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Bickfords Traditional Cordials

Bickfords Traditional Cordials

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Leanne M.

Leanne M.Northern Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Taste is exceptional!


I purchased the Lemon Lime and Bitters flavour. I was very happy to find that mixed with soda water it tastes just like the drinks you purchase at clubs and pubs. Will definitely purchase this flavour again and will try the lemon flavour also.

Purchased in January 2020 at Coles for $4.50.

The best that money can buy!


As a type 1 diabetic I am very pleased that Bickford's offers a genuine diet cordial, that is, with natural sweeteners and no sugar. Because the labels are so similar I mistakenly bought the "sugar" version. Could you please consider using a taller label with a prominent DIET logo across the top. Thank you.

Purchased in January 2020.


MariSouth West, WA

  • 2 reviews

Diet Cordials


I am extremely disappointed that I can no longer buy diet cordials. I don’t understand why they were removed. I will not buy the light cordials as they contain sugar. I feel for true diabetics as they now miss out as well. Come on Bickfords - bring the diet cordial back!

DO your job

DO your job

  • 2 reviews

best out of the lot


i love the Rasberry in winter ,,,summer Lemon barley and cause they are becoming rare ,,apple when i can find them,, they are not sickley and u can have them to suit ur taste,,,dilution wise it doesnt alter the fruit flavour

Missing out


I am also a Diabetic and enjoyed the lemon lime and bitters Diet cordial please bring it back ...life is hard enough for diabetics food wise so please have a heart and bring it back to stores so we can have a little luxury


WestralPerth, WA

  • 13 reviews

Where Did The Diet Go ????


The diet range of cordials by Bickfords were perfect for me as a diabetic, now we have the light cordials which have Stevia and Sugar and a higher calories count.

Why not just Stevia ??

You have ruined my birthday and xmas


I used the diet lime as a treat for my lemon lime bitters drink I made but now I can no. Longer drink it since you replaced the diet version with the light which has sugar in it oh well until it is available again there goes my special treat



  • 2 reviews

No longer buying since they deleted their diet range...


It was good to read that others felt the same way! Bring back the Diet Lemon, Lime Bitters please. Otherwise you have lost my business completely.

Misleading Labeling - Bring back the diet cordials


Can't believe what Bickfords have done, added sugar to the diet drinks, 6 x the calories and hardly changed the labels. We are former Bickfords drinkers too. I suggest everyone who agrees goes to their facebook page to register their displeasure.

Please bring back Diet Lemon, Diet Lemon / Lime & Bitters and Diet Lime


We have stopped buying Bickfords since they stopped making the diet range. Looks like we're not the only ones. Who was the genius who thought fixing something that wasn't broken was a good idea. And then removing a successful product range. This is no way to run a railroad (or a cordial drink company). Please bring back the diet range.

Philip and Wendy



Bring back diet lime


Light lime flavour is awful and the calories mean it isn't worth drinking. Bring back diet lime. What on earth were you thinking? One of the most stupid marketing decisions ever.

Light Lime sucks - bring back Diet Lime


Please please please bring back the Diet Lime variety. This Light Lime version is awful! Is anyone listening out there?

Light Lime Cordial


Light Lime is too sweet - are you still producing Diet Lime ? Please put it back into major Supermarkets.

Why fix something that ain't broke


I too have been drinking diet lime for years and love it. Won't buy the new one. Too many calories. Will only shop in a supermarket that stocks it.

Bring back diet lime!!


Very disappointed that diet lime has been replaced with a LIGHT sugared version.

Light Lemon gone - a failure


Light Lemon has gone from the Bickfords range at our local Coles and Woolworths ......... and Diet Lemon went before that. My family will not be buying any Bickfords products until these lines return. A great disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diet lime and lemon


Light lime cordial - a major disappointment
The new light lime is very disappointing, less lime flavour, far too sweet, and contains sugar just when we are all trying to reduce our sugar intake. What an own goal, please bring back diet lime - it was really very good.

August 5th 2019 Update: Diet lime and lemon

Congratulations Bickford for listening.
Just great to have Diet Lime and Diet Lemon once again - you won't be sorry.
No sugar, aftertaste gone and almost no calories, your customers will be very happy.

Purchased in August 2019.

Misleading labels, terrible outcome for health


Like others, I used to buy the diet lime and diet lemon cordials. I first noticed the difference with the new "light" versions with the caps getting sticky, then I read the label.

I buy diet versions purely because I don't want added sugar. This will be my last purchase unless the diet versions return.

Very disapppointed with new diet lime


I used to really like the Diet Lime but the new version is terrible. It tastes artificial and no longer has a true lime flavour. Also leaves unpleasant after taste. Won't be buying again.


OzdocWestern Australia

  • 2 reviews

Why? Why? Why?


We had a great drink with diet Lime, bitters and no sugar lemonade for a very low kilojoule lemon, lime and bitters. Why has sugar been added? We are now former Bickford's customers and it seems we are not alone. Bad move guys.

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where can i purchase cola nut cordial

1 answer
Gordon S.
Gordon S.

Hi Kerry, Bickford's Kola Nut Syrup Cordial is advertised online by Sippify Beverages at $4:30 plus shipping from $8:00. I have never seen it at the major supermarkets and I am guessing IGA do not stock it either.



What happened to Bickfords Cranberry cordial? It was the best flavour of all their brands.

No answers



Hi went to purchase Bickfords cordial ginger beer this morning at woolworths. Not in stock anymore. Where can one buy this please?

1 answer

Have no idea. Have not seen it at any stores at all. I do miss my diet lemon, lime & bitters also. The light has too much sugar. Good luck!

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