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Arnott's Shapes

Arnott's Shapes

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Pizza shapes have no flavour

The tagline is “Flavour you can see”. Just opened a box, no, you can’t see the flavour. Or taste it.
Sadly the biscuit texture has also changed in the past 2 months.
The changes they’ve made will help with my waist line as it means I won’t be buying or eating them again.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $2.50.

Best taste

These are the best tasting things since sliced bread. Have eaten them since I was a child and the flavor is still so delicious. I highly recommend arnotts biscuits also.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles for $1.50.

Bring back Roast Chicken shapes

I have recently notice that they aren’t stocking any of the roast chicken shapes at any of the local supermarkets
Please bring back the roast chicken shapes, they are the best ones

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths.

i want the new cheese and bacon flavour back not the original

original cheese and bacon shapes were my favourite then you changed the flavour to the new style i committed and got used to it as they had a lot more flavour they easily and quickly became my favourite shapes out of all the original and new flavours and now you have taken it away so im left with the flavourless old cheese and bacon and if i just wanted a cracker with no flavour i would buy jats

Purchased in November 2018.

Make Tasmania shapes

On the packaging why did you place a yellow full Aus ‘map’ w Tasmania, then overlaid w Shapes and Vegemite and the biscuit image? It seems a good thing to do next would be to produce a ‘Shape’ in the same size as other Shapes in the image of Tasmania? Would be good to get feedback.

I’m impressed with new flavours

I haven’t liked new flavours in the past - BBQ should always be original and never messed with again. But love cheese n vegemite and super love roast chicken - they have heaps more flavour than ch crimpy and they don’t funk up in your mouth because they’re crunchiervthan crimpys. YUM YUM

Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes - Meh .....

Dont waste your time folks. they are just passably OK. Maybe if I hadn't already discovered Abe's Vegemite Bagel Chips this review would be different, but Abe's is crunchier and more vegemite-y. I wish I didn't have to admit that the Kiwis have done it better, but there you go, cant deny a fact.

Vegimite & cheese overdose

A little too salty ,need more vegimite an cheese but nice try Arnotts . Worked well with smoked gouda and chilli mmmmmmmmmmm

Found a hair in my box

Found a long blonde hair in my box of original pizza shapes.. which then ended up in my mouth :( shapes are good but ew..


My wife is a vegamite lover made her self sick on Smith’s vegamite chips would eat it straight out of the jar on a spoon
She took one bite of the new vegamite shapes ran to the sink a ditched it
Where’s the vegamite and tastes like cheap powdered parmisan

What a rip off

The packet says “ original pizza shapes “. They are nothing like the original. I haven't bought them for years since they changed the recipe. I thought they had changed back to the old recipe, as the box says. What a rip off. I won’t be buying these again, ever

Flavor change

Since bringing back the original bbq shapes the flavor has changed since then. Cannot find the old taste I know and love. It's obvious they're creeping the new flavor into the original biscuit. Slowly but surely


Shame shame Arnotts, they used to taste so good. The packaging would prob taste better. I don't buy them anymore.

Where good... Gone stingy

Loved these pretty much whole life.... all flavours as a kid and until last two years... quality is not there anymore always on special I guess why. Because they suck now such a shame I don't know how arnotts could screw up so much. I rather pay 3 bucks a box for quality than 1.50 for bland crap.

BBQ shapes

After the backlash, they allegedly returned to the original style......sadly the flavour has been deteriorating ever since. I no longer buy them and will never enjoy the food of my youth.

No flavour at all

What happened. Acting some cheddar shapes now and they have no flavour at all. Don't waste your money people. You'd be better off eating cardboard.

Pizza Shapes

Pizza shapes are now tiny ... we all knew they have changed but this aswell! Time to boycott them. Says originals on packaging which is false advertising.

Needs more flavouring

My favourite shapes are pizza. I bought a packet from my local supermarket and was very disappointed to find that the shapes had no flavouring on them

Not like they use to be

I use to love arnotts shapes growing up they always had so much flavor on them, for years they just get less and less flavor. Bring back the flavour on the biscuits not in the bottom of the packet


they are great but need more flavor and so do the cheese and bacon so please make them have more flavor cause it needs more and make new flavors like taco flavor or hot dog or something cause i would love to try new shapes.

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Questions & Answers

Hi just wandering if you would be able to help me, I’m doing an assignment on your Vegemite shapes & one off the questions is How much does it cost Arnotts to make Shapes. Iv tried to goggle it & had no luck It would be very much appreciated if your able to help, my assignment is Due tomorrow. Kind regards Ricardo
1 answer
Hi Ricardo, I think only Arnotts could tell you how much they cost to make, but they charge between $2 and $3 at Woolworths, when you can get them. Good luck with your assignment

What happened to the salt and vinegar sensations with poppy seed? They were the best shapes full of flavour and different!
No answers

Arnotts are calling the savoury shapes "original". If they are original then where are the pieces of sea salt on the top like they used to have? Anyone remember that?
1 answer
I used to love the savoury shapes when I was a kid, and continued to buy them, now they are BLAND! TASTLESS! HORRIBLE!!!!

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