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Arnott's Plains

Arnott's Plains

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Never thought I’d see the day....

Well for 70 yrs I have eaten Arnott and over the years I have known many people who have worked at Homebush. When we were kids we could buy one penny’s worth of broken biscuits from our local shop they were packed in a tin tin those days and were better than lollies. The quality of all their cream and plain biscuits have gone down hill so much that I have bought my last packet. If the Arnott management believe that they will be saving money in selling a poorer quality biscuit it just goes to show how little they know their job because all of us avid Arnotts buyers really don’t care what we spend on them that’s our little luxury but no one will buy rubbish and as much as I hate to say it that’s exactly what they are now...Bev Cook.

Purchased in June 2019.

Milk Coffee Biscuits taste bland

I agree. The recipe has changed, not sure when. The Arnotts milk coffee biscuits are paler, smaller and just plain bland. I hadn’t purchased them for a long time, will not be buying anymore.

Purchased in May 2019.

Arnott's in general is such a bad brand....

These cookies are just not natural and taste way too chemical. I do not understand how they manage to sell Arnotts in almost every store. Coming from Europe, there are so many way better options there from Nestle and other interntional brands. Just like other Australian good monopolies (Brownes milk products are really bad too) they are under par. It's like Australians don't care about their food....I cannot believe that though, I suspect it is just a strongarm tactic of pushing everything else out of the market that is not Arnotts and people are left with no other choice than to buy the rubbish.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

Terrible tasting biscuits

Arnotts Teddy Bear Biscuits are the latest plain biscuit to have changed both in taste and texture. They used to have a unique taste and slightly softer texture. Also they look different. They are hard and taste awful. I tried to eat a couple but ended up having to spit it out. I threw them in the bin. I have decided never to buy Arnotts again as have a lot of people I know. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Milk Arrowroot's now taste bad

Whatever change they have made to milk arrowroot biscuits recipe has made them taste terrible. We will not buy them again.

Arnotts Milk Coffee Taste Bad.

Like others here, I believe Arnotts have change their recipe or their ingredients suppliers. There is definitely a taste that wasn't there previously. It is a while since I have had them. We note that vegetable oil is listed, which probably means palm oil as we have ridiculous laws that allows manufacturers to generalise on what is in their product. They can change from canola or other oils and use palm and not have to change any packaging. They can then claim that nothing have changed, but taste buds do not lie. I will not buy this product again. Arnotts moved their production from Melbourne to Sydney and had problems producing Salada in the new plant. We have not had a Salada since they disappeared from the shelves for months whilst the problem was fixed. I know of no one who liked the Sydney Version.

Malt o milks - never again!

Arnotts have changed the recipe. The colour is pale, half the biscuits are broken and they have no malt taste. They are the only sweet biscuit I buy. But no more. I used to buy them although they are rarely on special. I didn’t mind paying full price for them. But no more. I won’t buy them ever again. Arnotts are crazy to think consumers don’t notice the difference. I doubt that arnotts even care. The product is probably a huge hit in China where the market is so much bigger than Australia.

Arnott's biscuits don't taste nice anymore, they have changed the recipes of family favourites such

everyone I talk to agrees, very sad have been eating them for fifty years, now a poor quality product. I and many others have stopped buying them. An Australian family favourite is now off the shopping list of thousands of people. Arnotts have opened the door for the no name brands to take the market share - why can't we maintain the taste and quality of what is produced?????? And the age old saying 'why change something if it isn't broken'

Scotch finger biscuits taste different

These biscuits were our favourite but the last two packets purchased tasted and looked different..they were lighter in colour and tasted stale, although being well within the use buy date. Has Arnotts changed the recipe?

Have Arnott's Scotch Fingers changed?

I'm sure Scotch Fingers have changed recently. A packet bought this week had a very lemony flavour and hard texture. I haven't had them for a while so really noticed the difference.

Malt o milk

Arnotts have changed recipe of malt o milk. rang them and hit brick wall. The lady on phone assured me no changes have been made but that is probably what they are trained to say. The new biscuit tastes different is harder and lighter in colour and you cant dip them in milk anymore cause they don't soak up milk. Arnotts obviously have a policy of "deny deny deny" so will have to find new malt biscuits to make a recipe I have made for over 30 years with malt o milk, SAD.

Plain is the best

Chewy soft but still it maintains its crunch. Not a fan but when I chanced upon it in the supermarket, I find this as a great snack for me and the family. I pair it with coffee or tea and it elevates the biscuit flavours that are lingering in the mouth.I also love the butternut flavour but I find the chocolate the most enjoyable.


The soft scotch finger is soft and crunchy at the same time and the chocolate adds sweetness to it- the perfect biscuit!

Ginger Nuts

I don't know what they have done to the recipe with the original recipe they have changed the taste and I bought another packet to see if they tasted funny and they did, so I rang them and I was told no they have not changed the recipe but I know they have and they really did not care that I had a problem with their product.


Arnott's plain biscuits are a tasty range of sweet, crunchy biscuits they go perfectly with a cup of tea. Although tasty, some of the biscuits are significantly more expensive than other comparable products on the market, such as the Scotch Fingers for example, which are around three times more expensive than the scotch fingers from the generic brands. While they do taste a bit better, they definitely do not taste three times better so I would usually only get them if they are on special. I also enjoy the Chocolate Ripple and Butternut Snap varieties. Despite the cost, they are pretty good so why not pick up a pack of family assorted and give them a try.
Tasty. Variety of flavours.
A bit expensive compared to other brands.


a great reliable product that i would recommend every house has..cost is reasonable and taste is relaible, made by a reputable company
the short bread flavour of these biscuits is a winner in this house, especially over a cup of coffee when you dunk them in. can be used for a vairty of cakes and bases, i love using them as cheesecake base. a company that is reputable and has reliable quaility of biscuit everytime..price is reasonable and often you can buy them on special, available most large food chain stores, great brak in half finger biscuits
none that i can think of


These are good tasty biscuits and there are some recipes (really yummy treats) that you can make out of these biscuits, like the chocolate ripple and the butternut snap and the recipies are on the pack. A good choice if you want something sweet to indulge in with your cuppa.
These are a good biscuit to have with a cuppa and there are a couple of different varieties which are all pretty good. They are fairly filling, so I can eat only 2 or 3 and thats max for one time.
The Scotch Fingers are high in calories and very buttery, so these are a rare naughty treat. These are expensive, but sometimes come on sale in the stores.

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