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Asus Zenbook UX305

Asus Zenbook UX305

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Do not buy Zenbook. Very bad experience

Purchased a Zenbook for my daughters final years of high school. Very early on the Zenbook started to freeze intermittently. Customer service answer was always to reset the Zenbook. After 12 months of this frustration Asus agreed to look at it and simply reset it and sent it back. Same problem continued and Asus accepted to look at it again this time diagnosing a motherboard fault. Because it is now out of warranty they want me to pay $400+ for repairs and will not accept my consumer rights. Currently taking the issue up with Fair trading NSW.

Purchased in June 2017 for $1,500.00.


I’ve only had this computer for a year and began to experience problems with it within a few months. Computer mouse glitches, short battery life, and random shut downs are only a couple of many other problems I’ve experienced with this computer. This laptop is extremely expensive for what you get - I’ve had other laptops for half the price that have lasted me years and worked much better. This is the first and last time I will ever purchase an Asus product. It’s very upsetting to have your hard earned money go to waste like this.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Consumer beware!

After 26 months of gentle use, my Asus Zenbook UX305CA had a complete motherboard failure. Asus wanted $600 CAD to fix it-That's 60% of the original cost. Asus would not admit that this is not normal and would not work with me to remedy the situation. I have a 12 year old Dell that still works great. Do not fall for the slick ads. Do not buy this laptop. It has a very short lifespan.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Not a great laptop but a good notebook.

I purchased this for work as I needed a small, light weight laptop that I could travel with and remote desktop into work.
This laptop does all the above and cost almost half of the Microsoft Surface pro at the time which was its nearest windows equivalent. Hence the 4 stars rather than 3.

Good points
- Small and lightweight
- Reasonably powerful
- High res screen (also a bad point)
- Doesn't get too hot

Bad points
- When using on ones lap or not a perfectly flat surface the mouse pad can stick with the mouse button permanently depressed.
- A bit too bendy. These things are not supposed to bend and there are dire warnings about not supporting this notebook properly but in normal use who does.
- Screen is a little too high resolution. While windows can compensate apps like remote desktop don't scale very well and things are too small to read properly.
- Touchscreen - simply pointless great for tablets a waste of time on this device.
- Random jumping - I don't know if it is the mouse pad or the touch screen but every now and again something clicks in a random place on the screen. This is really annoying and can make typing a pain.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

There are better options

Bought this a while back to bring to uni and study. It is a small laptop and was initially great at what it does. However, problems arose with internet wifi connectivity. It would connect, disconnect and reconnect and continue doing so in a loop. Also, sometimes the touch function would bug out and fail on me as well. I have since replaced the laptop with another.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Diabolical! Worthless!

Only used it 3 times, wifi kept disconnecting and then refused to connect again to any network or hotspot. Asus don't want to know about it! Don't waste your money on this garbage! Extremely frustrated and disappointed and feel ripped off. Never, ever again will i go near an Asus product. any positive reviews must be paid endorsements! And the battery life, don't get me started!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Bought this from JWcomputer. This laptop is small, very suitable with studying purpose. My one got trouble with screen and just couldn't display anything. Sometimes its touch function couldn't work. I sent it for warranty service 2 times and the trouble still there. At the third time they decided to change the new screen for me. 3 stars for product, 5 stars for service.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Good laptop but problems with micro HDMI port

This is a great laptop. It is thin light and portable and would cater for most peoples computing needs. It also has a sleek design and aluminium housing (not plastic) that I really like. I have had the laptop for nearly a year and have had no problems except for the micro HDMI port which is very flimsy and frequently doesn't connect properly with my external monitor. This is probably an example of where technology has gone too small. Micro HDMI ports are hard to find and plug into. They are also very flimsy and prone to damage. A normal HDMI port would have been much better!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Battery life span

The Asus Zenbook is a very good computer but the actual life span of the battery is terrible. It is a cheap computer for what you get but the battery has died after 14 months and will not hold its charge. As expected the warranty is 12 months and Asus will only consider a 12 month warranty period. It is my own fault as you get what you pay for. Be very careful when you buy any Asus products or consider the total cost of extended warranties.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Surprisingly decent budget ultrabook.

I picked up one of these used for a bargain. And after a month of usage I am surprisingly pleased.

It has a Broadwell Core M CPU with a base clock speed of 800MHz and no dedicated graphics card (duh it's an ultrabook) so this will not be running Witcher 3 or editing 4k videos. And on top of that the model I have only has 4 gigs of memory. Overall it can handle most processor undemanding tasks I throw at it very well- word processing, web browsing, writing code, etc. Overall I am pleased with the purchase.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Worst laptop you could possibly buy

I have had Asus Zenbook i5 for about a year and not a days go by when I don't regret buying this product. The laptop is just disappointing in so many different levels. Has a terrible battery life, crashes when you're just using word and chrome together and its performance is just low low low standard.
I have purchased about 4 laptops till now, and this has been my least favourite. If you want a decent laptop then choose something else, but if you fancy pulling your hair or losing you head then I would recommend you Asus.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Decent laptop for the money

Great size and share, does catch a lot of fingerprints however. Was significantly cheaper than the competitors at the time of purchase. Used at home for web surfing, media consumption and word processing.

The positives:
1. Fanless: hopefully this means it will last longer than previous laptops without heat throttling
2. Quick boot with the SSD. Windows takes between 10-20 seconds to load. Quicker than recovering from sleep.
3. Great screen resolution and good screen however the auto adjustment of brightness makes it very hard to see in even moderate sunlight. This can be switched off however results in 2 hr or so battery life instead of 4-5.
3. Touch screen (this is important to negate the downside of the track pad below). Without this the PC would be crippled without external mouse. This is my first laptop with this feature and I surprisingly use/like this a lot.
4. Small charger, however it makes a whirring sound.
5. Good quality construction that feels strudy (albeit with what feels like a little more heft to competing products). I am happy with this trade off as the unit is still overall very light for a laptop.

The negatives:
1. When sleeping the unit then returning the touchscreen device stops working. You need to go into device manager then disable re enable the device. I had an error where doing this did not bring back the touchscreen and even a full factory reset did not recover this. Happened on a Friday. Was to be returned on a Monday. Sunday miraculously the functionality returned. Can be negated by shutting down every time however this driver flaw is very annoying.
2. Often the display flickers and the display adapter fails.
3. The trackpad is next to useless. When clicking buttons / doing fine work there is a lot of play in it making this next to useless as it takes multiple goes to do what you need. Negated by the touchscreen.
4. The speakers are next to useless even in quiet environments,
5. Even on 50% brightness auto dimming I can not get the laptop to last more than 5 hours nowhere near its stated time from Asus but OK for my needs (50% websurfing/50% media consumption.
6. At times the network card speeds just bottom out grinding to a holt
7. Often locks up when loading tabs on browser requiring you to wait for recovery. Or when copying a file in Windows Explorer then wanting to look at another netlow cores of the Intel Core M3 or some ASUS finetuning. Not sure as I have come from i&s in the past where this was not an issue.

Overall very happy with the purchase. For the cost this laptop is great and portability is a big plus. Hopefully fanless implementation means I will get more life out of this unit. This depends on whether a few years down the line replacement batteries are available? I could not find any for sale at the time of purchase but took a punt anyway. Similarly 3rd party chargers did not seem available and this is a concern as they look less strudy due to size / weight considerations,

Date PurchasedJan 2016


I bought the Asus zenbook ux305ca in June 2016. I had been using a macbook for the last few years and wanted to get a laptop that had better Linux support so that I could move away from osx.

The first time I opened the box I realised how well constructed this product was. It was flawless and when taking the price into account it shoots well above its station. Switching it in the system boots quickly and runs windows 10. It performs better than my wife's surface pro 3 despite being half the price. The only let down after the product for a day was the track pad felt cheap. Otherwise flawless.

Now that I have owned and operated it every day for a few months I am very happy with the purchase. It runs Ubuntu perfectly even when running qhd resolution screen. I get amazing battery life. Easily getting 2 to 3 days in up to 3hrs daily use.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Terrible Laptop

Unfortunately the worst computer I have ever owned. The slowest interface, the battery lasts a maximum of 2 hours. The computer must be faulty, however it has been factory restored by Asus twice, and still does not work appropriately. Furthermore, Asus have not responded to six emails requesting feedback. I will be sure to never by Asus again based off this experience.

Beautiful and light laptop with great screen. Let down by software glitches and tinny speakers.

My UX305 arrived on January 4th.

+ The screen is beautiful. It is so clear and bright and rich in colour. I take pleasure in watching TV shows and movies on this laptop since the colours are brought out beautifully, especially strong reds and blues.
+ The battery life is stupendous. Lasts at least 8 hours on mid-level brightness. 5 hours at uni and 3 hours of studying.
+ Brilliantly fast. Opens Photoshop in <5 seconds compared to other laptop's 20 seconds. It also boots up in <5 seconds so I no longer delay my computer updates.
+ Laptop is always cold no matter how long you use it. I can use it in bed, in the class or on my bare lap and not fear pain.
+ The keyboard is really good for typing. Excellent depth and satisfying but quiet clicks.

+ The visual driver frequently fails. This widely-documented defect is especially annoying when you're editing in Word or PS as it shuts down, sometimes wiping your work. The driver failed me in the middle of a uni presentation. This was very disappointing considering the laptop's 'premium' category. It happens regardless of whether you're running a heavy load or not.
+ This laptop can't run any games without frame drops or glitching. I understood this wasn't a gaming laptop but even extremely light games like the Binding of Isaac are difficult to play due to the laptop's poor speed.
+ The speakers are very tinny and quiet. When you play music aloud, high notes sound irritating and warped.

Worst Customer service and doesn't work at all

After reading lots of reviews about the ultrabook UX 305 I decided to buy it from Binglee Casula NSW.
My excitement of owning an ultrabook ended the moment I walked out of the door.

This is my story:

Bought it in September 2015 and took it back home to set it up and realised the wireless adaptor wasn't working on the notebook, after hours of troubleshooting I took it back to the store and they confirmed it was faulty and gave me a replacement.
Took the replacement back home and started setting it up again and realised the screen was faulty. Took it back in to Binglee and got another replacement.
I thought my nightmare ended there but after using for less than a month all of a sudden it started blue screening and kept going in a automatic repair loop. I tried refreshing, restoring from restore point, resetting the PC but everything failed. Called the support centre which was located overseas and the customer service rep told me to go through the whole process again which wasted another 1 hour of my time then finally told me to send it to the repair center in QLD.
So I sent the laptop to QLD repair centre in the beginning of November and the laptop was repaired and sent back to me end of December just before Christmas 2015. It took them almost 2 months to get it fixed. This morning I turned on the laptop on my first day back at work and it was like dejavu, same thing happened, blue screen, continuous repair loop. So was really frustrated and called the support center and they told me to go through the same process of shipping it to repair center and wait for resolution.
I demanded for a resolution and requested to at least send me a temporary laptop so that I could use it while they figure out the fault in my mysterious laptop but was declined and said nothing can be done by the customer service and it must be escalated to superiors and their standard call back time is 1-2 business days.
Now I'm sitting in my office on my first day at work without a laptop, not productive and got frustrated in the morning with ASUS product and their customer service.

What a way to start my new year at work. Thanks ASUS for making me a really happy customer with your amazing product and customer service.

Great Laptop

I bought this laptop for uni after reading many reviews and comparing it to other models. It's perfect for students as it is slim and light and very fast and powerful. It's extremely responsive and takes no time at all to perform tasks. On the Asus website it talks about how it's thinner than a macbook air, but having compared it in person this doesn't seem to be the case. Regardless, it is still beautifully designed with the only issue I have found is being that it seems to trap fingerprints like crazy. It's also quite hard to clean them off, which gets annoying. Sometimes it has trouble connecting to wifi networks, even ones that I use regularly. Overall a great product. If it weren't for the fact that fingerprints show up so clearly and don't wipe off well I'd give it 5 stars.

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Asus Zenbook UX305
Price (RRP)$1099
Product TypeLaptop
Screen Size13.3Inches

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