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Bauhn (Aldi) ATV55FHDED (55")

Bauhn (Aldi) ATV55FHDED (55")

2.8 from 16 reviews

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Excellent value for money

Excellent TV, settings need to be tweeked a bit in order to get the best quality and visuals but otherwise a great TV for the money. Aldi doesn't help with moving purchases so prepare to suffer a little

Purchased in May 2017 at ALDI for $299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Lasted 2 years

Tv was working fine then the screen went blue, green, red and white and now it doesn’t it consistent. The tv has sound but no picture just color screens. Won’t bother buying another

Purchased in May 2017.

Perfect working

Buy 52'" tv from Aldi i am using it from 2 years. Still working very finely. No problem in this 2 years. Worth to buy it. Picture quality is great. Good working condition. Love this product. Price is also in range. Best product. Screen size is good. Worth to buy it from aldi.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

TV dead after 11 month. Waiting on repair for a month now.

TV dead after 11 month.
Reported to Bauhn warranty provider "tempo" a month ago.
Now I am still Waiting for the repair person to come.
The repair person said he will come Today, but never show up.

What a disaster .
I wish I can give this rubbish product 0 star.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

bad enough

The one I am using was made back in early 2015, only have been using it for 2 or three months, before that, it has been sitting in the spare bedroom rarely been used. Now it’s totally dead, very dissipating and a waste of money that’s for sure! No more TV from Aldi and no more this brand!

Date PurchasedDec 2015


17 months later it’s dead. The standby lights is on and the TV is non-responsive. The TV has terrible sound quality, is slow to start up and the HDMI seems to lose the signal. Clearly another one who buys this garbage will be sorry. A waste of $700, very disappointed and will not buy this brand again.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Good basic tv

Recently purchased this tv. Set up was easy. Picture quality is ok. Size is great. The only negative would be the sound. I would recommend you also purchase a sound bar or speaker. Havent had any issues to date. I would recommend this tv if you are after a good basic tv for the family.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Beware. What you get is very deceptive

While it worked it was a decent television set. Almost 2 years to the date the transformer/power supply died. I get a standby power light but the set won't turn on. Since then I've bought a Hisense because I was getting nowhere trying to get the thing fixed. The customer service setup for afterpurchase service and support doesn't really exist even if it looks like it does. Aldi sells the sets, Bauhn are just a branding company, and Tempo Australia are supposed to service warranties and repairs. Notice that there is no obvious manufacturer? Tempo don't want to know you, and will try and get you to give up. It's been almost 12 months on and off trying to get parts or set up a repair. I'm going to have to repair the set myself by finding parts from a second hand set on gumtree or curbside rubbish pickup day or I may eventually give up this time... The lesson is to only buy televisions where the manufacturer also OWNS the brand. When reputation stakes are higher the customer service is likely to better.

If this television had of been half the price then I might have been less disappointed and satisfied with the 2 years use I got. But then your stuck with getting rid of the thing when it's had it's day.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Good TV from Aldi

The Bauhn 55 inch ultra HD was a great buy from Aldi, keeping in mind its a budget TV so its adequate but not the best on the market.
The picture quality was great, I haven't tried it for gaming and it being 60hz it most likely not be the best for this, the picture is sharp and the colour is fantastic, it does have reasonable blacks and vivid colours. With TV speakers well really there is no TV that really has overwhelming fantastic sound so its always best to place onto a amp to pass sound through in digital surround sound. I have no negative comments to say about this TV, as really the price being a major factor and really within the next few years 8k TV comes out soon.
I would recommend this to anyone, its price is fantastic and its a actual good size and can enjoy 4k TV the MHz is a bit low and I do feel it should be a minimum of all tvs from 40" to be 100mhz to begin with, the control feels comfortable to use and its simplistic so I do give this a thumbs up

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Basically Dead on Arrival

Bought this TV for a great price of $777 plus 0.5% card fee. Plugged it all in and the picture was rubbish, not even SD quality, let alone full HD. Tried different cables, re-tuning etc to no avail. Called in the Bauhn technician who took it away. Screen was classified as dead on arrival and that was the end of my TV. With no more available i had a blank space on my wall and had to get a refund. But don't expect to get your card fee back. Get what you pay for- Think i will stick to Samsung.

not really happy

Got this braun 55 inch tv today hooked it up to my xbox plays movies and tv alright But it's not too great when playing games bit of a let down due to the graphics of the games and plus there is no digital audio cable outlet so I can't plug in my external speaker which is pretty much another let down thinking on taking it back and saving up getting something better

Overall very good value for a large TV.

I have 2 of these TV's. I can't complain about anything as I did my research prior to buying. Picture quality is very good & excellent on Foxtel HD channels. I am now looking to upgrade to Wi-Fi TV as I now have NBN connected.
Please also remember that millions of people around the world don't have TV so be grateful with what you have. If you really want to complain about something, nah don't bother just get a life. Oh and thank you Aldi for making it possible to have large TV`s at outstanding price.

Great value

I find the picture quality pretty good, and as far as sound goes I connected it to a external speaker and now it sounds great and don't have to worry so much if it gets stolen as if I had of bought more expensive one, for the price I don't think York can complain

Great for Gaming

Using this TV solely for my PlayStation and Xbox consoles and it does the job perfectly... Haven't tried it for anything else so cant comment on that..

Great value large TV

If you do buy one of these make sure you connect it with HDMI cables to your other HDMI capable equipment. The difference in picture quality is very noticeable. If you are buying purely as a large game player, compare the refresh rates. We have this connected to an Xbox via HDMI and don't have a problem. Yes spending another 3 or 4 hundred may have been better. But it wasn't an option.At $599:00 with a 60 day return. It's a no brainier....No likey, Take Backy.....

Save your money and pay the extra for a decent brand

I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased. I brought the 55" FULL HD LED TV today on special at Aldi, bad decision. Once got home found that it did not have digit sound so could not connect it to my surround sound and the remote did not work. Took the remote back to Aldi who said I needed to return the whole tv. Sorry but I am not going to repack a 55" tv back just for the remote. After drama in the store, finally got a new remote that works not a universal remote like they first offered. Tuned the tv, now tv has a fault in the screen. Red dots on screen and terrible picture quality. This is not a full hd tv. The picture is the same quality as the old box tv's. We watched the tv for no more than half an hour before unplugging it. This tv might be good for kids and yes is cheap, but i would rather pay that little extra and buy a trusted brand. .I am hoping Aldi will give me my money back tomorrow. Will let u know.
terrible picture quality, faulty, no digital sound.

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Questions & Answers

where can i find a 55 inch baun tv at aldi stores
2 answers
Ask Aldi when they are on saleThey only have these TV when it is in the shop.When you see something in Aldi grap it as it may not come back again

Can I get wireless headphones to work with this TV? Which jack do I plug into? At the moment the headphones I use in the headphone jack cut out the sound so others in the room can't hear it. Need something where an extremely deaf person can hear through the headphones so we don't have to have the sound level at 75 - the rest of us need it at 13!
No answers

Is this a smart tv?
No answers


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