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BiC Sensitive

BiC Sensitive

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Very poor

These have got to be the worst razor's on the market. They cut my face and throat they look what they are cheap rubbish.They cant make a pen never mind a razor

Purchased in May 2019 for $1.99.

Worst Razor Ever

The worst razor I have every used. Every time I use this brand it cuts my face. They are just plastic rubbish and now im bleeding. Just rubbish off the shelf. I wish there were minus stars. I only took them by accident. I think they use some cheap nasty blades. Just a absolute rubbish product that ends up floating in the ocean. The world would be a better place if his product stopped being made.


Maybe it's because I am used to shave with razors with multiple blades but this thing was pure torture. I honestly
couldn't tell whether it shaved or it pulled the hairs out. It also did a great job irritating my skin after i was done shaving.
Dear CIA if you want to torture isis members use this, you wont find a better torturing device trust me.

These razors are designed to cut hair

I've been struggling with shaving for nearly a half century. I felt a shudder go down my spine when I typed that. For some reason, I have settled for the Schick 3 blade disposable for the last 10 years. I changed to Bic on a whim and I have found that these blades can actually cut human hair. So many blade clog on seeing a 3 day growth. The Bic just ploughs right through. Bic seems to have actually used sharp blades in their razors. Amazing! There may be better blades. Perhaps the 5 blade system can actually cut hair. However, the Bic does it on a budget.


Some people love French wines, others French cuisine of fashion. But not me. I love French razors, specifically the Bic Single Blade, by far the best razor since its invention.
You'll find them on the bottom shelf of the supermarket, along with other low-priced and low margin products they don't want you to buy.
When I first started shaving 40 something years ago, you bought a pack of "safety" razor blades, put it a razor, then proceeded to cut yourself to shreds with it. If you were lucky, you ended up looking like Norman Gunston. If you were a bit careless, you ended up in the emergency department.
Then in 1974 Bic invented the single blade disposable. It was a revelation.
I once deviated from the path of righteousness and tried out one of the Gillette twin blade disposables that looked fantastic on the tv ads. One blade lifts the bristle up, and the other one chops it off. Baloney. All that happens is that the space between the blades gets clogged up with bristles which cannot be rinsed out. You have to prise them out with a needle. Between every stroke. Now you can buy razors with as many blades as a venetian blind. Well, good luck with those.
Okay, listen up and I'll tell you how I shave in less than a minute, at a cost of around one cent, without ever cutting yourself. Buy a pack of the aforesaid Bic's, and a can of Home Brand shave cream. Do not buy gels: they cost 3 times as much, last half as long and take twice the time to apply. Then:
1. (This step is optional) Grow a goatee. You wont have to shave those fiddly bits around the mouth, just give the bush a weekly trim.
2. Squirt some shave cream into your palm and apply it.
3. (Optional) Apply deodorant and comb your hair while the foam softens the bristles.
4. Starting from underneath the sideburns, shave four long swathes downwards each side and rinse the blade.
5. Do the V shaped bit below the chin.
6. Do 20-30 short upward strokes to eliminate any remaining hairs.
7. Rinse.

As close as a blade or your money back. Happy shaving.
Inexpensive, perfect shaving

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BiC Sensitive
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Release dateJan 2012

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