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Braun Multiquick 7

Latest review: Came with many more accessories than I expected! Love the power of this hand blender! Would recommend this hand blender to anyone searching for a new unit. Excellent value for

Braun MultiQuick 9 MQ 9087X

Latest review: I thought this was going to be a pretty great product based on my research, so was really excited when it arrived. The actual unit is great, easy to operate and really great quality but the added

Sunbeam StickMaster Plus

Latest review: Love the versatility and ease of this machine. Mixes soups with ease and also fantastic for chopping vegetables, nuts, biscuits for slices etc. Still going strong after 3 years of heavy use.

Bamix Mono

Latest review: Love the Bamix. For over ten years used the Bamix “Zauberstab” my mother had used for decades before me. My sister, a Chef, would use nothing else. Last year I bought a new one. Brilliant, just like t

Kenwood Triblade

Latest review: I used my unit once in a while from late last year and a lot more frequently this year. One day I heard a little pop while mashing chick peas and it stopped working. It's barely a year old. Worked

Braun Multiquick 3

Latest review: This appliance is so great, comes with multiple attachments, so easy to use and is great for all sorts of food, makes turning things into soup fast and keeps the food still hot, love

Bamix Swissline 7BA00240

Latest review: I bought a Bamix 33 years ago, in fact in December, 1985! It is still working perfectly, the only problem I have now is that I cannot change the attachment. So I am thinking of buying a

Cuisinart Stick Blender

Latest review: How can such a small machine do so many things, so well? The handle is very comfortable, it will blend, grind or mix and is so quick and easy to clean. On top of that it has a 3 year warranty, most

Braun Multiquick 5

Latest review: This product is not designed to last and the motor is very weak. We rarely used the unit, and one day it failed on us during use. I took it back for a replacement thinking it might have been bad

Kambrook Essentials KSB7

Latest review: Haven’t used it for anything else other than blending soup. Blade must be submerged to avoid a mess. Takes 2 miminutes of stiring on high setting to get the creamy consistency. Surprised that it

Sunbeam StickMaster Platinum SM9000

Latest review: Originally I had purchased a Braun hand mixer from the Good Guys. Due to a product fault with the Braun, and having no available stock I was offered the Sunbeam as a replacement. In comparison, the

KitchenAid Artisan KHB2569

Latest review: This utensil was just what I needed in my kitchen, to be honest I purchased it and never used it for 6 months I can't imagine why now. It does a diverse number of jobs and has become a valued member

Russell Hobbs Stick Mixer

Latest review: Easy to use, not weighty in the hand. You are able to whisk, chop and mix all with one tool. Comes with 2 mini chopper bowls, although i havent used the smaller of the 2. Whisk feels a bit flimsy &

Smeg Hand Blender

Latest review: I bought the Smeg Stick Blender about 6 weeks ago from Appliances Online. I have to say "WOW". I love how easy it is to use, you can adjust the speed of the device and it blitzes, blends and mashes

Kambrook Mix & Store KSB70WHT

Latest review: Does a great job, has a mixing container that is also the cover that you can pack it away on the bench in. Easy to travel with and good for nuts and seeds in

Kmart Stick Mixer with Chopper Set

Latest review: I went in looking for just the $15 stick mixer on it's own, and was really annoyed that they were sold out. I bought this $29 pack which has a motorised handle with attachments to turn it into a

Bamix Gastro

Latest review: Very pleased with this purchase, replaced a Swissline model. This has much more power to handle large quantities. Just remember when you are planning a spot to hang it in your kitchen that this 350

Kitchenaid KHB3581

Latest review: Blending is easy, but results are not as smooth as expected. Very versatile with lots of blades and power settings Also came without an S blade and requested one from Customer service, but they

Logik Nutri-Stick X-Blade

Latest review: Purchased this when my ninja type blender disappointed me, not mixing ingredients properly. This was about quarter the price and does a great job.Used it as vegie chopper and to blend soups and make

Westinghouse WHSM02SS

Latest review: I bought this product last July 2018 and noticed in my recent use of the stick, the black plastic lid of the product has issue that causing the mixer unable to function as it was unable to grip the

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