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joann d.

joann d.asked

ATV46FLEM (46")

How to tune the tv without remote

No answers

Lynne H.

Lynne H.asked

While watching tv, this came up on the screen: Shutting down in 50 seconds. It did. 2min later it was back on. Nothing in the manual about this. Is it going to keep happening & how do I stop it? Help please.

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ATV32HDS-1119 (32", Nov 2019)

What OS does it have?

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Planet H.

Planet H.asked

why my bauhn says error adapter.config NOt exist

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Kelly M.

Kelly M.asked

My tv is showing a pop up that says In order to remove this watermark please contact Media Tek Inc ..... what is this please?

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Gene S.

Gene S.asked

ATV46FLEM (46")

How do I change SOURCE without a remote?

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Peter Conlon

Peter Conlonasked

Bauhn 2018 Models

I bought the TV over 1 year ago and its working great, but I set a timer to change the channel when a certain show was to come on and now it seems to be permanent. Every day at the same time it pops up that its going to change the channel in 30 seconds. I had even unplugged the power for a month when I was away and it didnt remove that timer. Its not an auto-off tuner it auto changes the channel. HOW DO I TURN IT OFF ?? Please I need help. I don't want this timer on.

1 answer
Harry. M
Harry. M

Keep pressing the green button until nothing showing on the program you chose

Scott R.

Scott R.asked

Won't connect to the internet after software upgrade for 65 inch 4khdtv...my Wi-Fi is working but no option in settings to see available devices

No answers



How do I permanently turn the subtitles of my Vaughn smart tvATV65UHDG -1019

No answers



Today when I turned my tv on the USB function stopped working. I took out the USB I was using, checked there was no dust in the slot before replacing the USB with a different one. Originally it said USB available but it's still not working

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Amit Maharjan

Amit Maharjanasked

ATV55FHDED (55")

I am desperately looking for memory dump file(firmware). Please somebody help me

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Ian L.

Ian L.asked

Every time I change channel text comes on, how can I stop this

No answers

Arthur Karountzos

Arthur Karountzosasked

AS47HD1 (47")

How do I connect a new TV remote for a Bauhn AS47FHD1?

No answers



Bauhn 2018 Models

Remote stoped working

No answers



AS47HD1 (47")

I have a small Bauhn tv. I lost the remote control to it. Now it's stuck on DVD. Can i switch it back to TV without the remote?

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Our USB is detected when plugged in. However, we can't find it on the inputs or where to play our shows from our USB.

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How do I make the subtitles stay off on my new bauhn atv65uhdg-1019

4 answers

I have the same problem. Can somebody help us?

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M.

Same problem

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M.

See answer two posts down. Change subtitles to undefined. Worked for me



Telstra router will not connect to Baun tv

No answers



Really cant complain! The bright white light when the power is off is kind of annoying though. Anybody know if it can be turned off?

No answers



AS47HD1 (47")

I have a Bauhn 47" 3D TV and was wondering if anybody knows how to set it to come on automatically at a given time. I could do this with my previous Bauhn but cannot work it out on this one.

2 answers

To all the people trying to turn off subtitles I hope you find this. I found the answer. While watching tv with subtitles press
Advanced options
Then set both digital subtitle languages to undefined.

I tried off. It did not work. Undefined does though.


Thankyou Macky!
Do you know how to stop the TV speakers and external speakers playing sound at the same time? I want to tuen off the TV speakers but even with the setting to "external speakers" the TV speakers are still on.

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