monty, I tried as instructed and finally got hot water! Thanks again. Yes, it was painful and unsure if I was doing right... but I finally made it with a little bit of luck. And I did a HOT BATH to celebrate it.

Hi there, I have an Aquamax 205, at times when I turn on the hot tap in the house we get no water flow, to get it to flow we have to turn the cold tap on & off quickly, like it jolts the system, when it comes out it hot enough, just having trouble getting it to flow, any ideas?
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That is a strange problem and I'm sorry I ace no idea why that would happen and why the cold tap jolt gets the hot tap working. It may possibly be a sticky washer in the hot tap that needs more water flow pressure to open it but that is only a wild and uneducated guess. Try contacting the company and ask if they have an idea. Good luck.

where is the pilot light situated so I can light it? We have a aquamax2000
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On mine it is behind the little round window on the bottom right of the front panel. The lighting instructions are inside that lift off panel. Follow them EXACTLY and it should light. I.e. Hold down the button for at least the time specified while clicking the ignition with other hand. You may hear a light whoosh as it lights but keep holding that button down until it warms up a bitthank you, We got it going.. .Great to have hot water. I recommend this heater as it is 23 years old.

My Aquamax, went out last night with rain & wind 19/1/17. I can get the pilot light on and stays on but it wont fire up. I can smell gas though coming through but it just wont fire up - any help? The flame is blue
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Sorry, I'm not an expert. The usual problem is getting the pilot light going but as you have that sorted the only suggestion is to read the instructions on the inside of the door panel carefully. Perhaps you have the flame control set too high so that the gas is not allowing for enough oxygen, or perhaps not holding the button down long enough once the pilot lights. I know the instructions cover it all so be sure to follow the instructions exactly. It wasn't until I started following the instructions that I had success. If it won't light after following the instructions to the letter you may need to call a plumber. Gas can be dangerous. Good luck.Well as it seems, it was the dial for the heating pulled off the plastic cap and manually turned it up a bit it then it fired up - so working fine nowHi Di Cats.. im having the same problem i can get the pilot light on but it wont fire up as soon as i turn the nob anti clockwise it turns off no matter how long i hold it down? I couldnt understand exactly what you did to get yours working...help please?

Can i use a light gun to relight the poilt flame?
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I can't see why not but I'm not a plumber or gas expert. I've seen a plumber use a gun but then revert to the piezo system. You would still have to hold down the button that lets the gas through, turn it to the star symbol and keep holding it down until the pilot lights and then for the required time once it lights. If you let go too soon it just goes out. From my experience it is all about following the instructions exactly, flicking the piezo lighter enough times and holding down the gas button long enough after it lights and stays alight. The problem is getting down at ground level to see what is happening while lighting it. Keep flicking with the gas button turned with the star symbol showing then after the 15 seconds minimum you follow the instructions to turn the gas knob as required. The instructions are on the inside of the front panel you take off to light the heater.

My aquamax205 can not relight .tried a few times follow the instruction.where is the little flame shoud be ?
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The pilot light (little flame) is behind a circular plastic window down near the bottom front right corner of the heater behind the lift off panel. Follow the instructions exactly. You have to hold the gas button down for at least the time specified and keep pushing the piezo lighting button at the same time. It is frustrating and a pain to be down at ground level trying to see what's going on but the instructions are correct if followed exactly. the piezo ignition will work if given time and enough clicks. Good luck.Thank for the answer!but still desnt work

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