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Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

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Having to call helpdesk

I have been using load and go for a while and it usually works quit well. But I find the system totally stupid If your card expires with money on it, you cant simply tranfere money between cards. I have just spent 25 mins speaking to somebody in India to transfere money from an expired card to my new caed? It should either be automatic or I should be able to transfer money between cards online. I would assume it would not be rocket science. If it is some sort of security complience thing I would be very happy to find out what that would be.

However I have found the card usfull on the whole, and the phone help has been helfull

Hey Stephen, We understand that some services for this card are a little frustrating. Following both customer and retail staff feedback, we have been working towards simplifying and improving our prepaid card offering to create a better customer experience, making it easier for customers to find the right card to meet their needs. This is why all Load&Go cards with expiry dates from May 2019 on wards will not be renewed. The Load&Go Travel Card was discontinued from August 2018 in preparation for this. If your card is close to expiring or has expired you will no longer be able to renew it. If funds do still remain on a your card after expiry, you will still be able reclaim funds. To arrange this please call the Load&Go team using the number on the back of your card. Australia Post will soon introduce a new, simplified and improved prepaid card suite, consisting of three cards. The new suite will consist of: - Australia Post Everyday Mastercard - Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard - Australia Post Gift card (already released last September) Our new cards are coming soon, projected for launch in June 2019 – keep an eye on our website for further details. ~SamiHi and thanks for getting back to me, but you did not answer my complaint about not beimg able to transfere funnds between load and go cardsHey Stephen, Sorry about that. You would need to contact Load&Go directly to discuss why there isn't a self service feature for transfer funds between cards. ~Sami

Customer care of Load & Go card

I had to call customer care and they were really rude. I have called few time for different reasons. They just just hand up without explaining anything when there is a difficult query.

Hey Gary, It's disappointing to hear that you have had this kind of experience while calling Load&Go for assistance. I would like to pass on some feedback about these incidents so Load&Go can address it directly. I've just sent you a message for some more details. ~SamiThanks Sami. Responded now

Never ever again.

Really hard to get customer support when card refused to work! Card not accepted inv arious situations in NYCity. Hard to see balance and keep track. Do not recommend it at all.

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Hey Mars, It's a shame to hear that this card didn't meet your expectations. When using this card, please ensure the retailer accepts prepaid visa cards if you are having issues. If you are having issues checking your balance or using your card at an ATM please contact Load&Go directly either by calling them or logging an enquiry via the app. ~Sami

Australia Post Load and Go China Card

If your thinking of getting a Australia Post Load and Go China Card, it's my recommendation that you don't! It's true that China uses "Union Pay" as a main credit card but only big retailers and hotels may accept it, I had no success in any restaurant, convenience store or trying to order anything on line. There's no name on it, so on line ordering anything like food is out. Small retailers said it not issued there and wouldn't accept it, then there's fees to withdraw from a bank. Then there's issues with Australia post, there card, there emblem on it and they don't want to know you once they have your money because you won't get anything back from them. STAY CLEAR OF THIS CARD.

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Hey Alan, It's disappointing to hear that this card didn't meet your expectations. I understand it may seem like we don't want to help you after this card has been purchased but we are just a seller for this product. For assistance you need to contact Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card. The Load&Go team has access to the systems needed to help you. ~Sami

Load and go = Load of crap

wont recognise CVV number , says its active with funds and card is registered ,, got told a tech team would ring in 48hours after 10 mind messing phone calls

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Hey Jezza, It's disappointing the hear that it took so long for you to receive assistance with your Load&Go card issue. I'd like to pass on feedback about this experience you've had so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~Sami

Load and go bad customer service

After i got a refund from paypal. It didnt go back to my card. Had to do a lot of chasing to find out it was load and go fault. Spent an hr explaining the situation. There was no fraud activity just money to be refunded. They suspended my load and go account and now want me to buy a new card to reopen my account even though i told them i didnt want to be with them anymore and wanted the rest of my money on the load and go card refunded. They refused and said they cant do that due to security measure. I asked for the manager or supervisor and after waiting on hold for ever they said a manager will give me a call back. The next day the manager calls leaving a voice mail telling me i missed a call and i have to call back and request a supervisor again to have them call me at another inconvenient time and auspost cant refund me either. Horrible service.

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Hey Carlos, Thanks for taking to time to share feedback about your recent experience, it's really disappointing to hear that you had this experience while speaking with the customer service team at Load&Go. I've sent you a message for some more details about this so I can ensure feedback is passed on about this experience you had. ~Sami

Auspost Mastercard gift card

Never trust AUSPOST ever. I lost my card in the house and I had the cardnumber with me just could locate the pin to use it online. Put a complain to Auspost and then sent me back and forth for different company who deals with it. I wasted my days for nothing at all and I have $150 still in the card which I cant use anymore because the Auspost cant refund or give me the replacement neither anyone is providing me the pin to use it. Biggest scam ever in my life that they keep the money and say we cant do anything.

Hey Nabeel, It's concerning to hear about this experience you have had. Load&Go enquiries are handled directly by the Load&Go team and I apologise if you contacted Australia Post only to be provided incorrect advise or unhelpful assistance. I'd like to pass on your details directly to the Load&Go team so you can get some assistance with this enquiry so I've sent you a message for some more details. ~SamiHey Sami thanks for the reply but I am 100% no one is going to reach to me ever because AUSPOST has got worst customer service in the world. I have not got my refund for weeks already and no one is listening to me at all.

load and go review 11/1/19

I have load and go app on iPhone its great I can check my balance
and the renew fee is 6.95$!! and fees are the same

I want it lowered to for concession users like me !

and you can buy a new card in au post

and Transaction fee for purchases are $0.09 per purchase transaction (9 cents), capped at $0.99 per month (30 days starting from the date of the first transaction).

Does not apply to ATM withdrawals *

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Hey Muzzie1993, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback about your experience with the product. ~Sami

Do not use this card.

Do not rely on this card while travelling, I was stuck in Europe and couldn't access my funds, called the number and after 20minutes on hold the didn't call me back, had to sort it out when I got back. Now my daughter has lost her card in the US we finally got a replacement only for it to get lost in the mail, how ironic. Now trying to get another replacement as Post office says we can't get the funds unless we have a card. Plus look at the exchange rates. Trying to change my Euros back to dollars the will only give me $1.49 per euro but if I want to buy Euros they want $1.72, current rate is $1.62. no wonder they don't charge fees. Avoid at all costs.

Hey Ralph, It's disappointing to hear about all of this happening. I'd like to pass on feedback regarding your customer service experience you had with Load&Go so I've sent you a message for some more details about that. Regarding getting the funds back on your daughters card, there are details on how to do this in the FAQs, it's the 6th point you'll want. http://auspo.st/2nibiPS ~SamiHi Sami, my daughter lost her first card in the US, and the replacement card was lost in the mail Australia Post has given us a credit for the postage. So without a card FAQ6 doesn't apply, how do I get the funds back.

Do Australia Post staff know to scan the bar-code on the letter to activate the card?

I visited two local Australia Post offices where staff have been unable to successfully activate anyone's cards. Turns out they were scanning the bar-code on the back of the card when they should have been scanning the bar-code on the top right hand side of the letter. The bar-code on the letter worked straight away. I thought this might be useful feedback for people who are having difficulty activating a renewed card.

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Hey Kas66, Thanks for your feedback. Our staff are shown how to do this but sometimes do need a refresher. You can pass on feedback about this happening here: https://auspo.st/2MJ0QBE ~Sami

Absolute rubbish

Put cash in can’t take cash out, doesn’t work at post office that I bought it from ( even using credit) doesn’t work with WesternUnion, and then can’t get money out,! joke what is the point of this page that just tells you to go to website not happy jan ( response from aust post was can only take out $ 250 a week cash or cash out by ringing charge $15 and wait 21 days for a cash voucher absolute garbage no wonder bad star rating, I will make a point of not shopping at auspost in future.

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Hey Russell, If you are having issues accessing your funds please contact Load&Go directly using the number on the back of your card so they can look into this further for you. ~Sami


This card is a nightmare! I can’t use it to make an online purchase here - I was told at P.O. it would suit my clearly stated requirements, such a shame it does not. So much time has been wasted trying to sort out my own money on this problem card. Bought today I will return it to same P.O. ASAP for full refund, I trust it will be a full refund under the misleading circumstances?
Aus Post why are so many people having so many problems? To use your favourite phrase “it’s a shame it doesn’t suit your needs” how about re-thinking this problematic product? Don’t understand your repetitive response putting the onus on the purchaser and not accepting responsibility for all the debacles, perhaps you will enlighten us?
Has anyone complained about this financial product to The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) 1800 931 678 which has just become effective, or the previous equivalent of this organisation? If so what happened?
AND SO IT GOES ON ... tried 3 major ATM’s to access MY OWN MONEY (which is needed) - were all error messages such as ‘restricted use’ etc NOT ACCEPTABLE & NOT GOOD ENOUGH. These cards are useless in every sense of the word and should not be allowed to be sold. Local Australia Post Office I will be there for my full refund on Monday 5/11, you mislead me and sold me a NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE PRODUCT and therefore I am certain you will be keen to right your wrong, shame shame shame totally disgraceful.

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Hey Jkay, It's disappointing to hear that you are having some issues with the card. As the Load&Go Travel Card was removed from sale on August 1st I've sent you a message to confirm the type of card you have so we can assist you with this. Depending on the card type there could be some terms of use that could explain the issues you are having. ~Sami

Absolute Rubbish

This card expires too easily and requires multiple registrations.
This card demonstrates everything that is wrong with where Australia Post is heading.
I bought from what I considered to be a "reputable" name, but it is a tricky, hidden terms and fees product with no transparency even when creating a login and trawling through the help documents.

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Hey Mikey, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback, it's a shame to hear that you have had some issues with the card and that it didn't suit your needs. ~Sami


This was by far the worst card I have used in my life. There is a $999 limit which is pretty stupid for a visa, the card does not work in any atms, it would always say not authorised even though only tapping the card worked. it takes 2-4 days to transfer money into the card. I was in Germany waiting for 3 days to get money for a ticket, food etc. But my money wasn’t coming in so I spoke to a consultation agent and he said that the money doesn’t transfer on the weekends for a visa even though I sent it on a Friday and would not offer any help or suggestions to my problem whatsoever and just hung up on me. The card is a waste of money and would definitely recommend to buy a visa from your own bank instead.

Bloody useless Australia Post

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Hey Gali, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, it's a shame to hear this product hasn't suited your needs. Regarding your money transfers, these usually take 2 business days minimum to be completed depending on your bank. If the transfer still hasn't finished please contact your bank to check the time frame for these transfers. ~Sami

Terrible, Expensive & Misleading

Got this card for a recent trip to China. First trip overseas with the kids and on a very tight budget. Tried to pay for as much as we could prior to leaving Australia so we didn’t have to worry as much. First purchase I made using this card was for $100AUD (taxi transfer from the airport to the hotel). When I logged into the Load & Go App on my iPhone it said the taxi company had charged me $120AUD. Rang the taxi company who informed me they definitely had not charged me $120. Called Load & Go (which wasn’t an easy process and warns of fees for calling ‘customer service’ **side note - good customer service is not charging someone for customer service**) and was told that the taxi company had definitely charged me $120. At this stage I’m thinking if it’s this hard in Australia what’s it going to be like in China?! So I go back to the taxi company who tells me they definitely didn’t charge me $120 and provide proof. Back to Load & Go who finally tell me that it’s a 20% holding surcharge that THEY put on purchases. Then why did you say it was the taxi company, why does the statement say it was the taxi company and are you now telling me that I need to add an additional 20% to my account to ensure I have access to the originally budgeted amount for my holiday?!! Answers were; not sure, it just does and yes. Fanflippingtastic, my holiday just got 20% more expensive, 20% I certainly don’t have given the tight budget. Ran around like headless chooks for a day trying desperately to find another solution before we left. Thank the powers that be that we found something else in time because Load & Go Travel could have stopped us from going on our holiday. Fees are excessive, practically wasn’t accepted anywhere in China, statement has misleading information on it...just a really crappy product. Horrible experience, terrible customer service, don’t touch it, although I believe they’ve removed the product from sale anyway. Maybe they agree it’s not very good.

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Hey Chris, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us about your experience. It's a shame to hear that the surcharge caught you off guard and almost ruined your trip. ~Sami

Absolutely Useless

I Can't get my cash out I put in the card. I can't use it to buy a flight because the airline website payment would not accept it!

Will not waste my time getting another one. There are better pre-paid travel cards out there.

Hey Tony, It's a shame to hear that you are having issues using this card. I recommend contacting Load&Go about this using the number on the back of your card so they can check to see if your card has been blocked at all. If it has they'll be able to help fix this for you. ~SamiMy card hasn't been blocked. It appears it has too many limitations and restrictions of the card or of merchants to make this item useable.

Don't buy this

It's impossible to activate or register. The website sends you on a complete goose chase going around and around - you have to call the customer helpline who say "there's a glitch we have to resolve" if it's a known issue why not fix it straight up?
Complete regret in purchasing this card. Can't use it in the way I'd like either even though the person in the office said it was possible to transfer between cards, it isn't.

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Hey S Perera, If you're having trouble creating an account, please raise a case with all your details (name, email, phone number) and our technical team will look into it: http://auspo.st/1BSsfUK ~Sami


Loaded 200 dollars and then was deducted 198 dollars without ever buying anything now it just says pending order and I’m not sure if I will get my money back. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM!!!

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Hey Sam L. I agree that this is a problem, I understand your concerns. You'll need to contact Load&Go directly about this for further assistance, their number can be found on the back of your card. ~Sami

Not Good

Purchased the card last friday, loaded some money, used it online that night , perfect. Went next day and loaded some more money, no worries. Went to load more money 2 days later at post office, technical issues ring helpline, did that wait 48 hours problem will be fixed. 48 hours later, tried to load money, cannot do, problem not fixed, still a technical issue. Rang customer service, plenty of apologies, will be prioritised to get fixed. Pretty disgusted with the whole thing quite frankly.

I have been contacted by A/Post and its been fixed.Hey John83100, Thanks for sharing with us your recent experience and the update that it has now been fixed. ~Sami

Don't use

Put money on card at post office to the value of item I wanted to purchase. Load and go added an extra 20 percent to the purchase price. My item purchase was declined. I have been reported to eBay for making a purchase as the card was declined. I knew nothing about this fee and it is not listed on the fees schedule on the net. The 1300 number will not do anything and stated that they do this to cover extra charges that may happen. This purchase was not a booking or air line fare. It was a straight purchase. I have now been blocked by eBay and now one is willing to help

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Hey Max, It's a shame to hear that this has happened. We always recommend you check the fees before you go ahead to make sure our product is right for you and doesn't catch you out unaware. Load&Go Reloadable: http://auspo.st/2ewc3mB Load&Go Travel Card: http://auspo.st/2nxaEQv Load&Go Gift Card: https://auspo.st/2C1BACK I recommend contacting eBay about this to see how you can unblock your accound. ~Sami

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Questions & Answers

Hi there.. How someone can transfer funds to my load and Go card from USA? Your assistance would be much appreciated.. Cheer
1 answer
Hi Abbi, Happy to help, can you tell me are you trying to put US dollars onto the card? Or are you travelling and want to Aussie dollars on it? Any details you can give me will help! Priscila

Hi, I've just activated my new Everyday Card and would like to transfer my remaining 151$ from my Load and Go Card, how can I do that? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi A Dawood, Funds can be loaded onto the mastercard with a debit card however you may need to speak to the load and go team to take the funds off to do a bank transfer to your new mastercard. Priscila

can I swap my details from load and go which is about to expire to an everyday mastercard
1 answer
Hi Jan, The Everyday Mastercard is a new card so you won't be able to swap or transfer any details but you can still use your details for your new mastercard. Priscila


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