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Bellini Supercook Kitchen Master BTMKM800X / BTMKM810X

Bellini Supercook Kitchen Master BTMKM800X / BTMKM810X

3.7 from 7 reviews

Warning - Rip Off. Doesn’t turn on.

So this is the Bellini Super Cook with the “Yumi Control Module”. Purchased in NSW, 2017. Called Bellini and explained that I purchased it Christmas 2017 and pulled it out of the box this Christmas (2018) to use. Followed the instructions and zip. Nothing. Called Belllini for help. No help. They said “we replace them but we don’t repair them - except you are out of the warranty period”. I guess I was a bit silly as I’d left it in the box and not tested it within the 12 months, however one would expect a machine to last longer even if used every day. I explained this to them but it didn’t matter, “sorry you are out of the warranty period”. I was a little shocked as it was reduced from $699 to $499. A fairly expensive exercise. Now I have to fill out a complaint from via Department of Fair Trading, NSW. :(

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Has become a kitchen staple

Like most other reviewers I bought this an an introduction to thermomix-type cooking. It has quickly become a staple in the kitchen and I use it several times a week to make dinners, snacks, muffins, risottos etc.
I just love the fact I can turn it on and walk away to do something else and then come back and continue the next step. For this reason it would be great for people with kids.
The design of the internal lid can make it a bit fiddle to clean, but you can line it with cling wrap or baking paper to make it faster to clean.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect, don’t know how I lived without it

Awesome all in one kitchen device. Cooks, chops, sauté and more. Make risotto in 20 mins without stirring. This has a wifi option that allows you to download recipes to the memory card for guided cooking. I could not live without this appliance and it’s only a fraction of the more expensive version

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good for 3 to months

I have had two of these machines. Both returned to target. Got my money back as they dont seem to be stocking them anymore. They both overheated often and the first one had the lid warp and leak. When they overheat they shut down and cant be used until they cool down. You have to transfer everything to another way of cooking. What a pain. Having to change blades is a pain tooand messy. I woulnt have another one.
If your an occassional user it would be ok. I used it often, by that i mean three to four times a week mainly for baby food and soups.

Great time saver, easy to use.

Have had this machine for close to three months now and love it. Easy to use if you follow instructions correctly for useage. Can easily convert other thermal type cooker recipes with ease, sometimes a bit extra cooking time or speed is all that is required. Can be a bit of a pain downloading and transferring recipes onto the SD card but easy enough to do. Two jugs are definitely the way to go, however if you buy a spare jug it is just that, a jug, no blades, lid or seal. In saying that spare parts are reasonably cheap and easy to get a hold of. I highly recommend the facebook page Bellini Addicts which is full of everyday user "experts" with heaps of wise wisdom, knowledge and recipes. They have changed the scales so are no longer round ones so it's now easier to see weights when weighing. It can mush your food into a pulp so food does need to be cut into quite big chunks to compensate for this. I also recommend investing in a bottle brush to get into all the nooks and crannies when washing it up, making sure you pull everything (seals, blades) apart so it is washed properly.

A Nice Addition to Your Kitchen

I have found that I can use thermomix recipes pretty much straight across. Though sometimes requires extra cooking or chopping time. Especially rice. Doesn't really matter if you use blunt or sharp blade. Both end up doing the same thing. The Yumi requires a SD card reader, and some tech savvy. Which seems outdated technology, though WI-FI Yumi is coming soon. I found its better to have two jugs, with blades set up. Otherwise you have to hand wash jug in the middle of some recipes. It's nice to set up something and just walk away to let it cook. I don't like the scales. They are wobbly, and you can't see screen under jug. Jury still out on whether it actually saves time.

It hasn't changed my life yet...

Like most others thinking about buying this machine I couldn't even begin to fathom spending $2k on a thermomix so, after a huge amount of research, this is the one I chose.

I've now had it for 2 weeks and so far I haven't been swearing at myself for blowing my cash on this thing.

I'm not a great cook but in the past fortnight I've cooked garlic prawns, paella, 2 pasta dishes and a big batch of caramel fudge and apart from one of the pasta dishes all have been really nice and they're things I have never attempted to do "traditionally".

The only real negative for me so far is that it does tend to "mush" the food a bit. The rice in my paella and the pasta in those dishes were far from perfect, they tasted fine but definitely weren't winning any modelling contests :-)

I've found cleaning the machine pretty easy. You need a bit of scrubbing for the bottom of the bowl and a toothbrush is a must have item for the blades but compared to having 3 or 4 pots and pans needing a scrub the old way it's a breeze.

One piece of advice is that you join the Bellini addicts group on Facebook. It's a great resource and the members there seem extremely helpful. I was on the fence about buying this machine until I joined that group and saw what others were able to do and the help that they offered n00bs like myself. Target should totally be giving them a commission on my sale.

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Why my yumi control has a white screen it just bips a blue light then nothing I have even had the base replaced
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why my yumi control has a white blank screen
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are there any repairers on the sunshine cost or in brisbane? I think I stripped the fitting that the blades go into.
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