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Avanti Art Deco Espresso

Avanti Art Deco Espresso

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Mesh handle broke after ten days of infrequent use.

I purchased the Avanti Art Deco Espresso Maker 10 Cup ten days ago. Today as I was cleaning it, the little handle on the mesh insert broke off.

It is very flimsy and poorly designed, so much so that it is no doubt a known design flaw.

I now have to try and get a replacement, or failing that, a full refund warranty. Sad really, because it is otherwise a lovely espresso maker.

Purchased in May 2019 for $168.90.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Several times a week

Love them.

I've got three different sizes and I've given lots as gifts to family and friends. Makes good coffee and they look lovely on stove top and are easy to clean.

Purchased in April 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Daily

The journey is over

What a decades long journey but I am home now. Started with the aluminium stovetop expresso machines moved on to several stovetop designs ,then to electric expresso machines low end ,then to high end,then to an avanti plunger and now to this .It makes the best consistent easy coffee out of all of them.I have the 6 cup version which is pefect for 2 people.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Makes seroiusly good coffee

I have always had a stovetop coffee maker of some type adn I can confidently say this is the best one. It has already outlasted most other and shows no signs of wear. Something about the design of this particular one make THE BEST coffee. Rich and strong. I wholeheartedly recommend this machine. I have th 6 cups one and its great.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

The Goldilocks coffee maker

Not too big, not too small. This is the perfect size for me, I make a pot every morning and have just the right amount for the day including in a cup for a the wife. If makes strong italian style coffee. You can't really make it any weaker as it needs a certain amount to hold the pressure and just becomes bitter if you don't load it fully. Its a really good coffee maker and looks good too.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Love this coffee maker

I am actually sipping on a delicious coffee from this right now as I write. I have had plenty of stovetops over the years but this one is particularly good. It has the two things I always want: 6 cups volume and stainless steel construction. So long s you get the tamping pressure right with the grounds, this is pretty much a failsafe "always good" machine. Happy with it, no complaints at all

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Really excellent espresso

I only use stovetops - I have no time for all the silly machine people have these days - this is the best and one of the simplest ways to have beautiful coffee. its very well made, all stainless so it doesn't taint the flavor and simply works well. No complaints at all. Great for espresso!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Over four years old still going strong

I got this for christmas 2014 and its still going strong. I use it every morning and its somehow on the original o-ring seal. This impressive! Its stainless steel which is the ONLY way to go with these as it doesn't taint the coffee and they last longer too. I would say I am 100% happy with this. Not a bad word to say. They have pretty much got the design spot on! Oh and the coffee is lovely too!

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Great simple stovetop coffee maker

I really like this. It takes a lot for me to get excited about a coffee pot but this one works particularly well. I have no interest is the whizz bang coffee machines that everybody has now. I appreciate simple things but good quality and that describes this precisely. I use it everyday and I always have good coffee. The seal is still good (its only 6 months old) and being stainless steel, its much better for you than aluminium ( they leech ). I recommend this model - its good!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Consistently good coffee

This is the latest of many espresso makers that I have had - I always have one but I will say that this is amongst the best. I don't know if its the shape of the boiler or the pressure it develops or what exactly but this one makes consistently great coffee. It is still possible to get it wrong though. There is some user error possible. You need to use good beans and get the tamping just right. If you do that you will be rewarded with great coffees from this!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Really enjoy this coffee maker

I am delighted with this stovetop coffee maker. It looks lovely but the main point is that it makes absolutely excellent coffee. There is nothing much to these - just three metal parts and a seal but in that simplicity it works very well indeed. The secret with these is to keep the flame down very low!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Excellent Espresso Coffee Maker

This is all I need in a coffee maker. It is simple but very effective. I have the six cup one and I have it down to a "T" packing it in the morning. It can make awful coffee, it can make wonderful coffee it's up to you what bean you use and how you pack it. Done right, this can make coffee to give most cafes a run fir their money. I really like this simple device

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Lovely Coffee Every Day

I get up and make my coffee first thing every morning. This has been the best little stove top I have had in years. I always have one and I used to think th Bialetti were best. If you get the pressure just right when you put the coffee grounds in, you can get the sweetest most delicious results with this. Another bonus is that a year out I am still on the seam seal so that good too. I recommend this model, its good.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Really Great Stovetop Espresso

Love this. Make coffee every morning and save $8 for the two of us.
It's all about good quality beans, the pressure that you pack the coffee basket and keeping that flame low.
I am still on the original seal which is good going and the only maintenance is a good clean, I did clean the inside tube too with a pipe cleaner as it collects a lot of particles.
This makes consistent delicious coffee.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great Espresso Coffee Maker

I have the 6 cup pot which I find perfect for a full mug of black espresso. You can use the supplied reducer to make a smaller brew if you wish. Even though the unit is made in China it is very well constructed and solid and should last for many years.Make sure you do not use the handle as a lever to attach and remove the upper chamber from the pot. You can get good purchase from gripping around the spout. The pot is very easy to use and as the lower chamber holds more water than it produces in coffee you will always have a small amount of water in the bottom chamber. Not an issue your coffee is ready when it starts to gurgle. Cleaning is a breeze and a chopstick makes cleaning the upper chamber a 1 minute job. Put hot water into the upper chamber then wrap a chux cloth around your chopstick and insert into the pot and use it to clean the pot as you would with a brush. As the bottom chamber has excess water the chamber never needs cleaning just a quick rinse. This avanti makes great coffe consistently. Would highly recommend.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love this coffer pot

Given this four years ago by my daughter as an unwanted wedding present . I use it twice every day . .I find it very easy to use and give it s good rinse afterwards . I am a bit carefuI using it on a gas stove but always remove it from the stove with an oven glove just incase of burning as the handle can get hot. I have tried so many coffee machines but nothing comes close to the coffee this little pot makes !

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Love it!

I use my percolator every morning so I need one that can live through heavy use; until now I have used cheaper brands like Pezzetti and Bialetti, and I have found that even after 6 months the quality of the coffee gets gritty and even burnt/bitter. I have had my Avanti for a year now and it hasn't missed a beat- perfect, smooth coffee consistent every morning... and unlike the other brands, although I probably should have by now, I haven't had to descale it at all. I cant praise it enough.... if I ever have to replace it, it will be with another Avanti.

Great perculator. Use it every day.

I wanted to reply to some of the comments regarding the "filter cap". Other companies refer to this as a reducer. The reducer is used to "reduce" the amount of coffee you are making. By inserting the reducer, you have cut the volume of coffee in half. You fill the base of the coffeemaker with water to half of what you normally would, insert the reducer, and add the coffee. With the reducer in place you can use a 6 cup coffeemaker and make only 3 cups of coffee. It makes the coffeemaker more versatile.

excellent product

I received mine for Christmas, it is great and easy to use, and it makes excellent coffee. filter cap confuses me (never seen or heard of one before) bent into a "v" on first use - I now use it upside down and it works well (it makes cleaning lots easier)
neat, easy to tighten/loosen, comes with a second seal, works on induction
didn't receive it early enough

Good product and looks good too

I have recently bought the small coffee maker and would recommend it for coffee for 2 people. The handle doesn't get hot if it isn't placed above the heat. It is better than my larger well known Italian brand model which nearly scalds me every time I use it. There is a little steam escape gap at the top of the handle and I have to remember to hold it carefully. The Avanti avoids this problem, I'm pleased to say. I've never used the filter cap so can't comment on it's effectiveness. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for use on an induction stove top.
Good weight, solid, terrific coffee
Not suitable for induction

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Questions & Answers

I have purchased a 9 cup by mistake as my old one was actually a 6 cup. I am wondering if I could still use it with less water and coffee - or should I get another. I also saw a comment that how the coffe is packed makes a difference to the coffee what is recommended please?
No answers

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement basket for Avanti Art Deco espresso two cup please?
No answers

where can I find the filter for the coffee funnel for an Avanti 4 cup stove top coffee maker? Thanks for any suggestions Henry G
1 answer
Hi Henry, I have an Avanti Art Deco 6 cup and all good here. I would suggest that you contact McIvers Tea and Coffee Merchants in Melbourne who sell Avanti and are good people to deal with. You could send them an email,find the address at mcivers.melbourne or phone 03 93298911. As an alternative you could look at the Ilsa Slancio coffee maker which I believe is the same as the Avanti.If you go to espressozone.com or go to caffebianchi.com.au both companies sell Ilsa coffe makers and parts including funnels. You could contact them and ask if the parts in the Ilsa are interchangeable with the Avanti. As a last possible solution you would need to know the dimensions of the Avanti funnel and then see if one of the Bialetti Stainless Steel funnels are the same size and would fit the avanti.Bialetti parts are more readily available than the avanti. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good Luck. Regards TerryB


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