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Baby U Nappy Safe

Baby U Nappy Safe

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Has been passed down from each family member.

We got this simple bin from a 2nd cousin- and every one who has been to our home just raves about the simple and effective bin system. We empty it every night just out of habit but can easily go 2 days . I didn't realise what the big deal was until I tried a friends bin . I had to lift lid- Putin happy. Close kid and turn it 2 times. Omg confusing and hard. This bin you drop into the hole and turn. Done. I'm literally looking for one to buy as a baby shower gift. They are amazing!!

Brilliant product

I bought this bin for my little one room as I hate the idea of having any kind of oudour of soiled nappies. I really like this bin because there is no need to buy expensive refills, it is really easy to use, holds loads of nappies and keep the smells even when in hot weather.
Economical and does contain the smells!

What size is the bin you bought? Is it big enough do you think?Hi Annabel, I bought the big one. Baby nappies just get bigger and bulkier. My baby is now 6 months and he fills the bin in 2.5 days. Hope this helps!

Fantastic item... no smell...

When friends were getting other fancy disposal systems, i wondered why they couldnt just throw their nappies in the bin like everyone else.. being my 3rd child, i didnt want the expense of cassettes of bin liners when i could discard as i always had previously...
As a gift i recieved this amazing, less than $3 per year system... so easy to use and only need to empty once per week (with no smells, you can fill the bag to the brim efficiently). You just fold the nappy in half(hiding what has been produced by your cherub) and sit ontop of the bin and with no more touch it can disappear... no smelly hands or 'mess' squeezed out onto the bin... neat, clean and cheap!

I am a convert to this system and tell my friends now to throw away the other brands which smell, cost a fortune in 'their own bags', and almost swallow their hands when you try to push the nappy into the top... only to have the nappy squished and spread the 'excrement' everywhere through the bin...
can buy 30 bags for $1.59 at Woolworths ... so at a bag a week it costs you less than $3 per year to use...

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Hi, just wondering where you purchased this from? Can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Tina

good system

easy to use. I like how I don't have to buy special bags and can just use any rubbish bag. When on solids, I put number 2 nappies in a nappy sack before putting in the bin to help with smell. Smell isn't as bad as I expected, but I now keep it in the toilet room as I don't want the bedroom to smell
can use any rubbish bag, making it cost effective.
yes wipes do get stuck, just put them in the nappy

Hi please help do you know where i can get one from MelbourneBaby U 5200 on sale now at Mumgo.comDoes this contain the smell of the number 2 nappies well ?


A great product. Cost effective with NO ongoing costs. There is no need to touch any part of the unit, just grab the handle and turn. The movable chamber flips over to seal in any odours.
We used this unit for all nappies up until solids were started. We would then put the stinky poo nappies into a nappy sack and straight into the bin, because we personally didnt like the idea of poo sitting in any bin for too long. But I would have also done this if I had any other unit.
Love it!!
NO ONGOING COST!!!!No need for expensive nappy bin liners - USE YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE BAGS!!!!
I love this nappy unit and dont understand why anyone would want to purchase any other unit that requires you to buy the nappy cartridges. Easy to use, easy to clean
If you put a loose bum wipe in the unit, then turn the handle, it can cause the bum wipe to get stuck and come back out the top again when you turn the handle. But in saying that, the unit is made for nappies, not loose bum wipes!


This is a cost-effective option. It takes standard 10 litre bags and has a decent capacity. There's no need to buy the costly cassette bags. The unit is easy to take apart and clean too.
Easy to use, cost-effective
the unit itself doesn't seal so if there is a tear in the bag, there's a risk of the smells getting out

Great Buy

I bought this bin after my last broke and have found it the best bin ever. It contains the nasty smells really well and you can buy bin liners which fit from Bunnings (which are very affordable). The bin is easy to use and clean.
Reliable, easy to use and maintain, keeps in bad smells
Can be a little heavy to lift if full.


Same positive feedback as others. We found it great for our breastfeed baby until he started on solids, now we only use it for wet nappies not soiled. Not because we can smell anything we're just not keen on having those dirty nappies sitting in the room
You can you any bag that fits so no ongoing major costs
Wipes get caught if you don't wrap them in a nappy


I think this bin is great. It is a simple design that is very practical. I only use disposables over night so I don't empty it very often, so I find I need to put pooey nappies in a separate bag because otherwise it can start to smell a bit. Overall I think this bin is great and highly recommend it.
Can use normal bin liners, so reduce waste and cost.
Wipes can get caught.


The bin holds about 1 day and half's worth of nappies, so I do need to change the bin quite often. I would highly recommend buying this bin.
Love that it uses normal household garbage bags, saves me heaps of money buying the bins that uses cartridges. It contains the smell of normal pees and poos well.
It doesn't contain the smell of really big poos very well. So I use additional fragrant bags which cost about $10 to buy about 300 of them, so as to put the smelly nappy in before throwing it away in the bin.


absoloutely love this product!!!! would reccommend to all!!! this unit contains odours so well and the best thing is you can use your standard garbage bags - no need to purchase expensive refills. we were given this as a gift and it truely has been a godsend. no need to travel down to the bin a number of times to prevent smell just pop it in and when its full empty.
easy to use, cost effective (no expensive refill cartridges), contains smells very well
if you place other items eg wipes they do tend to get jammed in the lid making it very hard to turn


This has been one of the best things I bought for my baby. Was originally just using a bucket with a sealable lid, but the odour escaped every time. The only product on the market that you don't have to buy expensive refills for. And it is relatively good for the environment as it doesn't wrap each nappy individually.
Good value for money. No need to buy cartridges as any old plastic bag will do (I use Wavetop Tie bags from the supermarket but you could use standard plastic bags if you are happy to change more often). Contains odours well. Looks nice and easy to clean.
Wipes get caught in it if put in on their own, but I just put the wipes into the nappy before I put it in.

Questions & Answers

Where can you buy this in Australia? Thanks
2 answers
I feel terrible because it was a gift to me... (so I am not sure where they bought it..) I believed they got it from a babyshop eg. babybunting, toys/babies r us, babyco... maybe target?Git mine years ago. Bit you can visit their web-site and enquire: www.nappychamp.info Good luck!

Can you tell me where I can look at a Baby U Nappy Safe system please?
1 answer
unfortunately my mum gave it to me ... nearly 4 years ago... it came from toys r us... but i believe you cant buy it in the shop anymore but can get it online...

Hi, Where can I buy this product? Thanks
2 answers
I bought it from Toys r us.www.mumgo.com.au for $49.95 at the moment


Nappy Safe
Release dateJul 2009

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