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Olimpia Splendid Piu

Latest review: This aircon makes the room cool in minutes. The size best fits the place and is suitable. It is very nicely designed and fulfils the needs. However, the back pipe needs the place to keep the warm air

Polocool PC-53AP/C / PC-58AP/C / PC-44BP/C

Latest review: This has got to be the best Portable Air Con unit. It’s well priced, easy to maintain gets icy cold even on 30°+ days. It does a great job of cooling the open plan living area of my to


Latest review: I bought this in December 2018 and within 3 weeks i was getting a constant "FL" error, regardless of the fact EVERYTIME i went to empty the unit, there has either been NO water or at best a few ml.

Omega Altise OAPC10

Latest review: It's not like an actual split system but good enough to sleep during these summers in Sydney which is not too hot. I have got a small bedroom and its perfect for

Stirling (Aldi) Portable Air Conditioner

Latest review: I bought one, used it most of summer and suddenly it stops working. Shuts off after 30 mins, max. Aldi palmed me off to Tempo (the company that rebadge this POS) who had me deliver it to the

Rinnai RPC35WA / RPC41WA

Latest review: I bought this unit a month ago and am very happy with my purchase. It is a little noisy as all portable units are but otherwise works well. It cools the room nicely and keeps it at temperature all

Levante LEV 18

Latest review: Bought from the GoodGuys on 21 Jan 2019 - heatwave so we needed some extra cooling in the house. It cost over $1000 so we hoped it would be exceptional. It quickly cooled our small loungeroom down

Dimplex DC10RC / DC12RCBW / DC15RCBW

Latest review: I live in a summer sweat box, I'm on top of a hill and the western side of the building is completley exposed to the west, one day of temp above 30 and my apartment starts to heat up, if there is a


Latest review: Bought for our kid's room as it gets up to 30+ degrees in there in summer. So happy. Knew we were buying budget, but really happy with the quality. Room size is 11m2 and it cools it down well. It

DeLonghi PAC WE120HP

Latest review: Really impressed with the performance of this unit, using it in a 42 square metre lounge room with adjoining dining area and and it has dropped the temperature from uncomfortably hot to very

Honeywell MN10CES / MN12CES

Latest review: If you have a small room to cool this will do the job, the unit is pretty noisy if you can put up with the noise then this unit cools pretty well and the dehumidifier does a good job as well. Its

Atlantic Dados 40

Latest review: how do you get the 16.000btu to blow hot air,i find this air conditioner very bad as i use it in a small well sealed bedroom and it does not do what it's advertised to do,i'm thinking of contacting


Latest review: I didnt expect this air con to be as good as it is but it is amazing! It doesn’t take long to cool down our whole loungeroom and once everything is closed up the room gets quite cool and it’s just bli

Dimplex DC17 / DC18

Latest review: I purchased this air conditioner nearly two years ago, it is a good system, but you really need to make everything air tight, you have to block under the doors, to stop the negative air flow, and the

DeLonghi PAC WE18INV

Latest review: I enjoyed the unit for the first 12 months despite it being quite loud and using a lot of electricity. BUT, today during a hot day, I noticed I was still very hot in the room and that it was blowing

Vostok 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Latest review: Before to this we had another portable air conditioner which is not good in this extreme 35oc heat. This is very good and enough for a single bedroom. No problems with it and easy to drain and

DeLonghi PACN76

Latest review: Can run continuously for days @ 21+ C Will get too cold and ice up @ 16-20 C even when forecast is 40C I really love it easy to use especially dehumidify when I am using Cpap machine. I disconnect

Close Comfort PC9+

Latest review: What more can a pensioner with no additional income want, than an air conditioner which won't cost arms, legs, and first born, to run. I received my unit yesterday, after having ordered just the day

Dimplex DC14PAC

Latest review: After much comparing I purchased this portable airconditioner for the lounge. I was worried it wouldn’t cool enough but it works great. It’s not too noisy and is very easy to use. Easy to install. So

Omega Altise OAPC1615W

Latest review: Good unit, does the work during those hot days without spending a lot. Has timer option which is really helpful to save surprises from huge electricity bills. Sound is a big negative side of this

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