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Bamix Gastro

Bamix Gastro

200 and 350
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Lots of power, copes with anything

Very pleased with this purchase, replaced a Swissline model. This has much more power to handle large quantities. Just remember when you are planning a spot to hang it in your kitchen that this 350 model is quite a bit longer than standard, so needs more height where you place the bracket. This is a commercial type machine.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

The most usful electronic gadget a kitchen should never be without

I am not a person to clutter my cupboards with gadgets. For health reasons I gave up making cakes and biscuits a long time ago and have no need for a cake mixer. The Bamix Gastro meets all my needs to puree, grate, blend and cream. To get extra power from a stick blender you can't do better than a strong Bamix. I use mine every day.

Very handy item

My friends had stick mixers in the past and I always wanted one as I have a blender that is great but a bit of work the stick is light easy to clean and can be used for quite a lot of different things. I highly recommend this to anybody that is looking for an easy to use appliance.

Put throught it's paces

I work as a cook in childcare and I use this product everyday to blend and puree. Believe me when I say it gets a work out. Try mashing 12 kilos of potato by hand. This definitely makes it easier. Spending a little more for a reliable product is worth it.
Reliable, easy to operate.

Expensive but good

More expensive than most stick blenders but well worth it. It does not work a lot better than the smaller Bamix stick blenders but for what I do the small differences make it well worth the extra money. It is not just for commercial kitchens, anyone who regularly cooks for a large family would be delighted with this stick blender.


I love this product. In summer I put liquid (milk or fruit juice), fruit and ice into a large glass and whiz it up with the bamix for a smoothie. In winter it's fabulous for soups.. whiz it up in the saucepan without having to move everything from pot to blender/processor and back again. Saves on washing up! Then you just stick it into some water and it virtually cleans itself when you turn it on for a few seconds.

For a kitchen emergency when you've made a lumpy sauce (sacre bleu!) the Bamix can be used to smooth out the lumps in a flash. No one will ever know you didn't make a perfect sauce first time. Fabulous. It's expensive but this is one of those times when it's worth spending the extra money to get a quality product.
Sturdy. Easy to clean. It really is as good as any demonstrations you might have seen (not often you can say that).
Changing blades at the base can be a test of mental and physical strength!

This is perfect!!

I had been through 4 hand mixers and 3 vitamisers in one year!! - this was before i found the ultimate kitchen companion the Bamix - the best thing ever. It is light, Very Very quick, and is very good quality. You get what you pay for.
Reliable Best mixer ever

Questions & Answers

Why the heck did they name it thus?? Here in Australia, Gastro means gastroenteritis, as in if you say "I've got gastro" you are saying you have nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea!! Nice association people. I don't think it will do well on the Aussie market.
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The only reason I can think of is short for gastronomic. Does well in the Aussie market because they I believe quite a few are sold. I'm in Australia and never once thought it stood for gastroenteritis.Pretty lame question and not at all relevant to those wishing to buy a stick blender


Gastro 200Gastro 350
Mixing Speeds22
Price (RRP) $399$479
Release dateOct 2007Oct 2007

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