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Bakblade 2.0

Bakblade 2.0

4.0 from 4 reviews

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Product works as described

I got it as a gift and I was very skeptical as I have tried every product under the sun but to no avail. I am truly ecstatic of how well this product worked on my back hair. What normally took my girlfriend 20 mins I can now do with ease in 5 minutes by myself. Thanks for a wonderful product. Great purchase

Fire the Product Designer. Wrong Blade(s) angle

I have used used Bakblade 1.0 and it worked like a charm. Then they decided to 'fix something that was not broken' and introduce a star trek design ( they forgot the function).So unable to purchase new blades for 1.0 I purchased 2.0. I tried to shave my back but ! had to go over & over same spot again & again. There is something wrong with this I said to my self. Why is it not shaving off the hair like 1.0 did? So I put the new unit on a table, blades facing down, and looked at the 'attack angle' of the blades, They were virtually flat to the table!. Then I took my face razor & did the same. Ah Ha! You try it and you will see that the 'attack angle' of a normal face razor blade for proper shaving is about 30 degrees. Bakblade 1.0 had that appx 30 degree 'attack angle' but 2.0 does not; its blades are virtually flat to the surface they are on. No wonder it's not working.
So being a kind of 'Mr fix it' I put the part of the handle just above the hinge (toward the top of unit) under stove gas flame, moved the flame back and forth till the plastic softened and then gently bent the upper part so the blade would now present a proper 30 degree angle to the table - and my back. It works great now, Doesn't look look so beautifully curved but what the hell. Screw the handle.

Best there is, almost perfect

I have only used this once and the more l do, the more proficient l will become. The blade(s) are big. You could slaughter a pig with it. I egan just scratching my back with it and was surprised to see half the forest was gone. I did find due to the contours of my back i missed a few spots such as shoulder blades and high just under the neck, even going in sideways did not help but where not talking big patches more like the few blades of grass that pop up after mowing the lawn. My back is extremely hairy from waist to shoulder so pretty good. Finally it is a very close shave, yes i did snick myself in a few spots and being a dry shave it burns for a moment afterwards

Hair today ...Gone in 10 mins...No more welcome mat.

I saw a clip for the bakblade 2.0 on You Tube thinking it was just another 'as seen on tv' crap gadget.

Still a bit curious I went to their website, read reviews, watched 'how to use' videos and thought about buying one...but with postage from the US etc it all seemed too much 'for a bit of plastic'.

A week later or so, a Shaver Shop catalog arrived with the usual supermarket junk mail.
I've always liked the Shaver Shop and on the few occasions I have been into the Adelaide City store, the service has been great and the prices very keen. I saw that the Shaver Shop has the exclusive australian distribution rights to the bakblade and their price is a very low $ 49.95.

I got mine with a discount code which essentially made it free postage otherwise shipping is 9.95.

(The cheapest on eBay is $AU 85.24 with free postage from the UK)

I wish I had bought this years ago. I really really do.
I remember the struggles of trying to shave my own back and almost dislocating a shoulder in the process.
I remember the burning agony and painful redness from various delapidatory cremes... (why would a sane man smear a creme called Nads on himself to remove hair.....nads......nads! )
I once went for a back wax..the lady was lovely but I can't help thinking it's also used on terrorists to make them talk... never ever again...my loud agonising screams of pain and swearing meant I can never go back there even if I wanted to.

And even if you can do it yourself...there's always that patch right in-between your shoulder blades that no razor or creme could ever reach.

I unpacked the bakblade 2.0 fearing the worst...another gadget...use once..and throw away, but quickly discovered an extremely well made, solid, beautifully designed shaving tool.
The soft touch plastic is great, the overall design is clever and smart, the folding arm locks securely into place, the whole thing feel solid and like its going to last.
The two rows of 4 inch blades don't feel sharp to the touch but do a first class job. The blades also slide out in their own holder to use on more intimate places and for easy replacement.
It works like a charm, using it dry (as suggested) felt a bit strange at first, but the hair came off like a moulting cat in a pile of fresh laundry.
Beautiful. Easy. Quick.
You can go up and down, sideways, left to right, it all works.... I did get a small nick but that was me pressing to hard and being too impatient rather than the bakblade itself.

Tip: don't press too hard, let the blades do all the work, take your time and relax.

It took 10 mins to achieve a hairless smooth look. I used it again 2 days later to take care of impending stubble and it worked great.
The bakblade website says blades last 5-7 shaves and recommend changing the blades once a month.
The pack of 4 replacement blades from the Shaver Shop are $24.95 so thats $6.23 per month, add on the bakblade 2.0 initial purchase (49.95) at 4.16 per month and thats a total of 10 bucks a month for a quick smooth hairless back.
Would I purchase again....Yes!
Do I recommend it to others ...Yes!
Would I give it as a gift to to other Hirsute Gorillas like myself...Absolutely!
Does your partner really enjoying shaving your back for you....No!

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Bakblade 2.0
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