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Astralpool Viron Salt Chlorinator

Astralpool Viron Salt Chlorinator

V18 (18g/hr), V25 (25g/hr), V35 (35g/hr) and V45 (45g/hr)
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Failed within 2 years

Our unit failed within 2 years. It was inspected by an authorised agent but they refused to repair under warranty as they deemed our residential apartment building is "commercial" even though the pool is barely used on a weekly basis and never used during winter. Terrible product and they will try their best to avoid any liability for their poor quality products. Avoid.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Do not waste your money on this piece of garbage

The limited warranty is not worth the piece of paper that was used to write it on. I cannot understand that a product of that value which is used for 4 months a year was barely able to last two years before the main board died requiring it to be repaired under warranty for 1/3 of the purchase value. I never did go through getting repaired and I urge anyone not to consider purchasing this or any austral-pool product as I am not the only person to experience this. I should have placed this review in 2016 when I went through the warranty process and the exceptionally poor customer service at that point.

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Hi. Having an issue where info option indicates "High salt, cell off". No mention of this anywhere in the manual. Any thoughts?
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Get water tested if its too high remove water to waste and add some fresh water. Check flow of water as well otherwiae fault with main board

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