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Bamix Mono

Bamix Mono

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Perfect, with one imperfection

Love the Bamix. For over ten years used the Bamix “Zauberstab” my mother had used for decades before me. My sister, a Chef, would use nothing else. Last year I bought a new one. Brilliant, just like the old one. But: sometimes, the cutting head is soooo difficult to get off the shaft. Tried oil, tried lubricants, tried levering it out with a screw driver. Solution: don’t just run the Bamix in hot soapy water after use, but remove cutting head frequently and clean and oil the shaft. I am sure this model will see me out.

Purchased in July 2018 at Myer Retail Stores.

Not smooth and creamy at all

I’ve owned a mono 140w for about 4 months and have been disappointed. It does not purée food eg soups and smoothies to a smooth and creamy consistency like my older cheaper handheld blenders did. Unfortunately I need to look for an alternative now I am left with lumps in my soups or smoothies if there is anything slightly fibrous in it (which to me is a big reason for blending!)
It is disappointing as it is an expensive product. Thought spending more would mean better quality but unfortunately that is not the case with this product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great blender

This is a great blender that I have used for soups, dips, sauces and mash. Got tired of buying cheap stick blenders and having them die in less than 12 months. This one feels better quality and more durable. My only complaint is that you can't remove the whole blending head, so have to clean while still attached to the motor part. The instructions say to blitz in soapy water to clean, which usually works just fine, but occasionally with some veg and stuff things have gotten twisted or caught up and I really would like to be able to remove like some of my old cheap stick blenders to clean more easily. But overall really happy with it.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Happy with purchase

After a lot of research we decided to buy this stick blender primarily to puree baby food. It’s great for this as it’s quick and easy to clean! We have also used it for chopping and making sauces. A bit expensive at full price but we got it on special so happy with our purchase.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

An excellent investment!

I owned a Sunbeam stick blender for about twenty years and when it finally got too tired to do the job, I made the mistake of buying a cheapie from Target; it struggled to puree anything at all (lots of chunks and shreds left behind) and it came close to ruining a couple of my good stainless steel saucepans. Enough! I invested the money in the Bamix Mono and I couldn't be happier. It purees soups and sauces in a flash, giving a uniformly smooth result in no time flat, and it's been gentle on all my containers. I've whipped cream with it and love the results - no more cleaning up the big mixer and all it's parts, just a quick rinse for the Bamix. The Mono is quiet, and does the job effortlessly; it also cleans up easily. And, against much contemporary advice, I've discovered it makes superb, creamy mashed potatoes - yum! I purchased a special offer that included the Wet/Dry processor for a minimal extra cost and I've used that to chop nuts and veggies so far. It's my "go-to" for lots of prep jobs - in fact, my only real complaint is that the beautiful, shiny, expensive stand mixer I bought only a few weeks earlier has only been used twice!

Date PurchasedMay 2017


This will come as a comparison as well as a review. Having bought the BREVILLE BBL405 The Kinetix Twist Blender: Polished Stainless Steel (which had good reviews at the time of my purchase), I thought we would never need another blender..... After all it came with 4 modes as well as an ice crushing mode, good for smoothies, sauces etc. all inclusive with the jug and quite a sturdy machine at that. Why would I need a simple stick blender. I have never been more wrong, I have previously struggled with the simple tasks of mixing sauces and pastes because the blades in my BREVILLE were too far apart and way too large to chop the finer veggies. Stop/starting/shaking/stirring was becoming a bore and very frustrating to say the very least. Anyway, without writing too much of an essay on the trials and tribulations of my cooking experiences, to the rescue came my husband (who likes to watch shopping channels), yep you heard it right... shopping channels. I came home from work too find him cooking, and there beside his ingredients was this little beast in a box, just waiting for someone to make a sauce. Now, my initial reaction to find that he had made this rather exclusive purchase without giving me a heads up was a little unenthusiastic. After all, they are not cheap, and to me it was was just blades on a stick. Anyway, I succumbed, let’s face it who wants to get straight into making sauces after walking through the door after work? But he was excited so I picked this beater up, chucked a few ingredients into the cup (that came with it) and started blending. It is sturdy, certainly does NOT have that cheap, tinny, plastic, light feel too it. The blades are very easy to attach, it mixes very well, but most surprisingly of all it is QUIET. That in itself is a bonus for me. It has two speeds, I tried both, we have the 200 watt motor and I love it. Also easy to clean. You get what you pay for and I am not disappointed. I will order more accessories down the track, the blades range about 28-31 dollars a piece and there are a couple of other things you can purchase to go with it. But for the time being it does exactly what I need. I should have bought one years ago. Hubby purchased it from The TVSN website, so we are paying it off in instalments. This means I have it straight away, rather than having to lay by then wait two months. It also worked out cheaper than buying on the Bamix website. The only con, if I can call it that, would be to make sure your mixer was safely in your mixing cup/ vessel etc. before you started using it. I think it could be easy to grab hold of and accidentally push one of the buttons in while picking it up. I shouldn’t need to put this warning up, (but in this day and age common sense isn’t always common, so to speak). Definitely not for the kids to use without supervision. So five stars from me, hopefully it will last the distance. Absolutely love it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Love it!!!

Love my bamix, it has a nice modern design and easy to use and you can purchase additional attachments to get more use out of the product. It is very useful for soups and smoothies. I have also purchased the whisking attachment, which whisks cream really well. Would definitely recommend

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Love this blender!

I purchased this stick blender recently and really love it. It is so easy to use, surprisingly quiet, and quick and simple to clean too. It will be very useful for many processes in the kitchen. The attachments are easily connected, and it came with a wall bracket for convenient storage.
Happy to recommend!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Best purchase I've made

I love my Bamix. I was hesitant about purchasing because it was quite expensive but I relented in the end because of the 25 year motor warranty. I've had it for two weeks now and I can't imagine how I managed before. It was so quick and easy to use. I wouldn't have thought it was so handy but because it sits on my bench in plain site I've found just how many uses there are. It takes no room and is a breeze to clean. I cannot recommend enough.

Superb so far.

Did got introduced by my mother in law as they had it for nearly 12 years with no troubles. Does every thing that you can think of when it come blending with one blade when compared to all hoo haa gadgets of all other brands out there. Had it for 2 months now. Compact and fits well into our kitchen needs.
Expensive "but you get what you pay 4"

Really Disappointing and a waste of our money.

After being told our Bamix Mono was basically indetructable, it died only 2.5 years after purchase. We sent it off to get repaired and had to pay over $70 in repairs for a product which was taken care of. The warrenty didnt cover any of the costs involved, unlike we were told they would be if anthing were to go wrong with it. Overall, the product has cost a lot of money, and has been very disappointing. Next time Ill be purchasing a vitamix instead of this piece of junk. And as for the customer service from the team at Bamix; well, they hardly deserve a mention. Thanks for nothing!

It died after 2.5 years, large costs involved for repair. The product itself is very heavy.

Worth the price

I purchased a Bamix Mono as a replacement for my elderly mother's original Bamix which finally 'died' after many years service. She is in her 80s and quite arthritic but still finds it easy to use her Bamix. Her insistance on a genuine Bamix reminded me about how good they are so I replaced my 'other brand' stick blender with a Bamix Gastro. I am delighted with it.
Works very well


So far I have only used the Bamis to mash potatoe's and it did the job well. The 1st speed setting seemed to me lacking any great power. The 2nd setting is fine. This Bamix comes with the beaka+ lid which is great to blend liquids in.
Feels nice in the hand, works well
The 2nd speed setting seems to lack grunt.

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Price (RRP) $339
Mixing Speeds2
Release dateSep 2007

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