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Braun Multiquick 7
Latest review: I bought a small Braun hand mixer in 1998 which lasted for approximately 19-20 years. Brillliant. When it finally stopped working I was keen to get another. I bought one with the smaller bowl

Sunbeam StickMaster Plus
Latest review: Purchased in August 17, motor sparked and died in April 18. Retailer replaced for me with a new machine and the motor has sparked and died in Jan 19. When I returned it I was told this machine is not

Bamix Mono
Latest review: I’ve owned a mono 140w for about 4 months and have been disappointed. It does not purée food eg soups and smoothies to a smooth and creamy consistency like my older cheaper handheld blenders did. Un

Kenwood Triblade
Latest review: Bought from Myers twice and twice it burnt out within months. Even when trying to be more gentle and not let it get too hot. Seems to be a product fault. Would not recommend this product due to

Braun Multiquick 3
Latest review: This does what a stick blender should do and a bit more so I'm glad for that. There is a design flaw in that the contents of what you're blending can overflow into the gear itself and there's no

Cuisinart Stick Blender
Latest review: How can such a small machine do so many things, so well? The handle is very comfortable, it will blend, grind or mix and is so quick and easy to clean. On top of that it has a 3 year warranty, most

Bamix Swissline 7BA00240
Latest review: I bought a Bamix blender 30 years ago and it has only just stopped working. It stopped because I dropped into a sink full of water. I would recommend to anyone as they are strong, reliable and easy

Braun Multiquick 5
Latest review: This product is not designed to last and the motor is very weak. We rarely used the unit, and one day it failed on us during use. I took it back for a replacement thinking it might have been bad

Kambrook Essentials KSB7
Latest review: Haven’t used it for anything else other than blending soup. Blade must be submerged to avoid a mess. Takes 2 miminutes of stiring on high setting to get the creamy consistency. Surprised that it

Sunbeam StickMaster Platinum SM9000
Latest review: The silver stick blender attachment seems to be very stiff and not spinning like it should. I just made some sauce with it and ended up with lots of little bits of black plastic in it. The unit was a

KitchenAid Artisan KHB2569
Latest review: Very disappointed in this item. The first one I had motor burnt out after 9 months of use. It was replaced under warranty and not even 3 months of use, the same thing has happened. I use it 3 times

Russell Hobbs Stick Mixer
Latest review: I had a Russell hobbs stick mixer and it lasted for around 5 years, it was great easy to use and blended up everything i wanted. Couldn't ask for a more convenient

Kambrook Mix & Store KSB70WHT
Latest review: Does a great job, has a mixing container that is also the cover that you can pack it away on the bench in. Easy to travel with and good for nuts and seeds in

Bamix Gastro
Latest review: Very pleased with this purchase, replaced a Swissline model. This has much more power to handle large quantities. Just remember when you are planning a spot to hang it in your kitchen that this 350

Westinghouse WHSM02SS
Latest review: I make large, very thick smoothies with lots of greens and fruit, and this stick blender processed it all very well. Not too noisy, certainly not a screech, and is easy to dismantle and clean. The

Logik Nutri-Stick X-Blade
Latest review: I'm really happy with my nutri stick! I got this for a house warming gift and its been used almost everyday in my place. We've made heaps of baby food, and the food is literally like paste. super

Kitchenaid KHB3581
Latest review: Blending is easy, but results are not as smooth as expected. Very versatile with lots of blades and power settings Also came without an S blade and requested one from Customer service, but they

Kambrook Power Drive KSB8
Latest review: Great compact stick blender. It has good power and the blades are nice and sharp. The connection onto the bottom container is a bit annoying but I understand why they have done it for safety I just

Bamix De Luxe 7BA00180
Latest review: After 15 years of faithful service from a Braun stick blender that cost under $100 dollars I thought i would lash out and purchase what was supposedly the best available......Bamix. The unit broke

Contempo Stick MIxer with Beaker
Latest review: I turned it on and then straight off after an unbearable high pitched screech sounded. It is also quite heavy, heavier than my old Breville, and too heavy for a hand-held device in my opinion.

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