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What a joke

To many fake people must be no one on here but me
Ask a question like is it sunny there where u are get
What do u grab in a house fire

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo


Please do not use this site it is a complete joke, with no real people, and the crooks running it will steal your money, and give you the run around. Biggest load of crap ive ever seen, its beyond pathetic and ridicolous.
All the responses from be naughty are blatant lies, and exactly the same rubbish they tell you on their con of a scam site.

Truth is, its so blatantly obvious, how you are being scammed, and your money stolen. Also the pathetic, ridiculous, rubbish service offered is nothing more than communicating with pre programmed computer autotxts. I actually challenged a few "ladies" saying that this is a computer Im talking to, and then their system gave me the same response, and went into a loop every time. And the commentry was an absolute joke, written for 13 year olds.
This whole circus of a website is so crap, that you can see thru it almost immediately, took me 10 mins.
Thats how dumb these crooks are, and then they still try to cover up the obvious, and respond with blatant lies, even dummer.
This Lowlife Scum responsible for this garbage called be naughty thinks we are all stupid idiots, and is treating us like fools so blatantly and obviously stealing our money, scamming us with this pathetic website, and then they still have the audacity to create further lies and try to put the blame and responsibility on the customer with the most ridiculous responses, which Ive also get an inbox full of. Funnily, the same faults and issues keep on repeatingb themselves, and everytime an apology, and of course the customer is at fault.....

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

100% scam site

I never upgraded my account on this site For the simple reason as soon as I joined I was inundated with messages from extremely sexy beautiful women which clearly look fake & it is so you have to upgrade so you can chat to them & once you do you never hear anything from those profile again & im sure there is a few poor chaps out there that have fallen victim to this, worst part is these sites cost a fortune, they can’t sit there & say sorry you got scams they are the scammers & should be held accountable for their actions. Oh & let’s not forget about the sexy women on another site send me the link to benaughty & other sites with the promise of intercourse if I join & upgrade lol as if those people aren’t getting paid some commissions.


3 day trial then I am being charge with another $30?? seriously. And you're customer service is not really helping at all!!!

Massive scam

This site is a freaking joke. So many of the girls have same height of 1m68. Within 5 seconds of joining, messages came in thick and fast.
Those 2 alarm bells made me google n found your all comments. Thanks guys. Just about to sign up and i am now definitely deleting this app.


I went on to prove to myself that this was a scam. I spent my $2.00 for a 3 day trial, via credit card. It had all these women winking and requesting stuff to make you feel all warm and fuzzy...But not 1 person who id asked could send me a picture of their profile picture (WHICH I CAN CLEARLY SEE ANYWAY) with a piece of paper with todays date on it....even though they were displaying the very picture i was requesting to see with the piece of paper, it was so so hard...I immediately cleared everything, rang the bank and cancelled my card, so these scumbag people cant take anymore from my account...Please, single lost souls, TRUST ME and dont put yourself through this. IVE DONE IT FOR YOU.....you deserve better than this.

Ripping off

Its all SCAM, its look like they hire people to chat for 5 to 10 min after that they will say they need to go OR friends calling them which is not impressive and how I know, I received same forms of messages from many girls, and when they leave your or saying goodbye and talk to you tomorrow (Which never happen) they will ignore you.

At first when you become a member or if you are on trial, you will receive so many messages which makes you believe that they are real and want you to buy their product after you buying the subscription good luck. DON'T SPEND MAN, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I BEEN SCAMED

Don't do it,stay away you lose

It looks like they are all using the same scripts. Photo & profile could be true but person texting is not either.

Rip off

You cancel many times and they still charge you. They also move the date each time I cancel my 3 day trial. Absolutely joke. The women on this website are all talk and no action. They talk for a while to then ignore you.


This is the second site that I paid money to.
Hoping to find a friend
Reading the other reviews I find that it's all true what they are saying. The worst thing is to try to get a refund and stop them trying to take more fee's at the end of the month. I have had to cancel my card and get it reissued what a bother. So true that they never answer the questions that are asked. Such a shame that the world has come to everything done on computers.Where are the dances we used to go to to meet people . Not a good site stay away.

Further to this review I was to meet a lady and I turned up this morning for coffee. No show So there you have it in a nutshell. WilbaHas anyone got past the time of 10 mins that always happens. I am now playing the game as I have paid for the month. I really don't think there is a genuine profile on the site ,if there is I have not found it. I am older and get bombarded with 20 something girls. Stay away from this site


Legit this is one of the worst sites out there!!! Every profile is a fake!!!
Also to cancel repeat billing is an absolute hassle.
Recommend staying well clear of this scam

Fraudulent and Fake

Looking for local women, searches all came up 25 km away yeah right. When I asked what suburb they lived not one gave me an answer. Automated responses back were common. I thought I was chatting with genuine women but your not ! Keep messaging heaps of women and you will see a pattern in very very similar responses back . No real conversations were happening. I got sucked in believing it was true . You will also notice they all want to talk sexual fantasies I never asked them . Return responses were nothing to do with what I asked them information on.
Feel upset and suckered

Absolute scam...don"t go near this site...Only gave it one star to be able to post the review

This site is an absolute scam...fake profiles and they use BOTs to generate replies.....I signed up and within 3 days had 160...yes 160 "local" girls wanting to meet me absolute nonsense...I hadn't even put my photos up!!....apart from that they took 3 swipes at my credit card....when I had paid the initial joining fee.
I quickly found out that they were using fake profiles/Bots.....as when a "local" girl sent me a message I carried on with the conversation and popped in a question asking "What is the name of the large shopping centre in our City"....not one of them answered....they disappeared out of the chat.....or went on to ask me what my favourite food was......!!!

BeNaughty is a fake scam site. Do Not Join.

Report BeNaughty to your local consumer fraud organisation. BeNaughty is a fake scam site that costs money with no value. They use fake profiles and BOTS. Real women are barred from chats because maybe the site does not want real women talking to real men. They only want their fake people and BOTS wasting your time and leading you on so they can take as much of your money as possible from you. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. Contact your consumer fraud organisation. We must take action against these thieves.

A scam - beware

It gets one star because you can't give zero. I joined, it was bad, I cancelled. I am still getting money taken from my account 2 months later to some untraceable Chinese business. It is a scam and they are thieves.

Never eeeeeeeeeeeeeever go on this site. That one star I gave is fake, just like this site

Purchased a 3 day trial, which then I got 3 lots of dodgy transactions taken out of my account. Sent them website admin an email, but no response. I had to report it to my bank and they told me apparently I bought tech and clothing online, wasn't me. So I had to cancel my card. Profiles were fake, hell of alot of scammers. They pretty much had the same reply with different profiles. Never come here.
The only time I gave my details was when I purchased the subscription, go figure.

before subscription due they take more money , 11 days early ???

I think I did chat to actual people , but that's it .... all wanting chat "Oh tell me what you would do to me" , which is OK once or twice ...... 57 times later!!!! ,a photo of a woman's face , hardly inspiration..... all too scared to meet anyone , fantasy land , might as well chat to yourself and keep your money without the risk of them double dipping off your Credit card.... a site full of scared frustrated women..... AT BEST!!! or in relationships and wanting to tease , a lot of , Oh yes do me and then.... oooppps gotta go.... cause hubby just came in the bedroom.

Gone to the dogs

The site used to be great several years ago. We had to wait to get into the rooms as it only held 300 members. Now its flatout with a mere 38 or so. They have changed the layout. Its worse. Site freezes all the time. Feel sorry for the blocks as it has computer generated accounts that gets the men sucked in. Its dying a fast death now. lol. and there's more issues but i ain't got time for that crap. I'm off to watch netflix.

Full of fake profiles

Terrible site full of computer generated replies and fake profiles also several scammers never even come close to a meetup. Full of profiles that try to get you to sign up to other sites. Scammers that try to get you to pay for some id badge and are very aggressive. Not one real woman on site should be shut down a total scam. You speak to a profile a month later the same profile comes back and doesn't know you. You ask profiles a question and they give the same replies every time.

Give it a 0 of I could

Don't bother, you get a messages from women even when you haven't set up your profile and when you try to reply you are asked to become a paid member to send messages.

Scam all the way.

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