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Atlantic Dados 40

Atlantic Dados 40

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how do you get the 16.000btu to blow hot air,i find this air conditioner very bad as i use it in a small well sealed bedroom and it does not do what it's advertised to do,i'm thinking of contacting Fair Trading about Kogans lies just to make you buy it,when i brought it ,it was hot summer weather and you don't turn on the heat cycle in summer but when winter started it just blew room temperature air, i had no choice but to buy a tower heater as the kogan reverse cycle was useless,not happy with them

Date PurchasedOct 2017

No way will i touch this brand again!!!!

Never really cooled or heated to expectation. Always leaked water - all my carpet. Couldnt even cool the lounge area of a 1 bedroom flat. Over priced. Fan motor and start capacitor failed 2 months out of warranty - i replaced... why i don't know!!!. For the price never again... Tempted to report it to consumer affairs. I Would not reccomend it to an enemy , let alone a friend. If you get offered one.... run!!!... run hard, run far!!!.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

purchased this unit for my home office.

Excellent quality portable air conditioner for the small to medium sized room. I like how quickly this product manages to cool down even a really hot room. The fan is a bit noisy on high, but i usually find that if i put the fan on medium and then turn it down as the room cools, the noise level drops as well Have had this unit now for just on twelve months without any issues. It is also very energy efficient, as i haven't seen any major increases in my electricity bill using it over the summer months. A really good product, that i believe is worth the money i spent on it.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Works well, not so user-friendly

Cools well, circulates the cool air well over the whole room. The noise is mainly the fan, and isn't too bad on low and medium fan settings.

It has wheels but is difficult to move across carpet. Especially to get it moving, it really needs to be pushed from the bottom. A couple of times it's started to tip over rather than move when I've pushed from the top.

Installation. The output hose attaches to the unit with magnets. It is easy for the hose to come off the unit when it's being installed, if you have to manipulate the hose to reach between the unit and window. I prefer to let air in, so set it up every time I want to use it and don't look forward to setting it up. The magnetised seal can break when you turn or move the unit and keeping it attached to the unit while turning it and bending the hose can be difficult.

The manual says to drain the water downwards continuously when dehumidifying, but the drainage hole is right at floor level, so this is physically impossible unless it's on a step. A piece of hose is not provided and nor do they tell you the diameter of hose you'll need to get. All I can say is that it's about 13-13.5mm, a size I can't buy without buying a whole hose.

The remote is good, and it beeps quietly when you press a button.

I am happy with the way it works, but don't find the design all that user-friendly.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

The Best Portable Aircon ever.

Purchased 2 units. One was faulty and when contacted the company replaced the unit within 3 days without any issue. Great customer service. The units work well and cool immediately. It is not really quiet but the cooling on days of 35-40+ degrees that we have experienced this summer are far better than quiet!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Service delivery is excellent

The unit worked beautifully for over two years. Then it stopped in the middle of a heatwave. But the service personnel were wonderful. They replied to my email in under an hour, and I sent them a scan of the receipt. A new replacement unit arrived within days. No fuss, no questions. Absolutely fantastic.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Best portable air I have ever had

I have owned a few portable air con units and none come even close to comparison with the Dados40. Firstly it is exceptionally quiet with little to no compressor noise (about as loud as a fridge compressor) but the fan noise, which as 3 speeds is on the higher side especially at highest fan speed. Overall through the combination of these two sounds remains substantially below the other units I have owned and the fan noise is not annoying, somewhat similar to a Dyson fan. To give some perspective, whilst the unit is in the lounge area, next to TV you can hear the TV on normal volumes when the Dados is on the low fan speed.

Major plus point is the unit does not require draining of water tank or constant draining as it evaporates it internally. This applies for the air con mode however if you use it as a dehumidifier only it does require this step. Design wise the unit is also a stand out, low, stylish and expensive looking which is something you rarely see in the category. As with all portable air con units, external venting is required. I was very happy to find magnetic connectors for the unit side connection which allows for easy removal and placement with a solid seal and surprisingly a substantial 5 piece slider kit covering everything from narrow windows to a full height sliding door. As a result minimal effort was required to set this unit up with everything you could possibly need in the box.

I have a 2 bedroom apartment and have been able to cool the whole apartment on 35 degree day and certainly keep it very comfortable. It is also quiet enough to sleep with the unit running close by. Cooling efficiency is fantastic and rarely does it need to be on anything more than the low fan speed and the air from the unit is very cold. Cannot comment on electricity usage but it has an "A" European efficiency rating. I would highly recommend this unit. Pricing seems to range from around $750 up to $1000 depending on retailer and even at $1000 my recommendation would stand.

Best 800$ spent

Works as expected. DB levels are pretty low. Easy to move and install, except when installing on sliding doors its virtually impossible to install. No need to adjust the air vents. Cools quickly. Remote functions are pretty good. It's a well thought and well designed portable aircon. There is no need to attach a pipe for water outlet it automatically evaporates it.

Excellent - All I Hoped It Would Be

I bought one for my mother's unit. I was a little worried about how it would cool the entire unit but it has done the job extremely well. She has not had to have it above the medium setting. Even when the outside temperature was 38 degrees, the Dados 40 kept the entire unit cool and comfortable. The Dados 40 does produce some noise but it is acceptable noise. The unit is compact and unobtrusive. It is easy to set up, use and clean. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to beat the heat in room or reasonably small unit.

Excellent for average sized room

I work from home and the last few days of 37 degree temperatures made this impossible. Saturday morning went looking and brought a Dados 40 - revese cycle and rated for an average sized room. Unpacked and all the bits were there and the window (actually sliding door) kit was a breeze to assemble (did not use manual which seems to have lost a bit when translated from Italian).
The air flow is impressive though a bit noisy. The cooling capacity handled a 3.6x3.3x2.8m room in a low set weatherboard house though it does stuggle when the outside temperature rises above 35 degrees, but it probably will perform better when the window kit in my casement window is properly sealed.
A permanetly connected drain for the condensate is essential to reduce humidity. I initially used the bung supplied and was emptying it at the end of the day (my unit has a pump and hose built in). The unit is designed to evaporate condensate when the bung is in place and this puts humidity back! The amount of heat pushed out by the unit is substantial, so I installed it as close to the window as possible.
Most importantly I am now able to work from home again with the Dados 40 about as noisy as the fan I used to use. I am impressed.

Premium Price, Feels and Performs Like a Bargain Basement Cheapie

Gosh, where to start. Well, I had a previous Altise unit of the same capacity which cost half as much and was IMO of far superior quality.

Unit arrived with the exhaust hose crushed under it. When I called Atlantic there was some back and forward whether I should be able to straighten it out (like a mangled but functional hose would be acceptable), before they offered to regular post out a replacement. When I said I was hoping to get cool sooner than the next week, they offered to charge me for the cost to express it.

Unit also has several dents on it, about the size of my pinkie nail. Hose fittings were covered in black dirt where dirty water had dried out. Unit also had brown dirty spots on it. Black power cord has white stuff all over it - looks like paint - sort of comes off with my finger nail - might be dissolved styrofoam.

Fit and finish is horrible. Soft plastic, rough edges, the sides bow out (you can see it in the picture, that is not a camera lens effect). Removing filter panels requires strong finger nails. Hose fitting snaps together all mis-aligned and attaches to unit weakly by magnets. If you have to do sharp bends with the hose to get up to your window as I do, good luck. Manual isn't particularly clear and well laid out, but eventually it tells you how to turn it on (button is behind the filter panel for some reason) and which is the cool side (hot side has the drain plug).

Powered on to test it out. Output smells like plastic, made me feel ill. No previous split system or portable I have owned has done that. Thought it was pretty loud, turns out it was just the fan. When cooling it is so much louder than my Altise. I would not recommend using in a room where you plan on talking or watching TV. We have low flying planes where we live - it is not that loud.

My Altise slowly exhausted very warm air through the hose. This unit absolutely pours out less warm air. I suspect this does not do wonders for its efficiency. Perhaps it is the price you pay for condensate vaporization. Can't tell you how effective it is at cooling due to the the damaged exhaust hose.

The fan does blow air at a very high velocity, it would probably circulate a larger room very well. If you want that feature and nothing else I've mentioned concerns you, I'd say go for it. The unit is also short, with a larger footprint than other units. That may work for you, for me it just takes up more space.

Overpriced, loud, poor fit and finish, plastic smell, arrived with various quality control issues, "barest minimum" support.

Questions & Answers

I need a replacement part for my Dados 40, the flat connector part that connects the exhaust hose to the back of the AC unit. Someone bought it for me second hand but it is missing this part which means I cannot connect the exhaust pipe and cannot use it. If anyone can help me with a replacement part I would be very very thankful. :) I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
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I got the air con unit 2 years ago and I just use it for hot Queensland weather from November to March, it worked ok the first year I used a rubber pipe and large drum which I emptied daily. but now when ever I use it same method it’s leaking from some where else? Yes the filter is clean! Why is it leaking all over the carpet? Not very happy not for an $800 dollar unit!
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More water than normal coming out of the overflow! Reasons??
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Dados 40
Price (RRP) $999
Cooling Capacity4kW
Heating Capacity4kW
Reverse CycleYes

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