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Berri Juice

Berri Juice

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38 reviews
Ray P.

Ray P.South East Queensland, QLD

Very disappointing, misleading.


The name Berri used to remind us that we were buying a premium Australian product, but it's not either of those things. 100% imported and tastes accordingly bitter. They should change the name as they are being very misleading and taking advantage of the name which was a long-running Australian company named after a well known Australian town. Never again.

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths for A$6.99.


geoffPerth, WA

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berry 100% orange juice undrinkable.


Nudie was unavailable so I had to buy this product. 21/10/19, expiry date 25/10/19. The fact is the juice may be fresh, it may be pure, BUT it tastes like the fruit was stale or sitting in the sun for too long. You know like when you find an old orange that has been lost behind the seat of a vehicle for months and you decide to give it a go. You can say what you like on the bottle but if the fruit is off....the fruit is off.

Purchased in October 2019 at IGA for A$7.57.



  • 4 reviews

Berri Grapefruit Juice is thee most delicious drink on the market today, light years better the other Grapefruit juices.


Berri Grapefruit juice is just amazing, I can't get enough, my wife knows just what to buy me to put me in a good mood, ha ha ha. Many thanks for a great product.

Purchased in May 2019 for A$1.00.

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BoganbearGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Berri Tomato Juice has a weird taste


I did the taste test on tomato juices many years ago and found lno difference between the no-name and big name products. However, recently I saw the Berri brand at a ridiculously low price so picked that up. I was expecting plain, good old tomato juice, but instead this stuff tasted like bubblegum! I thought that maybe I was coming down with something and my tastebuds were acting up, but no. Each day, the same salty bubblegum. I have had to pour it down the sink, as it sure doesn't feel good to be drinking that stuff.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for A$2.10.

Unable to find product.


I love the apple, carrot pear and ginger juice but find I can't get it anywhere I have looked any more. Is it still produced and where can I buy it?

Purchased in January 2019.

Apple, carrot, pear & ginger juice.


I was absolutely hooked on this combination. Wonderful taste, could easily have consumed a container a day. Very sad to see it removed from the juice section at Coles!!
Hoping to find it SOMEWHERE else!?

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Truth hurts

Truth hurtsBelmore SOUTH - Sydney

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Not helping Australian farmers!


Most of their product is IMPORTED in huge containers, then packaged....gross!

They're not helping Australian farmers so while Aussie farmers have to plough their fruit produce into the ground, Berri gets their juice from CHEAPER OVERSEAS sources.

Poor quality, poor tasting juice. Most of it is RECONSTITUTED so it isn't even fresh.

Disgusting shady company. Do not give them your money.

Please buy 100% fresh Australian juice!

Help Australian farmers, not these shady theives.

Ripped off.


I like drinking grape juice but now for the third time juice labeled Berri Grape Juice has been in fact apple & blackcrrent juice. They obviously do it deliberately or their quality control is terrible.

tomato juice


I give the tomato juice a five-star rating I go through two litre a day berri is the best. taste is great will never change.

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Extremely bitter Grapefruit juice!


What a disappointment to read another review similar to what I experienced! You think they would do quality testing, but no, obviously this is no longer a quality brand.

Neil J

Neil JMelbourne

Berri Orange Juice - DO NOT BUY


This is the most sour orange juice on the market. We bought the 2L bottle and will have to throw it away because it is undrinkable.

Berri tomato juice


Product taste has changed for the worse! Berri needs to re-instate the original formula or they lost me as a customer!



Recently purchased Berri 2.l Tomato Juice...
Had an odd taste/flavour... like apple or such had been added...
I like the tomato taste... that's why I buy it...!!!
Please lift your game, Berri... you have a great reputation to uphold...!!!

Misleading Advertising


After buying the 2L Berri Tomato Juice for many years I was surprised to see the introduction of somewhat lackluster labeling in December 2017. It certainly didn’t fit with the photos on the Berri web page glowingly stating “100% Australian grown”. Now I see why! Gone is the 100% Australian Fruit supporting local growers. We are now down to just 20%. How disappointing! The juice is certainly different. Misleading advertising Berri. I look forward to seeing more truthful front labeling “Now Only Contains 20% Australian Tomatoes”. I will make my own from now on!





Apple juice .. only 10% aussie apples.... shame.shame.shame..90% imported.. from where.. still tasted nice.. please support aussies first...i now you do support aussie growers

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YeshnaVIC, 3068

Absolutely yum!!! I actually have cravings for this juice in the mornings.


It's yum! I admit I do have to spice it up with celery salt, worcestershire sauce and tabasco. it's like a bloody mary without the vodka hihi!!

Berri Tomato Juice


I had been an avid user of Berri Tomato Juice always buying the 2 litre container. Since the introduction of the new packaging in December last year - two things - the bottle is almost impossible to open not sure how older people get on and the juice tastes watery and tastless not like the juice of old. Another observation on the new (boring label) only 20 percent of ingredients are Australian produce.



  • 2 reviews

Ripped off!


I have bought Berri 2Litre Pulpy Orange Juice for a very long time and except for the occasional carton that has tasted more mandarin than orange, I've loved it. Yesterday I bought 2 litres, not though in the usual carton, and it's going to be tipped down the sink. What a waste of the premium price of $7. It's like sweetened water with only the merest hint of orange taste. When cartons of Aldi long-life orange juice taste 100% better than Berri ...... well, something ain't right. It will be a while before I risk another $7 on what might be rubbish.

Berri tomatoe juice


The NEW Berri Tomatoe Juice (2 litre) with the unimaginative red & white label, introduced in December 2017 is pathetic. It contains less tomatoe juice and a great deal more water, and is totally lacking in flavour. A good juice should impart the overall flavour of tomatoes with some saltiness and sweetness. This crap doesn't.

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YUM - Berri 2 litre WATER with a little added tomatoes juice.

Where is it


What has happen to this product it is gone off supermarket shelves where can we get this product now.We looked this product is it another victim of supermarket tactics

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Questions & Answers

Sheila W

Sheila Wasked

Why am I unable to purchase Berri grape Juice?

No answers


I have a question much the same as everyone else. I love the grape berri juices. Are they officially off the shelves of Coles and Woolworths in Whitfords or joondalup, or have they been rebranded. If so what is the new branding?

Looking at some of the replies I would appreciate an answer and no judgement on my preference.

Many thanks

1 answer

It appears that Coles no longer stocks any Berri fruit juice - I had this confirmed in the Queanbeyan Coles today. Last supply run was February to their "main warehouses". I couldn't find out if they've been re-branded, just that "Berri" is no longer stocked.



My wife has become fond of Berri Apple Juice with Mango and Banana. can't find it at local supermarkets

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