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Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series

Latest review: These air conditioning systens work very well and will cool or heat an entire 4 bedroom home with ease a must have if you live in Australia. There is nothing better than walking into a nice cool home

Mitsubishi SRK-ZMA Series

Latest review: works very well, enough for my master bedroom heating and cooling and fan also very comfirtable capacity remote controller is easy to use very silent than privious other brand old unit, all

Daikin FTXS20/25/35KVMA

Latest review: This air conditioner was a little more expensive than some but worth the money. I turned a sweatbox into a great bedroom. Even on the hottest days it handled the temperature easily. Easy to manage

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09/12/18/22/24KMCA

Latest review: We have just installed two of these units on the outside wall of our double brick home. The actual units sit on stands with anti vibration rubber mounts. Our Panasonic outside unit operates whisper

Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series

Latest review: Love our air conditioner. Have it installed in our bedroom, run smoothly , very quiet, warm up or cool down the room very quick and not cost us a lot of electricity to run. Highly

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series

Latest review: i was happy at first now that it already goes for 3 months a can say that does not meet my expectations , but was cheap compared to other the same power cooling , i think all that advancements of

Daikin Cora

Latest review: High quality unit, worth the price premium. Quiet and effective, easy to use. Head unit small for the output. 7kw unit was correct size for our family room, which is large with west

Olimpia Splendid Piu

Latest review: This aircon makes the room cool in minutes. The size best fits the place and is suitable. It is very nicely designed and fulfils the needs. However, the back pipe needs the place to keep the warm air

Mitsubishi DXK-ZMA-S Series

Latest review: In the WA desert, where the dust is thick, the temps reach 45+ for weeks and the aircons never get a rest, these units never seem to complain. We had used many other brands (including most of the

Polocool PC-53AP/C / PC-58AP/C / PC-44BP/C

Latest review: This has got to be the best Portable Air Con unit. It’s well priced, easy to maintain gets icy cold even on 30°+ days. It does a great job of cooling the open plan living area of my to

Panasonic ECONAVI AERO Z-TKR Series

Latest review: I live in Melbourne Victoria, this is a very good product. However you need to find your own installer for the product from your local paper. The store where I bought the product can arrange

Kelvinator KSV25/35/50/70/80HRG

Latest review: On 1/6/18 we bought this air conditioner with the promise of $100 cash back. Alas, still haven’t receive it despite details being registered shortly after purchase. Have spent much time on the p

Fujitsu Designer ASTG09/12/18KUCA

Latest review: I bought it from Bing Lee during their 20% off Ebay sale and Fujitsu was also running $150 cashback promo so the total price came to $409.20. The looks have been great but it's bit noisy when


Latest review: I bought this in December 2018 and within 3 weeks i was getting a constant "FL" error, regardless of the fact EVERYTIME i went to empty the unit, there has either been NO water or at best a few ml.

LG P09/12/18/24/28AWN-14

Latest review: We do not recommend LG air conditioners. We purchased our air conditioner on 31 July 2017. In August 2018 it stopped heating. A repair person attended and fixed it. In January 2019 it stopped

Omega Altise OAPC10

Latest review: It's not like an actual split system but good enough to sleep during these summers in Sydney which is not too hot. I have got a small bedroom and its perfect for

ActronAir ESP Plus

Latest review: The unit is the best thing i have ever bought and it copes well on high demand and extended periods. Very Satisfied with the product the features and controls are a bonus and simplicity at it's

Rinnai RPC35WA / RPC41WA

Latest review: Before I bought this unit, I read the review here. Majority of the review is good. Indeed it is as good as it says. Unfortunately it is not reverse cycle and the cable length is slightly shorter that

Stirling (Aldi) Portable Air Conditioner

Latest review: I bought one, used it most of summer and suddenly it stops working. Shuts off after 30 mins, max. Aldi palmed me off to Tempo (the company that rebadge this POS) who had me deliver it to the

Levante LEV 18

Latest review: Bought from the GoodGuys on 21 Jan 2019 - heatwave so we needed some extra cooling in the house. It cost over $1000 so we hoped it would be exceptional. It quickly cooled our small loungeroom down

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